The need for fashion underwear during hard work on the field or the gym, set the foundations for the Striped line. Aesthetical pleasing for the eye and comfortable feel on the body it is a men’s best friend on the job. Combine this with the soft velvet pieces of the line for when you are home relaxed and seeking the pleasures of your company and you have a winner line.

TheStriped linecomprises of Bottomless, Boxers, Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Tanga Briefs, Tanktops & T-shirts.


 Modus Vivendi /  Photographer: Joan Crisol @joancrisolphoto

The Modus Vivendi Striped Brief features a horizontal striped style with the Modus Vivendi logo on a wide waistband. This classic style underwear is super comfortable and available in grey and blue. Made from cotton elastane fabric is perfect for outdoor activities and the gym. The Modus Vivendi Striped line is available from €24

Model: Josue Tari Madariaga @josuexito28Video: @nd2produccionesLocation: Madrid, Spain

Interview with our model Josue Tari Madariaga

Best and toughest part of being a model?
The best of being a model is show the world the strongest part of yourself, take care of your body and hold the balance. The challenging part is that even if you have a bad day you always have to show up with a smile and also that people judge you only by your physical appearance.

Wearing Modus Vivendi how it makes you feel?
MV makes you feel powerful. Your line reflects the parts of your body with elegance and force.

What genre of music best describes you?
I have got the luck of enjoying all types of music. Flamenco is rutted in my veins so I prefer it the most but I also love rap, rock or pop too.

Beside fashion, do you have any special talents or hobbies?
My biggest talent is my ability to adapt to any situation, I am a chameleon. I enjoy my life in general, and sports and friends in particular. I love the movement. I like gymnastics, judo, climbing, powerlifting, rugby…


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