I am trying out as many masks as I can for you guys. As we know this pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon and masks will be around for the foreseeable future. I will admit that there are some masks I like and others I hate. They do drive me crazy at times but, I have always worn them out and around others. I understand the importance of them and I’ve had one health scare this year and DON’T want another. I know many of you feel this way but we have to wear them to protect us and others. Ok, off my soapbox.

I received several masks from Andrew Christian. First, the masks are super fun and you will show your pride with them. There is even one with an LED letter board across it. Due to price, I didn’t request this one but I loved it. So much fun and think about what you can put on the scene, like “Wear your damn mask”!

I received 4 regular and one outdoor dining mask. The regular masks I wasn’t sure how they would fit, but once putting them on, I loved the fit. The material felt great against my face and color me impressed with them! Not only will you look awesome but you will be super comfy wearing them.

I know some of you don’t want to express yourself in every day with some of these masks but they are perfect for going out to a club (yes there are some open). Many in our gay community aren’t wearing masks when going out, any of the AC masks will be perfect for going out.

My personal favorite the Rainbow Unicorn mask! It’s just so much fun to me! It’s amazing and you get some looks while out, some times it’s a smile and other times they roll their eyes. But F* those people.

The last mask is outdoor dining. It has a hole for a straw. I wasn’t sure how this would work but it’s great for drinking outdoors. I would make sure you have another mask to put on after drinking. I mean there is a hole in the mask and not great for just walking around or non-drinking. As the picture says Safer outdoor dining.

Go to the Andrew Christian site for all the masks and they get new ones all the time!


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