The Barcode Berlin Jock Andreus is a European take on a classic jockstrap design. Super sexy colors made with a thick ribbed cotton that feels super comfortable. The waistband is an extra-wide 2.5 inches. Made of 95% Cotton 5% Elastane. Similar fit to the Barcode Berlin Jockstrap Sergey. Pair this jock with the color matched Harness Colin and Barcode Gym Socks (Sold separately).

The Barcode Berlin harness Colin is a classic elastic harness with a reasonable price. Made of bright colors including Pink, Green, Orange and Blue this harness is sure to add some decoration to your chest. Pair this harness with the matching jock (Andreus) and the Barcode Gym socks (both sold separately).

Super sexy and revealing backless underwear from Barcode Berlin in Germany. Made of a mesh material for comfort with a very revealing, contoured pouch in the front. The back is wide open like a traditional jock-brief. The waistband thickness is just shy of 1.5 inches. Available in black or red with complimentary piping on all edges.

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