Lace underwear for men is a huge trend right now. At first it was centered around porting the women’s styles to men. Now more brands like Rick Majors are making lace in traditional men’s cuts, the thong, bikini, and trunk. Plus, Rick Majors has added some great colors such as Pride,

This is what Rick Majors says about the new line. “Discover the sensual Venetian Lace line from Rick Majors and embrace the possibilities at your next intimate encounter. This skimpy thong offers minimal coverage and features a brightly colored floral lace body that is seductively see-through, intricate and romantic. It’s a thrill to wear and a pleasure to see!”

The new line retails for $32 for the bikini and thong and $36 for the trunk. Go check out the entire collection at the International Jock.


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