Spandex is growing big time in the gear world. I remember when it first exploded on the market in the ’80s/’90s. Now we see a resurgence of love of all things tight and fun. Spandex comes in a few forms that guys are taking to more and more. They are singlets, runners, Sports Spandex, Spandex suits/Super Hero.


Singlets aren’t new; they have been used for HS and collegiate wrestling for decades. However, in the last ten years, guys have been wearing these for various reasons. They can be worn out to a bar, a night in or to hang out around the house. Also, in the last ten years, we have seen singlets that have the back cut out or a snap-on pouch in the front.

Some of my favorite brands of singlets are Go Softwear, N2N Bodywear, Andrew Christian, and Gruff Pup.


In the last year, we are seeing a ton of guys wearing runners/tights to the gym. They are doing so without wearing shorts over them. These are amazing to work out in because they give you a lot more support in the legs when doing leg day or something leg strenuous. You don’t have to wear them to the gym; you can mix and match with your other fav fetish gear. Some guys are rocking the bulldog harness with black runners. It’s a super comfy outfit for hanging out at a bar or having fun at home.

Some great tight companies are LED Queens, JOR, Maskulo, and N2N Bodywear

Sports Gear

This whole category came in with UnderArmour. There are a ton of guys loving the look of spandex shirts with tights/runners or compression shorts. This can be mixed with other forms of gear. Usually, it’s combined with football, baseball, or other sport. Those are by far the two most popular with sports spandex.

You can check out Under Armour or Nike for this type of gear.

Spandex Suits

Spandex suits are really taking off. They are so diverse and range from solid color suits, superhero, or full-on fetish suits. Zentai is a “skin-tight garment that covers the entire body.” This could be suits that cover your head or not. If you are unfamiliar with this, google it and have fun. Superhero suits are taking off big time. Cosplay, in general, is growing more and more each year. Guys are creating their cosplay and getting suits of their favorite characters. Last is fetish suits, and these have cutouts, zippers, snap-off pouches, and super sexy designs. You have seen this from Slick It Up.

  • Brands for Zentai – I don’t have any good suggestions currently
  • Brands for Super Hero – I don’t have any good suggestions currently.
  • Brands for fetish are Slick It Up and Maskulo.

Send me your favorite spandex gear brands, and I will recap them. Especially some brands, I may not have heard or had any suggestions.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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