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Here’s a gallery of our exclusive photography featuring Jockstrap Central models Simon Marini and Adam Stray in our new Nasty Pig Union Suits.

Our favorite time of the year is here, and it’s not Fall. It’s when Nasty Pig Union Suits arrive. Every year, Nasty Pig does one production run and every year we sell out within weeks, gone again until the following year. This year the union suits are available in traditional union suit red, black and new for 2017, grey

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Hard to believe that we’ve been jockstrapping and gearing up the world for 12 years! We officially launched Jockstrap Central on September 17th, 2005. To celebrate, we’re hosting this massive sale where practically everything at Jockstrap Central is up to 60% off until Monday, September 18th. Jockstraps, jock briefs, underwear, shorts, wrestling singlets, tank tops, fetish wear, cock rings, ball stretchers and even socks are all marked down.

This is a huge sale and will also be hugely popular but it’s only for a few days – so shop early so you don’t miss out and also for the best selection! There’s no discount codes to remember, simply visit our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed, it couldn’t be any easier!

Won’t get into all the details, just head to Jockstrap Central to discover all the great gear on sale. All gear from Maskulo, Cellblock 13, our exclusive Raw Studio, Nasty Pig, Jock Fighter, PUMP!, Jack Adams, Meyer, Bike, our own JC Athletic, Wolf, Omtex, Magic Silk, Male Power and Papi. In fact everything is included in the sale except our Full Kit Gear, partially because of a deal we have with them and partially because it’s already very reasonably priced.

* sale items are not eligible for further discount.


NOTE: Post contains an affiliate sales link.

The last big weekend of the summer deserves a big sale at Jockstrap Central! From now until Tuesday, September 5th get up to 70% off practically store wide at our online store. There’s no discount codes to remember, simply head to our online store to find all our products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price displayed in red.
For even more savings, we’re offering free USA shipping and discounted world shipping on orders of $50 or more. It doesn’t take much to reach that threshold: Just a couple Nasty Pig jocks and socks, three or four sports jockstraps from Bike, Meyer and our own JC Athletic or a ridiculously hot jock and harness from Cellblock 13.
Gear up: For serious fetish wear check out Maskulo Open Back Leggings and Open Back Football Shorts with their snap-off Cod Pieces (pouch) for a bit a show and tell. Likewise, Cellblock Xtreme Hybrid is included in the sale – jocks, jock briefs and zipper back fetish shorts all with built in flexible silicone cock rings and show-it-all snap-off pouches, even the matching harnesses have a built in cock ring (or detach it and hook it up to your jeans).
For those of you with an erotic side, look no further than Male Power with their full-frontal rip-off harness sets and Extreme Jock and Underwear Collection (already inexpensive and even more so with the sale). Even the new Male Power Slick-it collection of skin-tight chaps shorts with rip-off thong is included with this sale.
Of course, it couldn’t be a Jockstrap Central sale without the sports jockstraps: We’ve still got authentic Bike #10 Performance Jocks left (collectors items by now) and if you’re looking for a classic #10 jock then look no further than the Original Bike #10 Jockstrap by Meyer (it’s the #10 resurrected by the official European Bike distributor just with a different logo). We’ve also got our own incredible JC Athletic Jocks, Wolf and Omtex Gym Supporters and of course the modern but classic inspired sports jocks from both Jack Adams and Cellblock 13.
To view all the sale items, simply click the big sale banner on the homepage, or visit each category or brand on the left hand menu, just remember, you may have to scroll down past the some of the newly launched items not included in the sale to get to the deals.
NOTE: Post contains an affiliate sales link.

Everything is hotter in rubber!

Gear up at the speed of sound with Cellblock 13’s Sonic Collection, quite possibly the hottest and most visually stunning fetish gear we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a LOT!). The unique ribbed neoprene rubber (more on that below) is so slick and edgy we’re calling it future fetish wear. Of course a collection this awesome deserves an equally awesome model so we called on our latest, Simon, to show it all off – and when we say show it off, we mean it. Don’t invite your mother to the spectacle.

The Sonic collection consists of a pouch “jockstrap”, a harness and matching wrist cuffs, all in the above mentioned neoprene in black with contrasting detailing in all your favorite fetish colors. Here’s the details:

Cellblock 13 Sonic Pouch Jockstrap

This formed 3D contoured pouch is made with a stunning ribbed black neoprene on the outside with a foamed inside for comfort (your junk will love you for it!) Between the ribbing and contouring you’ll always be bulging to perfection like a cod piece effect. Contrasting piping in either dark grey, white, blue or red not only add a visual punch but end up highlighting your bulge.

Defying gravity: Although the “jock” has leg straps, there’s no waistband to keep it all secure but don’t worry, just attach a harness to keep it from falling down around your ankles (unless of course that’s what you want). The straps are one inch wide and made of a heavy duty elastic in black with repeating Cellblock 13 woven into it in the contrasting color. Both straps are split by two black metal rings which not only look good but provide a place to hook up the harnesses’ swivel snap hooks.

Cellblock 13 Sonic Harness

Designed to show off your back and your chest, this harness is a must have item. Wear it with the Sonic Pouch or simply hook it up to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans. Consists of a series of one and half inch wide straps made with the same incredible stretchy neoprene rubber as the pouch, also with the soft foam backing.

All the straps are edged with contrasting piping for visual effect. A single strap runs between your shoulder blades hooking up to two large metal D rings on each side. Two straps then run from the D ring, one over the shoulder and one under the armpit to meet up front with a metal ring that sits just to the side and below your pecs. Finally, straps run from the front rings down your body looping around two black metal swivel hooks and snap back unto itself. Between the natural stretch of the neoprene straps and the three sizing snaps you can be assured a perfect fit. Also worth a mention – because Cellblock 13 is all about the details, the backing of the metal snaps are in black.

Cellblock 13 Sonic Cuffs

To complete your Sonic look (or simply wear with your favorite pair of jeans), Cellblock 13 has you covered… well at least your wrists. The Sonic Cuffs are ribbed neoprene wristbands with a welcome inner soft foam backing. They’re around five and half inches long. The ribbing running lengthwise down your forearm and the contrasting stitching running around the top, bottom and single stripe down the length make a visual impact.

Each Sonic item is sold separately and although the pouch technically can’t be worn without a harness, not just the Sonic Harness will work. Most Cellblock 13 harnesses including the X-treme Hybrid Harness from our previous Cellblock 13 Collection (still available) will do the trick.


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Into sports jocks? Well this is going to make you happy. Between now and Tuesday, September 13th (at midnight) Jockstrap Central has put all their sports jockstraps on sale for 15% off.

Even better is the sale isn’t only on their traditional Bike, Activeman, Flarico, Wolf and Omtex jockstraps. They’ve included all their modern sports jockstraps as well. The Bike #10 inspired Locker Jocks from Cellblock 13, the Athletic Jocks and Old School Jocks from Jack Adams with their woven cotton pouches and ultra-masculine wide waistbands and even the Full Kit Gear Premium Sports Jocks are all on sale. There’s too many to mention so just click the link below to check out all the jocks.

As with any sale, shop early for the best selection!

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jockfighters-launchWe’ve done it again, securing yet another North American exclusive. First it was Raw Studio, then it was Maskulo and now we’re launching one of the hottest new fetish collections straight from Italy. Jockfighters is sports fetish meets urban warrior and it’s smokin’. They’re motto is Be Bad Do Good and like other fetish brands, they’re creating a lifestyle with their gear.

We’re launching with a streamlined ribbed cotton jock called simply The Jockstrap (of course), as well as their take on the jock brief called The Chaps Jock (with a revealing front hole and butt lifting back straps) and a sexy brief with convenient holes both front and back called the Slashed Brief (we got our exhibitionist model Ryan Russell to show off all the dirty features so obviously, those photos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!).

The dirty features are but a sucker punch but it’s the almost 2 inch wide waistband that’s the final blow to win the match. With sports inspired horizontal contrasting striping and embroidered iconic Jockfighters logo dead center.

Even better, there’s matching socks for a complete look. They’re tube socks in your favorite fetish colors with sports stripes and the iconic Jockfighters logo and the word J-O-C-K-F-I-G-H-T-E-R-S across the toes. Perfect with your favorite pair of high-tops or combat boots.

Their jocks and underwear are perfect for the clubs, edgy enough for the fetish party but still sporty enough for the street and it’s all made in Milan, the fashion center of the world so you know it’s built tough.

I could go into more details about all the new gear but who reads this stuff anyway, you really want all the pretty pictures, right? Head over to our Jockfighters department to see our models Ryan Russell and Matt going a round in the new.

Find the Jockfighters at Jockstrap Central

NOTE: post contains an affiliante sales link