Is it turning positive?

I watch two shows: one is Below Deck Down Under, and the other is Selling the OC. Below Deck is on Bravo, and Selling the OC is on Netflix. I bring up both of these shows because they positively portray underwear.

Below Deck Budgies

Harry from Below Deck Down Under Season 2 showing a fellow deck hand his Budgies

When season 2 of Below Deck Down Under started, we had a deckhand, Harry, break out the Budgie Smugglers and say it was a part of his culture. Harry is a tall, adorkable guy who always wears the Budgies in the hot top. Another of the deckhands (both are from Australia) wore them like it was no big deal.

As the season went on, the deck crew started to wear them for the guests—situations like a strip-type show, serving dinners, and more. This led to the deck crew beginning to regularly unravel the budgies to the hot tub. The American guys would say, “Budgies in the hot tub.” This was so great to see, and it was no big deal!

Captian Jason taking one for the team

There was one slight controversy: the Captain, Jason, wore them to serve guests dinner, and the internet lit up that he shouldn’t have to do something uncomfortable. (I was going to write a whole post on the hypocrisy of this but didn’t). How many women in the yachting industry have worn things outside their comfort zone but did it for the tip?

Overall, the guys wearing swim briefs were not a joke or prank. The guys genuinely liked wearing them even in the off time. This was great to see on TV.

Selling the OC Boxer Briefs

Tyler from Selling the OC showing up in his BN3TH boxer briefs to the pj Party

The next show only had a brief moment on the last episode of season 2. Polly had a PJ Birthday party in a mega-mansion, and everyone came dressed in some fun and stylish PJS; my PJS would be undies. Not some coordinated outfit as some of them wore. Tyler, one of the people on the show, showed up in an unbuttoned shirt and a pair of navy BN3TH boxer briefs. These have MyPakage Pouch Technology™ keeps you comfortable and supported. Meaning his package was on full display.

Several cast members mentioned this because it wasn’t the typical underwear guys wear on such shows. It’s usually boxers or regular briefs. You may be asking how I figured out the brand; I had to rewind a few times to get the name on the waistband.

The talk was not “OMG, I can’t believe he’s wearing that.” But instead, “WOW, did you see what he’s wearing.” implying it was hot and commentin’ on his manhood. It’s good to see people talking about underwear being sexy and fun on a man.

I hope this trend keeps going, and we see even skimpier underwear styles, as a matter of fact, on reality and scripted shows (once the strikes are done). Do you watch these shows? What were your thoughts on the overall theme of Budgies and BN3TH? Or have you seen men’s underwear portrayed positively on a show?


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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