We are all about color for this update (well, half of the update). We asked two questions. The first is what are your favorite colors. Our top 5 colors for this year are Blue, Black, Red, Green, and Purple. As you can see, guys could choose more than one color. I’m surprised that pink wasn’t higher on our list as well as it sells.

We got the top colors, but what do guys prefer? Is it solid, prints, or stripes? By a wide margin, you guys love solids best. Followed by prints and stripes. I’m surprised that more of you don’t wear prints. I guess more of you want to do prints in swimwear and not underwear.

I kept this one in random order because it’s always interesting to see what guys think of as the most annoying thing in undies. Over the years, it changes and rotates from tags, sizing, fit, and more. This year Sizing issues are back on top. Guys hate to buy undies that have issues with sizing, such as a strange size chart or pairs that run small (rarely is it running bigger). The second is a classic tag or label issue. You pay $30 for a pair, and the tag rubs you the wrong way, sometimes making the pair unwearable. The third is pouch too small. Pouch issues are always in the top 5. No one hates to get squeezed throughout the day. The last two are construction issues and store sales.

This year’s new question inspired by the podcast is what do you do with old undies. It doesn’t necessarily mean worn-out undies but undies that you no longer like for various reasons. Most of you throw them out and get rid of them. I need to do this for a lot of pairs I have and redo my collection. Next is to put them in storage. I have several pairs I love so much I don’t want to get rid of them, even if they are unwearable. The last two are sold on a site like Poshmark (although they are cracking down on undies sales0> Last is to give them to a friend!

I limited this because the next topic is long, so I didn’t want to run 20 results in a post.


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