Apixt Underwear is reinventing men’s underwear. The company today announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund what promises to be world’s most comfortable and advanced underwear. Apixt’s new line regulates temperatures and reduces sweat. The revolutionary SILVERPLUS® technology, made by Germany’s Rudolf Group, enables Apixt underwear to fight bacteria. The products are also environmentally sustainable. 

The fabric used to make the Apixt Underwear is luxurious, soft, and unique and new in the United States market. Through extensive testing and researching different fabrics from all over the world, Apixt found the perfect fabric solution by combining two different fibers, soy and modal. Soy fabric, made from the hulls of soybeans, is called ‘the vegetable cashmere’ because of its luxurious and soft texture. Modal fabric is made from beech trees and is incredibly luxurious, lightweight, and silky smooth.

To create its products, Apixt has joined forces with the Rudolf Group, a global service provider for the textile industry.  Apixt Underwear is infused with Rudolf Group’s SILVERPLUS®, which fights odor-producing bacteria by infusing silver ions into the fabric. Odor-causing bacteria cannot adapt to the effect of silver ions. Silver ion technology promotes hygiene, protection and freshness in everyday life and under extreme conditions by wicking moisture from skin. 

“We’ve found that this combination of fabric gives our underwear its signature body-hugging properties, allowing it to contour itself to your body for maximum comfort,” said company spokesman.

Apixt Underwear is incredibly comfortable, featuring a 3D pouch for extra room and no pushing, scraping, squeezing, shifting, or adjusting. This is the simple way to relax into a pair of underwear permanently. Apixt Underwear is also constructed with a plush waist that doesn’t roll or cut into the skin and feels wonderful.

“Anti-bacterial, moisture-absorbent, and UV resistant, underwear by Apixt takes care of the small things so you are free to perform at your best,” spokesman said. “Made in Europe, basics by Apixt are designed to last.”

Spokesman added, “When you wear a pair of Apixt Underwear, you will see how it is different. Walk, run, exercise and Apixt will never ride up on you. It’s lightweight, it’s soft, it’s gentle, and yet at the same time, it’s sturdy and reliable. Apixt underwear collection comes in briefs, trunks, and boxers in black color. Through top-notch materials and innovative design, we took the everyday underwear to another level of comfort.”

The Rudolf Group has been manufacturing products for textile finishing for more than 90 years. Its products are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to people or animals either during use or when disposed of by customers. This applies not only to finished products, but also to the development process. 

SILVERPLUS® transfers the metal silver into a compound applied to a fabric’s microstructured substrates through an innovative coating procedure. A small amount of silver can counteract a much greater quantity of moisture. Working this way. SILVERPLUS® contributes to stopping odor-causing bacteria. 

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/apixt/odor-free-stress-free-mens-upgraded-underwear-with-silver.

To be a part of Apixt Underwear’s launch group and get the latest updates—or find out how to purchase your Apixt Underwear at massive discounts, visit www.apixt.com


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