UNB Tim: So before we begin this talk, why do you love jocks, and what got you into jocks?

Jockstrap Junkie: I go back to when I was a teenager and despised ‘tighty whiteys’ and started down the path of trying different underwear styles. So, thru the journey, I tried boxer briefs before they became the rage in the early 90s, plus looking at my brother’s Sports Illustrated seeing gymnast Bart Conner wearing a pair of Jockey Elance bikini briefs made me appreciate the bikini brief. At that time, my body was pretty skinny, and those worked well. When I hit 30, I also hit the gym. I didn’t play sports in school, so the gym was a new experience for me. Also, at that time, I was wearing boxers and needed to find some underwear that worked under the gym shorts. So, as I was going thru the magazine section, I picked up an UnderGear catalog and made a purchase, which happened to be a Y-back thong by 2xist. That vintage of 2xist thongs was great. After a while, and my body changing from lifting, I found that the thong strap along the taint was irritating me; so, I started looking for an alternative with the requirement of keeping the boys in place but also providing ample airflow while working out. This is where the jockstrap came into my underwear drawer, again thru UnderGear. The best was not having to wear the old jockstraps we wore in HS, which I found to be uncomfortable, but the new styles provided some style while being functional. While most guys like working out in compression shorts or boxer briefs, I get overheated and don’t like them. So, for the past 15 years, I’ve been experimenting with different jockstraps, and it has become a fun hobby.

Underwear News Briefs is now eleven years young. What was your inspiration for starting an underwear blog? What trends have you seen with jockstraps over the past eleven years?

UNB TIM: Thanks, yes, UNB is now a tween, as you commented in a message. Let’s hope we don’t have to listen to aginsty music and bad poetry for the next few years. Well, Jocks have seen some different things happen over the last 11 years. In 2009, I named it the year of the jock. I did this because everyone was releasing fashion jocks. I mean, every collection and brand was doing it. This was happening at the same time the jock brief came into existence. In 2009/2010, we saw several jock hybrids (Jock Brief, Jock Trunk, Jock boxer brief). I thought we would see them get huge. But, they never really did get super mainstream with undies guys.

That’s not to say the jocks have disappeared, but guys who love jocks have been loyal to the style, and many are still being made. The 2009 was the turning point from jocks that were either athletic or fetish, into everyday wear. The prints, colors and fabrics all changed. Gone was the thick waistband and leg straps, we now had smaller bands and straps. That could be worn under work clothes and jeans. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to show off their undies!

In the last few years, the biggest trend has been in the fetish world. It’s like they are embracing the jock again. The brands are creating removable pouches (codpieces), different fabrics (neoprene and leather-like). Pair that with matching harnesses. I think one of the newest styles that have taken off is the Cellblock 13 harness jock combos as I call them. They are made to be worn together because the jock is just a pouch and leg straps. There is no waistband. The Bare and Legion lines are the two that come to mind. But other companies like Maskulo are doing their own thing with jocks. So if you are a fetish guy and love jocks, now its the time for you.

Speaking of Fetish Jocks, the original Bike jock is one that comes and goes. Bike was bought out, and the name is no more, so the #10 Bike Jock is history. If you have one in your drawer, consider yourself lucky. The new ones are similar in design but not the same as the original. I could kick myself because before Bike changed it, I gave one away to a friend. Little did I know it would be the last, and I wouldn’t have one like it again. This style will never go away, ever — Mark my words on that.

In the last two years, we have seen several new jock brands come on the scene. Bristle Jock, Coyote Jocks, and Raw Studios designs. All three have been around and seem to be doing well. So I think we will see more jocks on the scene. Thongs have really been reigning supreme in the world of undies in the last few years. They keep going more and more. But, I think we will see another year of the jock again soon! It’s been ten years and about time for the trend to come back.

What would you like to see in the second year of the jock? What fabrics, designs, do you feel would be good for the jock?

Jockstrap Junkie: I would like to see some focus on leg strap attachment and fabrics. One of the jockstraps I desperately wanted to like this past year was the aussieBum Tonka jockstrap. Unfortunately, the leg strap on the Tonka had a design flaw and twisted on one of the leg straps. I thought it was a one-off, but I purchased two different colors, and the result was the same. A similar jock to the Tonka I bought this year was the Lift Jockstrap by Jack Adams, and Jack Adams got it right.

With the fabric choices on leg straps, I feel some manufacturers simply purchase a cheap elastic strap thinking that’ll do. Elastic waistbands have come a long way over the years; simply use some of the same materials that are used in the waistbands on the leg straps, just in a narrower width.

Another aspect I would like to see manufacturers market is whether the leg straps are designed for a skinny guy or a guy with some beef. One of the worst feelings is feeling like your circulation is being cut off due to tight leg straps. I see questions regularly on Reddit posts of guys trying to find bigger jockstraps. Guess what manufacturers, not everyone has a 30″ waist and no ass.

I’m already noticing several manufacturers try different fabrics and textures with the pouches. In fact, in my review for the Jack Adams Nano jockstrap, I had to look up the fabric Lyocell, which is in the Rayon family of fabrics. To me, the pouch should be extremely comfortable and hold shape. I’ll make some guys mad when I say this, but the old Bike #10 has served its functional purpose, and I’m not crying that it’s not around. The rubberized woven pouch to me was very abrasive, didn’t breathe well, and not comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I respect Bike for being the pioneer; however, Bike didn’t keep up with the times and trends. I would like to see a single layer pouch constructed from the same material as Under Armour’s BoxerJock synthetic blend (90% polyester / 10% Elastane), which holds shape very well.

From a design standpoint, I would like to see more manufacturers try different attachment points of the legstrap. I have several that connect at the side of the hip, which is a classic look, but I also have some that attach at the corner of where the waistband and pouch come together. The latter creates both a different look and fit.

You mentioned hybrids (jock-brief, jock-trunk, and jock-boxer brief), and I think this could be a growth area if done right. I’ve tried a few in the past and haven’t been impressed for various reasons, probably due to more of my body not fitting in them well. Some of that takes me back to why I don’t like tighty whities. However, I do have two jock-trunks in my collection by Fort Troff, which I do like.

Years ago, jockstraps used to be a staple in the locker room. Why do you think the jock took a backseat to compression shorts and boxer briefs?

UNB TIM: Good question!! In the 2000’s we saw the rise of UnderArmour. Their compression gear and boxerjocks. Which, to me, is still a strange name. Two of the most different pairs of underwear in one! I think UnderArmour won with technology. They invested in gear that kept you warm, kept you cold, and kept your dry. These are all important things. UnderArmour came out with a jock, but it was mainly used with a cup. I have several of these, and when I played softball, it was the only jock I would wear. It was amazing and kept the cup in place. Better than the ones included by cup makers.

Another reason is this gear became easier to get than a jock. To get a jock, you had to go to a sporting goods store to get one. Most big-box retailers never carried them. If they did, it was seasonal only. Compression gear was sold at both Target and Walmart. So you could pick it up when you were picking up light bulbs.

Another reason I think they excelled is that the jock was considered “gay.” Yup, I said it. I mean, the pair is a pouch with nothing in the back. Whether this is right or wrong, it’s not for me to say, but I think this played a part in the shift to compression gear. There still are guys who wear jocks in sports, but it’s been few and far between. I mean, look at the story you posted about the one layer doing stretches in his jock in the locker room, it’s viewed as not “normal.”

In that instance, why do you think the player got such a hard time for just being in his jock. In previous years it was no big deal to walk in a locker room in a jock.

Jockstrap Junkie: True, Jaguars starting QB Gardner Minshew III got tagged in a tweet by an ESPN for wearing a jock; however, the reporter had a fun and positive spin as Minshew is his own character. If the Jags wind up being a good team under Minshew, we might see a resurgence of the jockstrap. Famous people usually start trends. This may not be the year as the Jags are struggling to stay at 0.500 in early October.

The biggest reason guys get razzed is for things that are not the standard; herd mentality is to run off those who are different. I still remember Jason Giambi getting a good ribbing for wearing his gold thong and Josh Reddick sporting a speedo during Houston Astros’ celebrations during the 2017 playoffs.

As you’re close to the industry, why is there so much range in the sizing of underwear, and why don’t manufacturers disclose better detail on how jocks are sized? WildmanT and Andrew Christian does an excellent job with their respective lines for those packing a little more in the front, but nobody advertises a jock for a beefier bum.

UNB TIM: Well you asked the million dollar question. Sizing in underwear is always an issue. There is no standard in sizing. At UNB, we go with typical American sizing. That is 32 waist is medium. 28-31 is small, 32-35 is a medium, 36-39 is a large, and 40-42 is an Xl. Two reasons come to mind why the sizing is an issue. The first is where the underwear is made. If it’s in Japan or South American, sizes are smaller than we would expect in the US. For instance, an XL in Japan is a 32 waist and sometimes smaller. South American is a little smaller but not as small as Japan.

The next reason is the customers of the brand. If they don’t sell certain sizes, they will discontinue making them. It’s a simple supply vs. demand argument. Lately, a lot more brands are adding larger sizes, so that’s a good thing.

Butts have been left out of underwear, no pun intended. We have a ton of undies for guys with big packages — more options than I can count right now. However, the bubble butt has yet to be taken into account by underwear makers. I personally don’t have this problem; I wish I did, but I don’t. Each the big pouch and bubble butt guys (and guys with both problems) have their own issues. Most guys with bubble butts go up a size in undies, but that causes other fit ideas. Or their butt eats the undies. I think there is a big market for underwear that is designed for a guy with a bubble butt. That includes jocks. I don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed by underwear makers. I think there is just as big market for that as the bigger pouches. But that’s just my opinion. It could be guys want the “pouch is not big enough” rather than the butt. But who knows. I should ask a few brands about the butt issue.

How do you think underwear manufactures can make undies that address the butt issue?

Jockstrap Junkie: One way is to disclose the fit. When buying jeans, for instance, you can buy them in a slim fit, regular fit, relaxed fit, tapered leg, straight leg, boot cut, etc. Let’s take C-IN2, for example. I have several styles of their jockstraps and in what I call a classic cut (C-Theory, Core, Tackle, Zen, Throwback, and Hand Me Down lines) I don’t have any problems with how tight the leg straps are; however, the cuts where the leg strap attaches at the pouch (Scrimmage, Grip, Super Bright) I cannot wear due to the leg straps being too tight. Currently, C-IN2 has 17 different lines of jockstraps, and none of them disclose what the fit of the leg straps are. Maybe the industry should adopt some of the jean manufacturers’ lingo when describing underwear in general, not just jocks.

Of course, there’s an easy market for the ‘big pouch’ underwear because that’s easy bragging rights; however, the market for the booty isn’t as attractive. I digress when I say that I’m one of the guys who’s ass eats briefs, and nobody wants to see me picking them out of my butt.

With that being said, I may start adding a descriptor in my future jockstrap reviews to help guys out when buying. The sizing issue has cost me this year when trying different brands of jocks.

Over the past eleven years, there have been several brands that have come and gone. Are there brands that you miss that are no more? For me, JockUp is a good quality jockstrap, and I hoped they would be around for a long time.

UNB TIM: Where do I begin? I have to camps for this; the first is brands where I knew the people behind them, and second are brands I loved that are gone. Usually, they were both! But sometimes I never met the people behind a brand I loved. But there are tons of brands I miss, one in particular I loved but never interacted much with was Vizeau. They were way ahead of their time. They made thongs, jocks, and bikinis. They lost their manufacturer or supplier and went out of biz. They briefly came back but don’t think they are in business.

So that wraps it up this talk, Tell everyone where they can find you online?

Tim, it’s been fun chatting. Readers can find me on Twitter @the_Jockstrap or on Reddit u/the_Jockstrap


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. Paul Henry Orofino Reply

    First i am 62 yrs old still love wearing jockstrap daily either regular older Bike jock from the 1970’s.
    I got my first jockstrap as a hand-me-down from my brother i was about 10 it was summer time getting ready for the beach. Dad said before putting on your swim suit go in brothers room so i did he handed me his old youth jock. i got excited since i knew they wanted me to start to be supported. Naturally i had little to support but the idea was to get me used wearing a jockstrap under my swim suit. Later that summer i wore it often even under shorts around the house. Those erections i got were cool. my brother told me soon you will have wet dreams and then ejaculation’s of white sticky stuff but its normal.
    In 7th grade Jr high for PE got my frirst white Bike #10 jockstrap and gym clothes. I ran home that day to try on all my new jockstrap and naturally that new snug jock made my dick hard i knew i was hooked for life. High school meant several changes of jocks and more to add to my collection swimmers, Regular, a few cups. Late senior year the fashion jocks started. But much later came the internet all all the choices now

    Branching out and teaching several young men by corresponding by email then after we felt comfortable i sent a few young teen boys 18 a few jocks.

    encouraged a few dads in the recent years to sit down and teach their youngers sons by taking them shopping for a jockstrap. Its all history now about 23 young men learned from me through my teachings or cousin to cousin Dads to son.

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