Lingerie is a lovely word. Consult a dictionary and it translates into intimate apparel, something to wear under clothes, to sleep in. But lingerie design embraces lace, transparency, sexiness, from boudoir to bordello via burlesque.

Deadgoodundies has always helped customers all over the world to indulge in the beautiful fit and feel of male lingerie… The enhancement, disguise and reveal of designs created to veil a masculine body with sheer or shimmering, translucent, see through or sensual fabrics. Now DGU has a Shop by Type section for Sexy Underwear ( for the latest and best products.

In the UK, there’s an uptick in ‘lingerie’ sales in men’s underwear towards the end of the year. DGU’s expert Adam Davies thinks some gents need an excuse to buy indulgent boxers, briefs and bodies.

“Halloween parties certainly provide an excuse for some of our shyer customers to experiment with daring looks. Others of course wear them whenever the mood takes, so we’re always on the lookout for new specials. The same applies in the run-up to the holidays when guys are looking for something dramatic to wear to a nightclub or festive party. Or maybe all that present buying for others triggers a ‘treat-me’ moment too?”

Adam has one piece of advice for anyone with a hankering for male lingerie, or perhaps a covetable collection already… Invest in lingerie wash bags and follow laundry instructions to the letter: “These designs should be handled with care, as you would with pure silk or cashmere – hand wash if you prefer and don’t dry this underwear on a source of direct heat like a radiator.”

Manstore M915 Hipster Short £41.00

This maxi brief men’s underwear is made extra special with silky lining panels that add to the glamorous retro effect. If you want to avoid transparency go for the Panty with the fully lined front or enjoy a bit of both in a midi Brief, both at the same price as the boxer.

Doreanse 3011 Full Body Suit £21.00

Something for the weekend… A strappy top and male boxer brief bottom. This men’s underwear one piece comes in fine, transparent decorative mesh. This is a brand to watch for neck-to-crotch male lingerie designs – have you see the Doreanse 3012 Body Thong (just £11.00), a silky masterpiece with an interesting opaque pouch design for ultimate comfort and sensuality.

Doreanse 1302 Thong £7.00

A very unusual fabric makes this sexy male string underwear something special. 

Don’t be fooled by the price, this men’s slip uses a delicately pleated translucent fabric sprinkled with shimmer – like rain falling against a midnight sky. Brief version same price.

Joe Snyder SK 03 Thong £25.00

True lingerie essence comes in the white or black lace versions of this minuscule men’s string underwear with the remarkable downward pouch. But if you’re feeling bright or shiny, there’s another option from Joe Snyder.

Sukrew Eagle V-Thong £16.50 

Lingerie entices with what is not visible as well as what is – a point proven delightfully by Sukrew’s new Eagle line of men’s underwear including this male string… with a difference. Enhancing Eagle male undies are also available as a Jockstrap £15.99 and V Brief £16.99.

Modus Vivendi Camo Marine C-Through Low Cut Brief £19.00

The model is just being shy! This net men’s slip is a real catch because it’s definitely transparent. The Camo Marine options are bright blue or khaki, and there’s a black version of the same design in the Animal range. If you love mesh male underwear don’t miss the other new arrivals from MV on DGU.


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