Drawer of Fame – Underwear

These are the pairs we have selected to be the most iconic in the Men’s Underwear Industry. Each year we will be adding new pairs!

Class of 2016:

 1950  Jockey Classic Brief – These Y Front briefs are one of the pairs when you think of a pair that changed underwear. They were released in 1938 to the public. They become so synonymous with underwear in North America the term “Jockey Shorts” were the generic term for briefs. The Y fronts are a Trademark of Jockey. In fact they created key chains that featured this iconic pair! It’s a true classic that has been around us for over 80 years.
 calvin-klein-underwear-01  Calvin Klein Classic Cotton Brief – Men’s underwear got one of its biggest jolts in the 1980’s when Calvin Klein started to market their underwear to the general public. Previous ads were nice but CK showed us men’s underwear could and should be sexy. Even a pair of white briefs made it stand out. It all started with the classic ad and snow balled. But had they only done this it wouldn’t be as great. CK took the brief and updated it with a modern fit and feel. That is still sold and made so many guys get them! They even showed up in the movie “Back to the Future!” CK caught the general publics attention in the 80’s/90’s. It jump started all guys starting to pay attention to underwear
Bike #10 Jockstrap – The Bike jock is the classic quintessential jock. The jock was created in 1897. It is the oldest design in our group. Jocks were mainly used for health and sports in the early days. In the 70’s the jock became apart of the fetish community in gay culture. It wasn’t till the 80’s/90’s that we saw the jock evolve. Then in the 2000’s the Fashion Jock came into it’s one. This is all because of this amazing jock! But nothing is as good as the classic jock. Unfortunately Bike is phasing this pair out, they will still make jocks just not the #10. All good things must come to an end. (picture by Jockstrap Central)
 2xist-thong-y-backed-thong-12  2(X)IST Y-Back Thong – Thongs have been around for men for a while. They were relegated to strippers and the seedy side of underwear. In the 90’s 2(X)IST put out the thong that we feel made the style go to the mass market. It was the first thong we remember seeing at a major department store. This pair was many guys first foray into the world of thongs. It showed guys it was ok to wear something different.


Class of 2017

Cocksox CX01 Bikini – This pair has been around 10 years this year. I have made an impact on the world of underwear. Namely the Cocksox pouch. Which has been a favorite of our editorial board and readers for years. It also is a pair that is still being sold today. It has had many colors over the years but the design and fabric remain the same as the original.