I am a huge underwear lover but sadly rarely get to buy them lately. So when I do I normally am more likely to go for styles and brands that I know will be good and fit me well. There is nothing worse then buying a pair that is cute and finding that they don’t fit on your body like you thought they would. I have a bubble butt so finding pairs that stretch over it can be more difficult. I don’t

always want to have to be wearing thongs, jockstraps, and jockbriefs. Though several people would disagree with me lol. So here is my criteria:

  • Materials- For me this is one of the biggest factors. I need a pair with a nice stretchy material so it will work well on my bubble butt. The material is the huge factor because it can make any cut work with a butt. My favorite combination is Cotton and Spandex. I just grabbed three different brands that I love and all were around 90% cotton and 10% spandex or elastane. I like the softness of cotton with the extra stretch for my butt.
  • Cut- I am a briefs guy mainly. I like trunks but struggle sometimes since they can not be very long and having a big butt pulls them up. They feel like a thong sometimes as my ass pulls them in. It is weird I don’t have that problem as much with briefs. I really don’t have a cut I don’t like. I will try anything and love almost everything. If it makes my ass feel nice I will get it.
  • Color- I am drawn to color. I am all about wearing bright and happy colors. I own a few black pairs but normally try to avoid them. I am not sure why but if it is plaid I will buy it. I just can’t stop myself. Maybe it is because I am a coffee loving, facial hair growing, plaid loving hipster at heart. Lol. You can ask anyone who knows me and if it is plaid I will be wearing it or buying it. Just looking in my closet I have 14 plaid shirts hanging there. So if a brand wants me to buy a pair of underwear just make them plaid and I am sold.
  • Brands I know- I am normally just shopping brands I know. If there is a good deal on a new brand I am always willing to try them. I also listen to friends about brands they like and recommend. My stand by brands that I am most likey to purchase is 2xist, Express, or Andrew Christian.



The pair I am reviewing today is the Booty Brief by Gregg Homme. When I got these I was surprised how thin they looked. Pulling them out of the package made me worry how they would hold up against my bubble butt, the material seemed really thin. I was also worried about the white pouch as if it would be see through. This was my first pair by Gregg Homme so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew he does some wilder styles. It comes in red, black, green, blue, purple and the white I got.

I wore this pair to work where I sit for most of the day. I also wore it out to IKEA and then building a dresser. They got a nice work out for a day. They occasionally would slip down on my ass some but then I would pull them up and it was fine. I actually liked pulling them up because it would cause the middle strap to slip between my cheeks and feel like a thong. After the day I gave them I think they would hold up to an active day.

I had the small size of these briefs which covers a 29 to 31 inch waist. The sizing was really true to size. I am a 28 to 29 waist normally so they fit me good. I think part could be my bubble butt helps to hold things into place more too.

I really liked how different this pair looked. They are unique and will get me lots of attention. I really liked that the middle strap would go up my crack and make me feel like I had a thong on but also briefs as well. The pouch was amazing as well. It clung to me perfectly and showed off the goods. The thinness of the fabric on the butt really made me nervous. I don’t feel like it would hold up for everyday use if  I wore them often. I think I would have felt more comfortable if the middle strap was thicker so that when it rides into the crack you don’t worry about it ripping.


  • sexy looking and comfortable material
  • pouch fits extremely well


  • material felt thin
  • slits made the butt kinda cold


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Material – 8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 7
  • Overall – 8.6

This pair was furnished for review by Gregg Homme. Available in Black, White, Red, Purple, Khaki and Sky Blue. Retails for $41.95

Note: Bryce is one of the newest guys on the site and this is his first review!

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