I have posted a few times and have another post coming up on the blog about the state of the Underwear industry from my. view. One thing that many brands are doing is starting to make masks. These that are on sale are not for medical purposes, but since its recommended we all use a mask when going out, it will offer protection. Meaning these are not N-95 masks.

Here is a few brands that are doing masks


High quality face masks with double layers of cotton for protection.  Breaths great with four adjustable ear straps to make a perfect fit.  Very comfortable and can be worn all day without irritation.  Inside pocket added for optional filters (filters sold separately.  Must be purchased elsewhere). Hand wash and reuse.  Adult men and women face masks.  

Please note:  These are not an N95 masks.  This is general protection mask that will help prevent the spread of saliva bases viruses.  Wearing ANY mask or face cover will help prevent droplets from your own mouth ending up on other people or surfaces.  If not our masks, please wear something when engaging with others in public.

Made in the USA. 

Get the WildmanT Facemasks

Twunk Trunks

If you live or work in a populated area, we highly recommend taking health precautions (such as always wearing a mask and gloves if able) to protect yourself from infections.

For more information on the current COVID-19 crisis, please visit the CDC website by clicking here. Take all necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe. Keep washing your hands and stay safe!

Get the Twunk Masks, they also have a site dedicated just to masks called MyShieldMasks


We Are SkinzWear.com.  A swimsuit manufacturer located in Clearwater, FL.  Since 1986 we have been making sexy swimwear for men & women.  In this time of need we decided to do our part and convert some of our manufacturer to accomodate making masks. 

Get the Skinz Masks

I know there are a lot more bands out there making masks. Let us know which brands are making by submitting the brand and web address. You can see the results at our Google doc.


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