I will be the first to admit that I’m not a thong guy. It’s not that I hate the pair, in fact I have a few of them and even a swim thong. Thongs just aren’t my go to style. My favorite style is the bikini. It has been since I was in my teens.

I was asked by a reader to post why guys wear thongs. I thought this was a great idea. Who better to ask than some of my best undies buds to share why they love thongs:

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I love thongs for a number of reasons. The first is that I think they do the best job of accentuating a man’s body. Whether you’re trying to show off the front or the back, thongs emphasize both sides. The second reason is the way they feel. A lot of guys think it will feel like having a wedgie but not if you get one that fits properly. Unlike other underwear, thongs are designed to be in your crack so they are designed to be comfortable there. Finally, I love the boost of confidence I feel when wearing a thong. It takes a guy with a lot of confidence to wear one and that confidence tends to flow through everything you do in a day when wearing a thong.


To thong or not to thong!

Thongs while daring, are still quite taboo among men. 

I first discovered mens thongs about 17 years ago and from that moment I was hooked. While I’ve always had a fascination for underwear I knew thongs were going to be my go to going forward.

I just love the support they provide while wearing them at the gym. I don’t have to worry about having to adjust constantly or picking out a wedgie every 5 minutes. Which is also why I enjoy wearing them for everyday use outside of the gym.

Not only do I enjoy the support and comfort they provide they also make me feel more confident and sexy. Because thongs are still considered a bit taboo among men, I enjoy wearing them to help break that stigma.

Hopefully this will help you in choosing your first of many thongs


It is far from main stream to think of a  man thong as acceptable, but they are a style of underwear that I’ve always enjoyed. The obvious assumption for why is how they fit  Between your cheeks,  however That is hardly the only reason why for me. I’ve always found a song to be sexy and sensual and show off all of the best man I can while keeping the tease alive. Women have always had a great variety of options when it comes to underwear, and a thong was born out of the burlesque area as a way to tease without being too raunchy.I think for men, it’s taking that same idea and pushing it further. A sexy bulge, a skimpy string between two perky cheeks is both a erotic and comfortable at the same time. At any shape or size the minimal coverage of a thong can really add to a man’s confidence and sexuality.

I know they’re not for everybody, but for me they keep my days exciting.


I have always been used to wearing thongs. I took dance lessons growing up and at age 13 I had to wear thong-style dance belts under my tights. By the age of 18 I started ordering thongs online to wear mostly just for fun. It was just recently that I have been getting into wearing thongs more often. I’ve noticed on social media that thongs are becoming more popular with many guys and are even being designed by high-end fashion designers. Some of the reasons why I love thongs are because they feel the least restricting in terms of movement, they have a comfortable, “nothing there” feeling if you find the correct one, and they accentuate my best physical trait ;). But I think the main reason is that they make me feel sexy and confident. Knowing that I am wearing something sexy makes me feel sexy and think sexy the whole time I am wearing it. And honestly, wearing thongs can actually boost your manliness by being proud of your body and able to flaunt your manly parts.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. A lot of good points. If you find the right fitting string and pouch, then you don’t ever have to adjust and you forget you’re wearing underwear at all. Thongs are my number 1 choice for daily wear.

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