Happy Pride! This weekend is officially Pride weekend. It marks the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots that kicked off the gay rights movement. The official date is June 28th but the last weekend in June is typically pride weekend.

After this week and the Supreme Court ruling, we need to remain vigilant about Pride. Get out and vote in November.

Patreon for Art

We have a Patreon for the podcast but now I have one for Art as well. I have a lot of Art and will be creating Patreon first series. I have a $3 level for digital art, and then $15 to get four mini prints a year and including the podcast,, and the last two levels get 2 or 4 commissions a year. Join the UNB Patreon

Pool party Series Prints

I am selling the Pool Party Prints, including the Thong Pool Party, You can go to the UNB Store and Under the UNB Gear for pritns, tees and hats.


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