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Our initial run of GBGB’s classic jockstraps were such a huge hit we ordered five new colors. These modern but classic sports jockstraps are now available in black, white, army-green, orange, navy-blue, grey, gold, royal-blue and red.

Time to freshen up your top jockstrap drawer with some of the most comfortable (and good looking) sports jocks out there. The GBGB Classic 3″ Sport Jockstrap is a very modern jock but borrows hugely from the all the classic sports jock of yesteryear. With a full on, masculine and very sturdy 3 inch wide waistband with an additional waistband binding strip for extra support plus a stylish GBGB logo front and center.

But it’s not just the waistband that has us excited, the pouch is made with a crazy hot ribbed knit fabric so you not only get the moisture wicking of a sports jock but the fabric is so soft right out of the box your boys are going to be loving you for it. It’s also contoured to fit you just right plus the ribbing ends up cradling your junk for bulging perfection.

In case you don’t know, GBGB stands for Good Boys Gone Bad – a pretty good fit at Jockstrap Central as it describes our whole mantra to a T.



In case you haven’t taken the plunge and tried out our Addicted Fetish collection, now, perhaps is the time to do so. For the next few day we’ve put our entire collection of Addicted Fetish jockstraps and gear on sale for 15% off. We’ve got lots of revealing mesh jocks, bottomless mesh briefs and trunks along with matching mesh tank tops with rubber detailing, slick n’ sexy rubber jockstraps, outrageous cockring jockstraps for full-on full-frontal and boned up exposure and even fetish socks with handy pockets to store your goodies.

Addicted is from Spain and Addicted Fetish is their kinkier side with gear mostly in black with fetish color accents. Be sure to check it out.


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Not only has Jockstrap Central launched some hot new Cellblock 13 jockstraps featuring their sexy Mexican model Lenny but we also got our hands on the new for 2019 Cellblock 13 Gear Bags and we’re giving them away (more on that below).

Our new Cellblock 13 Sergeant Jockstrap is pretty Major! It’s one of the most comfortable fetish jocks you’ll ever wear, so much so that when it’s “lights out” in the barracks we’re pretty sure you’ll be sleeping in it.

The pouch is made with an extra-thin, semi see-through and finely ribbed poly stretch fabric, it’s a fabric that molds to your package making for a medal earning bulge.

Woven into the ultra-plushed one-and-a-quarter inch wide comfort waistband is the iconic CB13 logo and sergeant insignia repeating around it. Conveniently, the front and center three down arrows point the way to glory (as if all eyes weren’t already on your crotch!) Finally, one inch comfort leg straps finish it all off.

A jock fit for a Sergeant but on a Private’s budget.


Cellblock 13’s new 2019 Gear Bags are here and we’ve got 30 to give away. Just purchase $50 or more of Cellblock 13 jocks and gear and we’ll be including one of the new gear bags (while supplies last!) Hint: just pick up a few of our new Sergeant Jockstraps or an all-in-one Prowler Harness and you’ll already qualify for the free gear bag.

These new gear bags are pretty awesome: They’re lightweight and made with nylon with one big pocket and draw strings to cinch up the top. On the outside, find one large make-a-statement CELLBLOCK 13 running horizontally across the bag in white and red, a red stripe running vertical down the bag with repeating CB and 13 pattern on the lower half. Either throw it over your shoulder or wear it like a back pack.

Of course the obvious use for the gear bag is somewhere to put your gear on the way to the gym, but it’s also perfect place to store you clothes if you’re going to a naked party, nude beach or naked bicycle charity ride.

As mentioned, we have 30 to give away. If we still have them you’ll see one automatically appear in your shopping cart once you have $50 or more of CB13 gear in your cart.

*To be fair to everyone, only one free gear bag per person.

Sale items also count toward the free gear bag including our Vector jockstraps, harnesses and wrestling singlets which are currently 20% off. We also have Legion harnesses and Jock Pouches on clearance for 25% off plus Viper II jockstraps and thongs for 30% off – they also all count toward you getting your gear bag! (scroll down to the bottom of our CB13 page for our clearance items)

Whether you’re fresh meat or you’ve been around the block for years – gear up in CB13 and you’ll the most popular guy behind bars. And we’re here to help make that happen. Our entire collection of Cellblock 13 jockstraps and gear are on sale for up to 60% off until Tuesday, June 11th at Jockstrap Central

We’ve got jockstraps (of course!), thongs, briefs, harnesses, tank tops, crop tops and lots of socks to choose from and it’s all on sale. CB13 Collections we currently have are Prowler, Tailback, Tight End, Vector, Ranger, Triple Threat, Uniform Crew, Full Throttle, Torque, Legion, Viper II and even a few pieces of Gridiron.

I also want to point out that with this sale, this is the first time our new Prowler Neoprene Body Harnesses have been on sale. They’re crazy hot all-in-one fetish gear with rubber straps up front swooping down to the pouch. The pouch snaps-off to reveal a Jock Armour silicone cockring and your dick on full display and most likely engorged. In back, there’s a sexy upper back panel but the most fun is the single vertical strap that disappears into the deep dark crevice between your ass cheeks. Between the Jock Armour up front and the back thong, every move you make will be a thrill!

Here’s a hint: scroll way down our Cellblock 13 page to find all our discontinued last chance Cellblock 13 gear which is all on clearance right now.

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Just launched Cellblock 13’s latest collection of zippered jockstraps and neoprene harnesses at Jockstrap Central and got our model and retired MMA fighter Simon Marini back in to model them. Simon has been bulking up and is built like a tank these days so it’s pretty fitting he’s modeling new gear called Triple Threat!

This collection consists of a nylon/neoprene jockstrap with handy zipper in the pouch plus an awesome neoprene (rubber) harness designed to show off your back and chest. NOTE contains an affiliate sales link


Our new arrivals of LED infused Breedwell gear is guaranteed to help you breed well – day or night. This time around, we’ve got a crazy hot new jockstrap with LED light strips for the leg straps, an insane suspender meets harness combo with with super long light strips (and a $40 off introductory price) plus slick light up armbands. Here’s more details:

Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System

Highlight your ASSets! This Breedwell jockstrap comes loaded with light strips infused right into the leg straps. A buckle system ensure the straps fit you just right. In the front, find a smooth black pouch. A masculine two inch wide black waistband with large state-your-intentions BREEDWELL front and center in white with two grey horizontal racing stripes. It’s a great looking jock on it’s own, but with the included three front snaps you can attach an optional Breedwell Glow Pouch to draw as much attention to your big bulging bulge up front as your bubble butt in the rear.

Breedwell Glow Suspender/Harness

Light up the night (or the club) with the most versatile Breedwell Glow Gear so far. It’s both suspenders and harness with 3 completely unique ways to wear them. They look amazing in the day but at night, flip the switches and the extensive LED light strips will get you noticed like the attention whore you are. Front suspender straps are infused with LED light strips and run from your shoulders all the way down to hook up to the belt loops of your jeans. Alternatively, wear them as a shoulder harness by running the straps down under your armpits and hook them up in back to the heavy duty metal ring at the center of your shoulder blades. Another light infused center back strap runs from the ring down to your jeans. 

Breedwell Glow Armbands

Enhance your experience. Whether you’re completing your Breedwell look or simply looking for something to spice up your night at the club, the Breedwell Glow Armband is the best weapon in your gear arsenal. These armbands are infused with LED lights and built with the same care and durability as Breedwell’s harnesses and jocks. They provide the same long-lasting light: a full charge is 12 hours in solid mode and 26 hours in flashing mode. Wear them in singles or pairs.


Unlit during the day or lit up at night, Breedwell gear looks amazing either way. And don’t think this is some cheap gimmicky black light glow-in-the-dark trick, this gear is lit up with actual LED lights that you can recharge with the included USB cables and built in lithium batteries.

Get at Jockstrap Central. (Contains an affiliate sales link)

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Time to get PUMP!ed. Not only did we just get a small restock on our PUMP! Jockstraps, briefs and trunks but we’ve put the works on sale for 20% off until Tuesday, January 8th (midnight). Even better, the first 50 people who buy $20 or more of PUMP! products will receive a stunning 2019 PUMP! calender (more on that below).

If you haven’t seen our PUMP! collection in a while, you may be in for a surprise. There are more than 50 styles of PUMP! gear available at Jockstrap Central and not just jockstraps (although we do have lots of them). We also have briefs, trunks, joggers (trunks with handy side pockets) and the new backless Access Trunks. We even have a few sporty micro-mesh tank tops complete with large team numbers and hooded tank tops.

Most people know PUMP! for their large suggestive logo front and center on the waistband, their impeccable craftsmanship and big bold color choices, but lately PUMP! have been coming out with less flashy, more subtle but equally stunning jockstraps but still with the big PUMP! for all to see. Our favorite of the new styles is by far the open back Access Trunks and if you want to get into specifics: the new orange and navy or orange and military-green jockstraps and open back trunks are pretty spectacular.

So take advantage of this short sale and freshen up your jock and underwear drawer with some new PUMP!


Great news! For the first 50 people who spend $20 or more on PUMP! products, we’re going to throw in a stunning 2019 PUMP! Calendar. Here’s the details:

Start the year off right with a PUMP! 2019 Calendar. This Calendar is chock-full of hot guys in PUMP! gear in stunning hi-def photography on beautiful card stock with a high gloss. Even better is that there’s more than just one guy per month as it’s crammed with extra photos making this calendar a keeper long past 2019!

Sorry, not available for purchase, but this collectors item is free if the PUMP! items in your shopping cart total $20 or more.

Because we only have 50 and to be fair to everyone, we can only offer one calendar per person. How will you know when the 50 are gone? If we have calendars left and you have $20 worth of PUMP! gear, you’ll see the free calendar automatically added to your shopping cart.


For a limited time, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your product total is $50 or more, we’re offering free U.S. shipping and discounted shipping everywhere else. Here’s the details:

Just place your order and if the product total is $50 or more USA customers will be offered a free shipping option and customers outside the US will be offered a discounted shipping option (discount is $5.00 of the cost or regular shipping.) It couldn’t be easier.

By the way: Many people don’t realize it, but shipping is not actually free for us, it’s just another form of promotion and a charge we cover – usually when there isn’t a sale or other promotion going on. This time, however, we’re offering both the sale and shipping offer.


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Sure, the spirit of the holiday is about giving, but now your shopping is done. You’ve trudged through the snow (or through the sweltering sun for our friends in the southern hemisphere) and you’ve battled crowds in malls and may even have bruises to show for it, but now it’s all over and we think it’s time to treat yourself.

In celebration of another shopping victory, we’re offering 15% off (and in many cases more) everything at Jockstrap Central from now until December 30th (midnight) – so treat yourself, you deserve it!

Jockstraps, jock briefs, gym shorts, fetish shorts, fetish wear, harnesses, sportswear, tank tops, briefs, trunks, cock rings, full-frontal display suits and even socks are all on sale. While most things are 15% off, look to our clearance items for even more savings – up to 60% off.

Be sure to take advantage of the sale to snag some of our newly launched Cellblock 13 gear: The incredibly hot Legion gear with slick black neoprene harnesses and gravity defying jock pouches is a must have in your fetish drawer. Also be sure to check out Viper II, not only are there amazing looking jockstraps in that collection but for the first time ever for Cellblock 13, they’ve come out with a thong design. If you’re looking for more budget friendly, check out Torque – it’s all about the elastic strapped harnesses with matching jockstraps and briefs. Finally, there’s all sorts of socks to pair up with your CB13 gear and a slew of awesome clearance Cellblock 13 gear to choose from.

If you’re a show off, then look no further than all our Male Power erotic wear or our exclusive Raw Studio collection of jockstraps, ball lifters, full-frontal display suits and a huge collection of cockrings and contraptions to keep your boys hard and happy.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a shopping spree at Jockstrap Central without a few sports jocks: Our very own JC Athletics, Bike Original Jock by Meyer, Wolf, Omtex and some modern but classic inspired jocks by Jack Adams are worth checking out. There’s too much to mention in this email, so just go see for yourself.

So, how Do I Do It?

It’s easy, just head to Jockstrap Central and you’ll find everything listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

  • offer is not retroactive and sale items not eligible for further discount.


We don’t normally run shipping promotions during site wide sales, but this time around we are:

During this sale only, we’re offering inexpensive flat rate shipping for our all our US customers. Normally, shipping costs are based on weight of the order but until December 30th, shipping on all US orders will be $5.50 no matter the size and weight.

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Not only did we just received a restock shipment of our incredibly popular Papi Stretch Jockstrap 3 packs, but they’re now on sale for 15% off until Tuesday, November 13th.

With these 3-packs, Papi knew guys were going to love their ultra-comfortable and stylish sports meets fashion jock so much that they packaged them in threes – but for the price of one (and now cheaper with the sale). Considering you can wear this to the gym, to the office or on a date, you’re going to need three just to ensure there’s always one clean.

The stretch jocks come with a super soft cotton pouch with center seam for support and help provide a natural contour. Cushioned one and a quarter inch elastic waistband with prominent Papi logo and three quarter inch elastic leg straps finish it all off. It’s a super comfortable and stylish jockstrap that has been a best seller for us for many years.

We currently have six different 3-packs to choose from all white and all black to multiple colors in each pack.

Shop at Jockstrap Central


As mentioned a few days ago, we finally got the new white Nasty Pig Union Suits shot on our model Andrew plus we received a small restock shipment and although we didn’t get everything we ordered we did get some more of this year’s colors (blue-grey, army-green and white) plus we managed to get a few of last year’s colors (red and grey). So for the first time ever, we have five different colors of union suit to choose from. For 2018 there is blue-grey, white or army-green and from last year there is red and grey.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a few sizes in a few of those colors but the good news is that we are expecting a few more to arrive on Monday so hopefully that will fill in the gaps.

As of right now we have all sizes in white and grey. In blue-grey we have all sizes except large. In army-green we have all sizes except small. And in red, we only have medium and large.

Shop at Jockstrap Central


For a limited time, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your product total is $50 or more, we’re offering free U.S. shipping and discounted shipping everywhere else. Here’s the details:

Just place your order and if the product total is $50 or more USA customers will be offered a free shipping option and customers outside the US will be offered a discounted shipping option (discount is $5.00 of the cost or regular shipping.) It couldn’t be easier.

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Be prepared for anything. The all new Cellblock 13 Arsenal Gear is here, consisting of a jockstrap, a hot fetish trunk, harness and matching socks. With the included snap-off pouches, cock grasping Jock Armour silicone cock rings and functional zipper in the rear of the shorts – you’ll be ready for any action heading your way. It’s all made with a slick perforated neoprene with highlights in your favorite fetish colors plus new for this collection – a stunning purple!

Both the jockstrap and trunk both include the body hugging, cock gripping and detachable Jock Armour silicone cock ring and both have a handy snap-off pouch made with the black perforated rubber complete with contrasting racing stripes and piping in either blue, purple, red or grey. The trunk is constructed with a combination of second-skin nylon/spandex and perforated rubber panels with a fully functional zipper in the rear. Whether you’re a bottom, top or anywhere in between, these jocks and trunks are going to get you laid.

The Arsenal harness is pretty versatile: it’s a stand alone harness with straps that run down your chest with black metal swivel hooks at the end. You can either attach them to the matching Arsenal Jockstrap or Arsenal Fetish Trunk or you can hook them up to any other CB13 Jock or short with D rings or you can hook them up to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. Fully adjustable in length by a series of black metal snaps. The back is a series of panels in rubber and nylon/spandex running above your shoulder blades with CB13 logo in the middle.

Complete your Arsenal gear with the almost knee-high future fetish Arsenal sports socks – they are super comfortable and perfect at the gym, in the bedroom or will turn heads at your next fetish party. Made with a high quality Cotton-Poly-Spandex you’re going to love. They end just below the knee so they show well above your boots or high tops with Cellblock 13 down the outer leg. If you’ve been drinking, they even include a handy L and R incorporated into the unique design so you know which sock goes on which foot!


Cellblock 13 is giving you lots of options. Along with the Arsenal Gear, they’ve also come out with the all new Apex Harness. You can wear this harness on it’s own or pair it up with any of the Arsenal jocks, trunks and socks. This one is completely stand alone and doesn’t require D rings or belt loops to hook it up.

The Apex Harness is made out of high quality polyester, perforated polyurethane, nylon and spandex with your favorite fetish colors as piping details.

In front, a horizontal cross piece and diagonal end panels in perforated rubber frame your chest to perfection. In back, more panels join a black metal ring right between your shoulder blades. It’s all edged in contrasting piping and backed with a super-stretch nylon-spandex.

It is form fitting as these great fabrics together allow for great flexibility and elasticity.




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With sports jock manufacturers going the way of the dodo bird, sports fetish designers had to step up to the plate to keep the athletic supporter alive. Full Kit Gear is one of those designers and they’ve tackled it full-on and head-on with a simple yet great-looking and decidedly masculine jockstrap – in seven solid colors. Here’s more details:

The Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap is another essential jock from Full Kit Gear, this time it’s a no-nonsense classic styled sports jockstrap not only providing the support you need but doing so in comfort with a unique knit pouch that’s soft right out of the package.

The weave of the poly and cotton pouch forms a ribbing which provides a bit of stretch where you need it and includes a half inch border for added support. With a very sturdy 3 inch wide waistband and an iconic white on black FK label front and center. Finally, one inch wide leg straps finish off this awesome jockstrap.

Whether for sports or sports fetish, the Sport Classic Jock deserves a spot in your top jock drawer.

As mentioned, in seven colors and in size small all the way up to size xxlarge (from 30 inches to 40 inches!)

Be sure to check out our handsome ginger bear cub model Zack Acland and dirty boy-next-door model Chance putting the new jocks through their paces over at our website!



Along with the 3 inch jocks above, Full Kit Gear has also added black to their Swim Jock line. Now you can get the Full Kit Gear Swim Jocks in black, royal-blue or gold.

The Full Kit Gear Swimmer Jockstrap has all the comfort and support you need, but with a classic design and masculine edge. Styled after the traditional classic sports swimmer jocks with woven pouches except this pouch is SOFT right out of the box with a ribbed knit which has the flexibility to cradle your manhood. It’s super comfortable and if things should pop up, the nature of the knit and the added hint of rubber to the fabric contents allow for expansion. The Full Kit Gear Swim Jockstrap includes a one inch plushed comfort waistband that’s woven and embossed with a subtle but recognizable FK logo.



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Just a reminder that our big Spring Break Sale is still going on so there’s still time to take advantage of it.

Every one needs a break so here’s ours to you: To celebrate Spring, everything practically store wide is now on sale for up to 60% off until Tuesday, April 24th. There are no discount codes to remember, simply browse our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed. We’ve got jockstraps, jock briefs, gym shorts, assless trunks, fetish wear, wrestling singlets, briefs, boxer briefs, tank tops and even cock rings and socks and it’s all on sale.

From classic sports jocks from JC Athletic and Meyer to modern sports jocks from Jack Adams and Cellblock 13, you can get them now for 15% to 20% off. Tons of discontinued fetish jocks and fetish gear are now on clearance for 25% to 50% off and we even have a few Bike jocks that are 60% off.

In the style department, our entire collection of Jack Adams jockstraps and Air Mesh shorts are now 15% off and our entire collection of PUMP! jocks, briefs, trunks, socks and tanktops are 20% to 30% off. Also not to be missed, our entire collection of 4 Hunks Berlin sports fetish gear is 25% off!

The only thing not included in the sale are some of our most recent bring-ins, but even our Nasty Pig Mandate and X-X-X collections, Hook’d Up Socks and Core Jocks are included in the sale. Also recently added, our McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps are now 10% off and our PPU jockstraps are 15% off.

There are too many things to mention so just head to our website to discover all the deals for yourself. You can either click one of the big sale graphics and see everything on sale on one page, or click on each brand or style in the left hand menu, just remember you may have to scroll past some of the recent items to get to the sale gear (by default, it’s organized by launch date).

As always with a sale like this – shop early for the best selection. Shop at Jockstrap Central

They’re back! Missing since 2010 and sharing top billing as one of our favorite Nasty Pig jocks ever. It’s the Nasty Pig Takedown Jock in the original black and white but now in red and white or blue and white. We’re not saying we had anything to do with it, but we’ve been hinting to Nasty Pig that the Sport Jock and Takedown Jock should make a comeback, at least we got one of our wishes. Here’s the details:

Masculine, sexy and athletic are the words that come to mind for most Nasty Pig jockstraps but they’ve perfected it with the Takedown Jock surpassing their standard of excellence.

With incredible styling using their iconic Pig logo front and center with complimentary contrasting dual racing stripes both down the center of the pouch and across the waistband. Complimentary piping edging the pouch finishes off the whole design.

Incredible styling aside, like all Nasty Pig jockstraps that have come before, the Takedown Jock is one of the most comfortable and well made jockstraps you’ll ever own made with a super soft durable ribbed cotton with just a hint of spandex to maintain the perfect fit. Includes a super plushed one-and-three-quarter inch waistband with three-quarter inch leg straps to keep your boys all happy and in place.

Pick these up before they disappear again. And before you head to bed, do some praying to the jockstrap gods that the Nasty Pig Sport Jock will be next!

Shop at Jockstrap Central

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They’re back! Jockstrap Central’s best selling jocks ever are not only back in the original two colors (orange and black) but they now have them in two new colors. Originally launched in 2010 but disappeared a year later due to a supply issue. It’s all been resolved and they’re back on our shelves.

PPU has brilliantly created one of the most stylish jockstraps ever by incorporating a couple of unique and awesome looking features:

Like all jockstraps, the PPU Jockstrap has elastic leg straps that join the waistband but where it really gets interesting: the leg straps continue traveling below and parallel to the waistband until they meet the pouch forming a sexy slit between the two. Both the duo-colored one inch wide leg straps and one-and-a-half inch wide waistband are made of a super-soft plushed elastic.

The mostly cotton pouch has a hint of spandex for stretch and shape retention with a striking contrasting piping around the outside.

Not only is this a stunning looking jockstraps, guys with more going on down there will particularly love the roomy pouch, the welcome contouring and stretchy fabric all designed to not crush those boys of yours. Need proof, look no further than our larger than life models Santos and Kaine!

Of course, next to the styling and fit, the next best feature is the incredible price! They’re only $14 each

Note: post contains an affiliate sales link

Just Arrived at Jockstrap Central: Cellblock 13 gets the award for most innovative sports fetish wear, especially with the all new Smuggler Jock-Pack. It’s a first of it’s kind hybrid of a jockstrap and fanny pack all integrated in one design but that’s not all! The pouch and side pack are both made with neoprene (rubber). It’s a unique jock designed to not only turn heads but make your life easier during gear & fetish events. Here’s the details:

Let’s start with the jock pouch: It’s slick, made with a black textured neoprene rubber with contrasting piping down the center and edging the pouch in all your favorite fetish colors. The neoprene is backed with a thin layer of super-soft foam which feels great rubbing up against your junk.

The waistband: It’s the masculine two inch wide waistband that you’d expect on your CB13 fetish jock. Complete with sports striping and large state-your-business Cellblock 13 logo front and center. But there’s a catch:

The pack: Built right into the design, the black pack continues where the waistband ends completing the loop. There’s no bulky buckles or snaps, it’s sewn right in. Completely made with rubber with two outer pockets with flaps secured with Velcro – one large possibly for your phone, and one small for your poppers and condoms. There’s even a large inside zippered pocket for your valuables.

The leg straps: It wouldn’t be a jock without the straps, in this case they’re 1 inch wide with matching sports striping and Cellblock 13 logo perfectly placed at the side of each cheek.

This is seriously the most ingenious and sexiest bit of kit hands down and no sports fetish collection would be complete without it. Be sure head to Jockstrap Central for their exclusive detailed and sexy photography of their model Zack Acland in all the new gear!

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It’s time to give winter the middle finger and gear up in shorts. Sure you may not want to wear them out in this frigid cold but they’re perfect for taking on holiday, working out at the gym and our favorite – lounging around at home with the heat cranked up on bust with an inflatable palm tree and pretending it’s August. And to help you say fuck you to old man winter, we’ve got all our Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts and Track Shorts on sale for 15% off until Tuesday. (Actually, all our Jack Adams jockstraps are on sale as well).

In case you don’t know about our best selling mesh shorts, here’s the details:

Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts: Set to be your most favorite short… ever. And not just for the gym, you’ll love them as comfies while lounging around the house or even as a fun and exciting bold short to wear at the resort or on the beach. Of course the best feature in our opinon is the fact that they’re completely unlined so at the gym, wear them with your favorite jockstrap but anywhere else, be free and go commando. You’ll love the sensation of the air flowing through the micro-mesh tickling your boys plus they’re partially see-through so you’ll be visually tickling everyone else with the view. They’re also wide enough in the leg that you may even experience some upshorts exposure (by accident, of course!) Our model Caleb King demonstrates.

Jack Adams Air Mesh Track Shorts: While not (quite) as adventurous as the unlined Gym Shorts, the Track shorts are sexy simply because they’re short, and I mean really short. They’re a 1970’s retro style short short throwback with a super low rise of 8 inches and an inseam of only 3 inches and a side split up each leg for enhanced movement. Although lined, air will flow freely when you work up a sweat. And speaking of lining, in the case of the non-white versions, the white lining showing through the outer mesh has the added bonus of really defining your bulge. Whether it’s for unencumbered movement during track or any sport or simply to show off, Jack Adams Air Mesh Track Shorts will do the trick.

Both styles come in a multitude of bold color combinations. Shop Jockstrap Central

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Fuel the dirty boy in you with Cellblock 13 Octane. It’s a collection of full exposing jock trunks and fetish shorts you (and everyone gawking at you) are going to love. Made with a slick and smooth skin-tight Polyurethane+Nylon/Spandex fabric with lots of stretch with zippers and openings in all the right places. The base color is black with accents in your favorite fetish colors: blue, grey, red or yellow.

Here’s the details:

First the front: Both the jock trunk and short have a unique panel design that includes a full contoured pouch for maximum bulging but the best feature by far is the two side zippers in contrasting blue. Unzip one for partial exposure or unzip them both for the full Monty – and when we say full Monty, we really mean FULL MONTY. There’s nothing hidden except your modesty. Made with the slick black Polyurethane, a fabric that clings and stretches where needed. The pouch is also open from the top if your inevitable erection needs an emergency escape route. The trunk is nice and short and the fetish short is skin-tight with a length just above the knee.

In the rear, it’s quite the sight: With the Jock Trunk it’s all about the opening, with an interesting contrasting panel design and cutout to show off your exposed ass. With the longer fetish short, the focus is on the zipper. In the contrasting color (red, yellow, blue or grey), it draws all eyes to the prize as they wait in anticipation for the grand opening. Even when closed it’s hot as the zipper travels downward from the waistband and disappears into the crevice of your ass cheeks.

Finally, the waistband: Octane has Cellblock 13’s signature one and half inch wide super comfort waistband with sports striping and Cellblock 13 logo front and center. And because CB13 is all about the details, a stunning rubberized CB14 logo in the back.

Once again, with Octane, Cellblock 13 maintains their position as the top sports fetish designer combining unique and overtly sexual styling with no-nonsense pricing.

Of course, words can only describe so much. Be sure to visit the Jockstrap Central website to see our latest model Matthew Eldracher and the return of our deliciously hot ginger cub Zack Acland putting the new Octane gear through their paces. As always, the view is uncensored, full-on and full-frontal.

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All you Cellblock 13 fans pay attention, not only do we have a sale on all our Cellblock 13 gear, but for the next few days (ends Tuesday), we’re also giving away free Cellblock 13 Gear Bags to everyone who spends $50 or more on Cellblock 13 gear. As a bonus, you’ll also end up with free USA shipping or discounted world shipping with that deal (more on that below). Hint: just pick up any of the CB13 harnesses or fetish shorts and you’ll have already earned your gear bag. Throw a few Sonic or Xtreme Hybrid jocks into your shopping cart and you’ll also be the proud new owner of a CB13 bag.

The gear bags are pretty awesome, they’re made with a lightweight nylon with multiple pockets, designed to be worn like a backpack. The main pocket is for all your gear and the smaller, easy-access outside pocket holds your wallet, money, party essentials or even condoms. With a big Cellblock 13 logo front and center so everyone knows what you’re into. You can see detailed photos of the bag by clicking the promo graphic on the Cellblock 13 page at Jockstrap Central.

Of course the obvious use for the gear bag is simply somewhere to put your workout gear on the way to the gym, but it’s also the perfect place to store your clothes if you’re going to a naked party, nude beach or naked bicycle charity ride and it’s time to strip off.

Currently, we have all sorts of hot Cellblock 13 gear. By far the down and dirtiest is the Xtreme Hybrid collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, fetish shorts and matching harnesses. Dirty because EVERY piece has a built in but removable Perfect Fit silicone cock ring. If that weren’t enough, the pouch of the jock, jock brief and short can snap off, perfect when you want to show off that engorged dick of yours. The harness can either clip on to the other Hybrid gear, or you can simply clip it on to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans. Xtreme Hybrid comes In all your favorite fetish colors.

Slick and sexy, look no further than Cellblock 13 Sonic Neoprene Gear. These jocks and matching harnesses are made with a stunning ribbed rubber in black with accents in either grey, white, red or blue. The jockstraps defy gravity, think jockstrap with leg straps but without a waistband. It’s held up by the matching Sonic harness. Even better is you can mix and match the Sonic and Hybrid collections.

Then there’s the jocks. We’ve got both the classic Bike #10 inspired Fullback Jockstraps in five solid colors with traditional info and logo label on the outside, exactly where it’s supposed to be. We’ve also got the modern take on a swimmer jockstrap and a unique jock brief, called the Ward Jock Collection – both designs with the comfiest and sexiest pouches around, made with a fabric that will caress your boys and make them sing.

If we happen to be out of your size in the Cellblock 13 gear you have your eye on, check back in a few hours. We’re expecting a large restock shipment from CB13 this afternoon.

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Imported from Berlin and exclusively available at Jockstrap Central in North America, sports fetish brand 4 Hunks is here. Today we launched both a hot new jockstrap and even hotter wrestling singlet made of see-through mesh with an open back design. Here’s more details about the 4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap and 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlet:

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4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap:

Totally unique and designed to enhance both your front and back. From the front, the Thunder Jock looks like a sexy low-rise brief, made with a clever double walled pouch. The inner layer is red or yellow and the outer layer a perforated mesh in black, the contrasting effect is stunning with the inner color shining through the mesh holes emphasizing that bulge of yours. The fabric is incredibly soft with just the right amount of stretch so the fit is impeccable. Sturdy half inch wide black piping is masculine, providing superior extra support. With the 4H logo on the left side.

The front pouch continues around back, narrowing as it goes to become the “waistband”. While not traditional, the natural stretch of the fabric does its job and in many ways, is much more comfortable than a conventional elastic band. But that’s not all, need a butt lifting experience? The extra wide straps will do the trick. Made with a strip of the inner pouch material and reinforced with black piping on each side.

Catcher Lad Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlet

The Catcher Lad Wrestling Singlet is the epitome of what sports fetish is all about: reinventing and elevating what is already by nature the object of sports fantasies. While traditional singlets are tight and subtly revealing, there’s nothing subtle about this one; with its exposed chest, dangerously low waistline, see through contoured pouch and completely exposed rear, they’ll be lining up to wrestle you and pin you to the ground just to cop a feel.

Made totally of a see-through mesh with paneled ergonomic pouch to naturally contain your bulge, with a stretch that clings to your junk showing it off to perfection. From the front, it looks like a pair of low-rise mesh shorts with matching upper shoulder restraints, exposing as much of your front as possible. From the back, a unique split panel design exposes your ass, and as if that alone doesn’t draw enough attention, white piping edge the opening to help with target practice (for your tongue perhaps?) A narrow band travels up your back to meet the shoulder panel also edged with white piping and includes a second smaller 4H logo.

Finally, the icing on the cake is an included matching arm band with the make-a-statement 4 Hunks Berlin logo.


The jockstrap comes in either yellow and black or red and black and the singlet comes in black and red (the most revealing), blue and white or white and blue. Head on over to Jockstrap Central to see our new model Matthew Eldracher (more on him below) in all the new 4 Hunks Gear.

Wondering who that new guy is in all the new 4 Hunks gear? Well, wonder no longer. He’s our latest discovery and his name is Matthew Eldracher. We’ve been trying to get him him to model for months, but finally the stars aligned. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Matthew is a jack of all trades, by profession, he’s a dancer and actor but we met him during his moonlighting job working as a performer (and when I say performer, I really mean stripper) at Flash Nightclub here in Toronto. It’s the bar we host our Thursday Jock Nights each week.

There are a LOT of awesome dancers at Flash, but Matthew stands out, not only because he’s sexy, dirty, flirty and hot, but he often climbs up the pole, hangs from the rafters and manages to strip out of his pants while hanging. Seriously, if you’re in Toronto, you HAVE to see this guy dance.

Beyond his unreal talent, his good looks, naturally hairy body and perfect dick and balls (you’ll be seeing that soon) he’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and a dream to work with. Guaranteed, this is just the first in many more photo shoots coming up.

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Forget trick OR treat – this year Jockstrap Central is all about double dipping in the candy bowl so they’re doing trick AND treat. Shop at Jockstrap Central between now and Wednesday, November 1st (at midnight) and you’ll not only get 10% off store wide but with EVERY order they will be including a free gift!

It couldn’t be easier, just start shopping and you’ll find all their products on sale. Jockstraps, underwear, shorts, sports fetish wear, tank tops, full-frontal display suits, bulge boosters, cock rings and more are all listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red. Once you’ve finished shopping, simply complete your order as normal and on the final page you’ll be asked your waist size so they can choose an appropriate sized gift.

The free gift is either a jock, some underwear or product from their vast selection of samples, photo shoot stock and over stocked items they have on hand.

What are you waiting for, go knocking on Jockstrap Central’s door to find out what goodies they have in store for you.”

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There are two things I love. The first is the original Bike Jockstrap and the second is Jockstrap Central’s, Model Trent. He has been a favorite of mine for years. In recent years he’s been on the site less and less. Like all good things, all things must come to an end eventually. But, here is a gallery of pics of him in the jock. This is what Jockstrap Central says:

They’re back and Trent’s Back! It’s the original Bike Performance Jockstraps now being manufactured by Meyer (the original European Bike distributor) both in 2 inch versions as well as swimmers in all the original colors. And who else to come in to model these awesome jocks but fan favorite and fitness guru Trent? Afterall, he was the original model for most of the old Bike Performance jockstraps.

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Looking for some hot sexy new gear, than look no further than our roster of sports fetish, fetish and full-frontal jockstraps and underwear that’s we’ve been introducing over the past month and a half. We’ve got everything from our full-frontal (and exclusive) Raw Studio Force-1 Bulge Boosters to Nasty Pig’s 2017 Union Suits (yes, we still have a few left).

Last week we introduced Speed Demon, a collection of jockstraps and socks from Nasty Pig – they’ve been flying off the shelves, and we are out of large and xlarge of the grey jockstraps, but for now, we have all sizes in both red or black and all colors available in the matching socks.

The previous week we introduced Cellblock 13’s modern take on a swimmer jock with a stunning jock brief, all part of the Ward13 Collection. Although we’re now sold out of the army-green jock brief in medium and xlarge, we still have all sizes available for the army-green, red and blue jockstraps and all sizes available of the red and blue jock briefs.

The week before that, we introduced some sexy new Male Power gear including a crazy-hot skin-tight chaps short with a removable inner pouch so you can rip-it off and go full-frontal. Even better – pick one up and you’ll qualify for the Male Power freebie offer above.

Finally, we’re nearing the end: We’re down to single digit quantities of our Nasty Pig Union Suits, despite the miraculous restock we received on the grey ones last week. We are completely out of xlarge in black and as of the writing of this email, we still have at least a few of each size in the red and, new for 2017, grey union suits. This will be it until next year assuming Nasty Pig brings them back next fall.

The best way to view everything new is visit the Jockstrap Central homepage and scroll down the page to see all recent addition spotlights, but for an even more comprehensive list, click the below link for all our recent jockstrap and gear launches:

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