In ancient Greece people believed that you have to care for the 3 most important self the Body, the Mind and the Soul. What are your daily habits to support and evolve yourself?

My daily habits consist of physical activity and good nutrition that helps me to take care of my body. A reading of between 25 to 30 minutes a day from a good book that helps to exercise the mind. And as for the care of the soul, prayer every day .

Do you believe people can change? Change their habits, physical appearance … what it takes? 

If the person really wants to change, they can do it without problem! You just need to change your habits and have willpower.

What’s your favorite person of all times? Why he/she inspires you?

I have several but mostly Mahatma Gandhi. Because he was a person who showed us a world in which one can achieve unthinkable things, without resorting to violence, by example and respecting others.

Any causes you support? How people can help others?

Yes ! Support to organizations that are responsible for rescuing abandoned animals. I believe that people can help others by not being so selfish and by thinking a little more about others.

Have you changed your daily habits to support the environment?

I did change and I feel very happy to do so, because I am in some way helping others to do it too, and I know that at some point it will be able to somehow reverse the damage we have already caused to the environment.

Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a person?

Yes, I am in a relationship. I value sincerity and frankness.

Favorite movies, books or music?

Film: “In Pursuit of Happiness” By Will Smith

Book: “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robins

Music: “Where is the love?” From The Black Eyed Peas

What do you do to stay connected with others?

The only thing limiting us is our way of thinking. !! Neil Alden Armstrong. 

What do you do to stay connected with others?

The best way I have to connect with others is to be open and try to listen to others.

How covid19 did change you? daily life, life perspective, priorities …

Regarding perspective, I would say that I have learned a great lesson: to value and be grateful for this life which is not eternal. And in terms of priorities, that health is the base and fundamental pillar of any human being, that’s why we have to take care of ourselves.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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