Jay, a guest on the podcast, shares his love for skimpy underwear and his journey of discovering it. He talks about how he started appreciating underwear from a young age and how his mom supported his love for fun and sexy underwear. Jay also discusses his exploration of different brands and his tradition of buying underwear as souvenirs when traveling. He emphasizes the liberating and empowering feeling of wearing skimpy underwear and how it makes him feel sexy and confident. In this conversation, Jay discusses his love for skimpy and well-fitting underwear, his favorite brands, and his experiences with underwear shopping and modeling. He also shares how underwear has helped him feel confident and comfortable in his own skin. Jay and his husband have had many adventures in underwear, including matching underwear and stripping. Jay emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and surrounding oneself with supportive people. He can be found on Twitter as @desertotter and on Instagram as @charmedmage.


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  • Jay’s love for skimpy underwear started at a young age and was supported by his mom.
  • He enjoys exploring different brands and buying underwear as souvenirs when traveling.
  • Wearing skimpy underwear makes Jay feel sexy and confident.
  • Skimpy underwear is liberating and empowering for Jay. Skimpy and well-fitting underwear can make a person feel confident and comfortable.
  • Finding the right underwear brand and style is a personal journey.
  • Underwear shopping can be an adventure, especially when exploring different stores and trying new brands.
  • Matching underwear and stripping can be fun experiences for couples.
  • Wearing underwear that makes you feel good can boost self-acceptance and body confidence.
  • Surrounding yourself with supportive people who embrace your love for underwear is important.


  • Exploring Brands and Traditions
  • Discovering the Love for Skimpy Underwear Embracing Self-Acceptance Through Underwear
  • Boosting Confidence with the Right Underwear

Sound Bites

  • “I love all campers.”
  • “My mother liked to shop, so we always went to the malls and everything. So it was no big deal. Like, oh, did you find any underwear today?”
  • “If we go to a new city or visiting on vacation somewhere, like screw the, you know, screw the memento, like shot glass, like we’re going to get a souvenir, a pair of underwear everywhere we go.”
  • “I feel super confident and sexy in a thong.”
  • “I need a good pouch where everything just fits well.”
  • “Wearing something that gives us that boost.”

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