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How did you discover your love of underwear, swim briefs, spandex, and gear?

I always used to just buy basic three packs at a big box store and never gave underwear much thought but then Instagram helped me see how many brands and styles are out there as well as giving me an idea of the fit.  I started buying a few pairs here and there and eventually learned what I like and what makes me feel good about myself.  I think there is something very empowering about feeling confident in nothing but underwear.  

What are your favorite styles to wear? 

For me, I prefer briefs, bikini briefs, and jocks.  I have a couple of pair of basic boxers that I wear around the house occasionally fort the “airy” feeling.  

Why did you first start posting pics in underwear?

I started posting pics of myself in underwear after I got myself to a point of feeling comfortable and confident in them.  I keep posting as it is a good and subtle way I hold myself accountable for meeting my goals and to keep pushing myself forward.  Also, the positive reinforcement from many people out there feels really nice and is appreciated so much!

If you have a partner/husband/wife are the supportive of you sharing your love of underwear?

I think my partner waffles on how I freely show my underwear exhibitionism.  He gets into it but sometimes there is a lot of eyerolling in the house. 😉 

Do your friends know about your IG and live if undies?

 Some do, some don’t.  I try to casually keep some sides of me separate from my social circles.  

What have been some of the positive things that have happened since you started posting? Did you have any negative experiences?

Getting to know some very nice people with the same interest has been a lot of fun.  There are a lot of very nice people out there who are just trying to live their lives and have fun along the way.  Again, the positive feedback I have received from perfect strangers has been really nice and very much appreciated. I have had some negative experiences with some of my straight friends.  I had to transition a few of them off my IG account.  The occasional stalker pops-up here and there too but not very often.  Sometimes, you just try to be cordial and polite but the other person can take it way out of context.

No matter the body type there are always people who will criticize you that you’re too big, too small, too young, too old, how do you deal with those?

I pay it no mind.  If someone has the instinct, energy, and time to criticize a stranger online, then that speaks volumes to how sad their life must be and how insecure they are about themselves.   

One thing I have discovered is guys into underwear tend to be awesome guys. Have you made any friends that you may not have met otherwise? 

I have!  I have met some very nice guys out there.  Actually gone underwear shopping with a couple of them and had a great time! 

What is your favorite color of Underwear? 

Plain white is my absolute favorite.  Leaves the least to the imagination and is just a classic look. 

Lastly, What is your favorite social media to post on? And what is your name on there? 

I post on IG under the name: ClintasaurusFlex –


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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