Banana Co Wear has come out with some super fun pairs over the last year. From the bright yellow solids to cupcakes! But this one takes the cake, they came out with a new print that has Yetis! I kid you not, and the print is super cute. It’s one I’m considering buying for myself.

This print is a special holiday print. It’s perfect for a winter getaway or a fun day in the sun in summer. I so would rock this in the summer as well! It’s just so much fun. I love to see a company really have fun with their prints and create something out of left field.

The best thing about Banana co is the sizing it runs from 28 to 44, so it covers a wide range of men. Plus the pairs are very well made and great for all-day wear. This pair will run you $42.00 at the Banana Co Site.


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