Embrace the dark side with Raw Studio’s new collection of jockstraps and strapless pouches called Black Ops. Made with leather and some of the slickest modern-day fabrics with unique detailing all designed to show off your full potential. It’s a collection that’s as much fetish as it is fashion and perfect for your next Black Party, New Years Eve Bash or other Black Tie Event.

Keep in mind, Raw Studio designs are not some mass-manufactured production, they’re all hand-crafted and some of the most unique, well-made and not to mention, uber-sexy gear you will own and it’s almost exclusively at Jockstrap Central.

There are ten new jockstraps and strapless jockstraps available and too many to get into all the specific details here in this newsletter so just head to our website to see our models Tobias and Markus Kage taking all the new jocks for a spin.

What we love most is the leather jocks are made with Keoto leather. This leather is remarkable in that it’s as soft as lamb’s leather but it’s cow hide so it’s super strong. The inside of the leather feels like a very soft suede – your boys are going to love being in these jocks. Besides leather, some are made with a unique leatherette PVC, slick rubber-like polyurethane and a variety of mesh fabrics that go from subtly see-through to fully see-through.

Along with the jockstraps there are also three strapless jocks – they’re simple yet ingenious consisting of a waistband and suspended pouch and nothing else. Think jockstrap without the leg straps. With a super contoured pouch and a short cut elastic, together they form a cup with a small opening to cradle your boys to perfection, the elastic sits high behind the balls. The best part is because there’s no straps pulling the pouch down, you’re able to hang naturally and free with an awesome bulge.

Be sure to check out the full Black Ops collection over at our website!



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