Get your mind out of the gutter! We are looking to profile more of the guys who read UNB. This blog would not be almost 11, with out you guys. In the past we have posted Brief Tales, about how you discovered your love of undies. They are basically Underwear origin stories. We want to do more and expand them.

We have so may guys now rocking the swim thongs that it would be great to hear the first time you wore a thong in public. Or, the first time you wore a swim brief. Or tried something new. There is so much to share!

I think one thing that I love about UNB is the community of guys. I want to share more of who you guys are and what you love! If you are interested it’s super simple, just enter the info below and we will be in touch. Come on guys what do you have to loose? You can have a pen name and keep everything confidential.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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