Andrew Christian


We bought this pair for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Andrew Christian.

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Fabric: 9/10

Pros: The stretch fit hugs and feels excellent to me. I also really like how AC created a sexy cut to this singlet, with deep low reveals – offering a very hot look. The fit will be flattering to many shapes, which is something I find important to note.

Cons: While this is an excellent product in general, this pattern might not be my favorite. The $ theme is fun, but not my personal taste.

I am a long time AC supporter, as I find they have a wide range of products geared toward guys looking for a good fit and a large variety of styles. They take risks and offer new cuts and styles of men’s underwear and other clothes that are unique and sexy and comfortable. I love many of my thongs and jocks, and they are the first brand I found with a jock/thong – something I found very sexy and a unique combination. Singlets, in general, are somewhat new to me, but I was very excited to give this one a try, as it was my first singlet from AC and was happy to find they lived up to their standards. Personally, being a thicker guy, I fear a singlet (traditionally) to be unflattering and call attention to all of the areas I was self-conscious about. But happy to see this was not the case.

I have yet to wear these out and about, as I think they call for a special occasion or play date but will bring them with me to PTown this summer and think they might make an appearance there. In the meantime – I spend the afternoon in them around the house. As a big undies fan, I was not sure how they would feel, but I truly enjoyed them! Feeling the shoulder straps stretch and tug gently as I moved about was a fun aspect, and the fabric was soft and comfortable. Having them snug on my rear end was great for good booty look, which always makes me happy. So while not daily wear, fun addition to a gear night or other fun adventure. The rainbow colors also make them a good fit for pride events.

True to AC fashion, this is a well-crafted garment. It withstood very well during my wearing and moving about. Snug fit on me could easily put some strain on the seams, but no signs of weakness for sure. And it washed well without any pilling or struggles. I’d also like to mention the very comfortable fitted pouch. I believe this is the Almost Naked style AC is known for, and always fits right and shows off a significant bulge.

For me, I had on an XL, which many of my followers are shocked to see me in. But I find AC sizing to be forgiving to larger guys and able to accommodate us with comfort. I can’t speak to smaller sizes or fits but I know this one worked for me. Also, being 6’ tall, and new to singlets, I was worried about the shoulders being too snug – but that worked great too and fit very well. The biggest area of concern for me was the belly region, but with this cut, it falls right above the pubic area and left my belly free from impact on sizing. Same with the skimpy back, allowing for the sizing to fit very similar to a pair of AC trunks, rather than a traditional singlet. I was also worried about my thick thighs, and while a bit snug, they fit well – similar to any pair of AC trunks.

As a bigger thick guy, I have had a bit of fear around singlets in general. While they are incredibly sexy on other guys, and I enjoy the sporty aspect, they have scared me on the fit. I was most pleasantly surprised how well they fit overall and good they made me look. The cute thick edge trim and side details added a sporty vibe that really was an excellent addition. Best of all is the flattering cut and the attractive package and booty they gave me. I’d be very comfortable wearing this for one special partner or showing off at the right themed evening. Therefore, I’m happy to give this a 9/10 for my first review. Very recommended!

  • PAIR: Andrew Christian Dirty Cash Singlet
  • COLORS: Dirty Cash (Rainbow $)
  • SIZES: S, M, L, XL
  • COST: $29 (currently on sale to $14.50)

If you didn’t know it, this is Pride Month! We have started to profile some of the pairs that are coming out. One of the newest pairs is the Andrew Christian Star Pride Brief with Almost Naked Pouch.

This is a lot of fun for a pride pair. It’s a mix of the stars and stripes and the pride colors. I think it’s definitely a must-have for this year’s pride celebrations. This is what AC says about this pair:

The fabulous new Star Pride Brief is very fabulous indeed! Its combo star print and bright pride stripe is like nothing you’ve ever seen! And that’s just the beginning! Just like all of your favorite Andrew Christian underwear, they’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all! We’ve virtually eliminated sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. They feature our bestselling Almost Naked anatomically correct pouch, so your package will fall naturally in to create a truly enjoyable unique wearing experience. And with its signature slimming waistband with bold Andrew Christian lettering and bright contrast stitching, it’ll look as amazing as it feels!

If you want to get some pride undies, consider this pair from Andrew Christian.

Pair: Andrew Christian Star Pride Brief
Color: as shown
Fabric: 90% Polyamide 10% Spandex
Sizes: X- Small – X-Large
Price: $25.00

We bought this pair for review, however, the review is the opinion of the reviewer.

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Fit: 9/10
Sizing: 9/10
Construction: 9/10
Styling: 9/10
Fabric: 9/10

The color is fantastic, the electric blue is fun
The pink waistband is my favorite thing about the pair
Has the amazing Almost Naked Pouch.

If you don’t like the pink waistband, you won’t like this pair

I love Andrew Christian Almost Naked pouch. So when I saw the Happy Brief, I knew I had to have it. The electric blue paired with the bright pink waistband, it was a winner in my book. Mix that with the fabric, and I’m a super happy undies guy.

I have been working 12 hour days at the real job, and the blog has been a weekend endeavor. I wanted to wear something super comfy for a 12 hour day. This one didn’t disappoint. I wasn’t doing my normal desk job, but I was a lot more active. So this brief did get a workout.

The fabric felt awesome. It’s a 95% Cotton 5% Spandex blended fabric. The spandex gives it enough stretch to retain its shape throughout the day. It also was very breathable on top fo that. I could see this as a gym pair. Don’t worry they have other colors of waistbands.

I haven’t had too many issues with sizing with AC. You can pretty much go with the sizing chart. I wore an XL, and it wasn’t too tight or too big. Remember if you are on the cusp of the chart always go larger.

The looks drew me to the pair, but the performance will make this one of the regular pairs in my drawer. The pouch lives up to the legacy of the Almost Naked line. If you’re a bit bigger up front or want a fantastic pouch, this is one to check out.

Recommendation: This is a classic cut brief but made with modern fabrics and colors. It’s perfect for a desk job or blue collar job, and even working out. The pouch is, and the colors are super fun.

PAIR: Andrew Christian Almost Naked Happy Brief
COLORS: Electric Blue, Navy, or Red
FABRIC: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $18.00

Go sexy in the new Andrew Christian Arch Gigolo Mesh Brief. Mesh is always a hit with most of you guys! This pair takes mess to the next level. I love the cut of the brief and the design with the mesh.

This is what Andrew Christian says about the pair:

The brand new, limited edition Arch Brief is maybe the sexiest pair of underwear you’ve ever seen. Isn’t it? We think we’ve really outdone ourselves this time. In sleek black fabric, each of these amazing new styles comes with revealing mesh details at its sexy front pouch and perfect back panel. It also comes with bright white contrast Andrew Christian lettering at its signature slimming waistband. They feature our anatomically correct Almost Naked pouch, so your package will fall in naturally to create a truly enjoyable unique wearing experience. We’ve virtually eliminated sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. You’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all! Wearing this new style is basically second best to actually being naked!

If you love mesh and a bikini cut this pair is for you! Don’t miss this limited edition pair

Pair: Andrew Christian Arch Gigolo Mesh Brief
Color: Black
Fabric: Self Fabric Content:63% Nylon 37% Spandex, Contrast Fabric Content: 93% Cotton 7% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $23.00

This singlet from Andrew Christian was purchased. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Andrew Christian.

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Fabric: 9/10

Pros: The print is freaking amazing, I mean Unicorns. It’s a low cut singlet. Has an amazing pouch.

Cons: legs could use a little more room. Being tall it was a bit tight on the shoulders. The print could turn guys off or the pouch may be too pouchy (but not for me).

Recommendation: If you love fun singlets this is a must (if it’s still for sale on the site). These are pretty much limited edition and go fast. But note that the style is made into other singlets. If you can’t get the unicorn you can get another in this form soon

Andrew Christian is no stranger to the world of singlets. When I was going through the site and saw the unicorn print I had to have this one! I mean it has unicorns on it! What is not to like about it!!! This is one of the more traditional singlets that Andrew Christian makes.

This was a pair I wore around the house one day. I mean there are only so many places you can wear a singlet, well outside of the bedroom. I usually use them to hang out in or keep me warm in cold weather. However, I have had friend mention doing a singlet game night. More on that if it happens.

Lately, I have been having the tall curse when it comes to singlet. Being 6’4″ the straps get a bit tight. This isn’t a design limitation more of they can’t make singlets to fit all heights and I”m on the upper end of the tall scale. But luckily it wasn’t too bad. The only other issue is if you have bigger thighs you may have an issue with the leg openings being a bit tight. I had this as well. But the print I keep coming back too. It made me smile as I wore it.

Sizing for singlets are a bit tricky. It’s not solely based on waist size. You have to think of a lot more issues. You may have a medium waist but be taller and need to go a size up. It takes a bit of trial and error when shopping. Taller guys may have issues. My two issues are above but waist wise the pair fit great

I LOVE this pair so much. The print, yes I am a bit obscessed and hope to see a lot more of these fun prints from Andrew Christian.

PAIR: Andrew Christian Unicorn Singlet
COLORS: Unicorn Print
FABRIC: 90% Polyamide 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $33.00

Jocks come in many styles, fabrics and designs. One fabric that you don’t often see in the construction of a jock is mesh. Well, mesh with hearts in the design. Andrew Christian’s new Sweetheart Love Mesh Jock looks to be a mix of mesh and a lace-like look!

Some of you are going to LOVE this jock immediately. The design and the pouch leave very little to the imagination. Wearing this would be for a great date night or a comfy night in.

This is also part of the Project Love Collection. When you purchase anything in our Project Love Collection, you have the option of paying-it-forward by giving a $1 donation to our community…and YOU get to choose where your money goes from ten worthy LGBTQ+ charitable organizations. …

Check out this pair at Andrew Christian site!

Pair: Andrew Christian Project Love Mesh Jock
Color: Black
Fabric: Self Fabric Content: 90% Polyamide 10% Spandex. Contrast Fabric Content: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Sizes: X=Small – X-Large
Price: $2o.00

Andrew Christian furnished the Disco Brief for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Andrew Christian.

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • LOVE the print and metallic fabric
  • The waistband is over the top, which is a good thing
  • It’s made to show off to others


  • The brief fabric may be too much
  • The waistband is over the top

UNB Tim recommendation: If you’re looking for a super fun pair of underwear the Disco Brief is it. It’s a little over the top and makes you feel good wearing it. If you want to make a bold statement this is the brief. Also, if you’re wearing it to an underwear party or a night out this could be the perfect bling pair. If you don’t like over the top undies, this pair isn’t for you.

After a few regular pairs of Andrew Christian, I decided to step things up and wear something fun. I got the Disco Brief. Which is a brief with a metallic color that looks like little disco mirrors on the briefs. It’s definitely not one you would wear to work, it’s more of a club pair. However, I rocked these to work one day.

I’m not exactly sure why I wore these to work. I guess it was one of those days where I said fuck it, let’s do something fun. Work has been rough and I figured something fun would at least make me feel good wearing it. As I stated above this is more of a club pair. Why? Because it’s one that is made to be seen. The metallic color mixed with the “over the top” waistband that is perfect for this pair. I mean come on, you need some silver/metallic on the band.

I was really worried about the fabric. Sometimes fabric like this doesn’t have a lot of give or stretch. This pair while a little stiffer than most pairs I have from AC. Wasn’t super tight and uncomfortable. It has a great pouch that was very supportive. The only downside was the legs were a bit tight. This has happened over the years from some pairs of years. It’s usually just the leg openings.

As I mentioned above the legs were tight and it was a little snug. After wearing the pair for a few hours it didn’t bother me. In fact, by lunch, I forgot I was wearing them. I just wish the pair had a bit bigger leg openings. While not a deal breaker it did detract a little.

If you want something fun to wear this is the pair. Especially if you are at a venue or event where you can show off the undies. Either without pants or over the top of a pair of jeans. I guarantee you will get noticed big time.

PAIR: Andrew Christian Disco Briefs
FABRIC: 83% Polyamide 17% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large

COST: $20

Winter is coming! Are you ready for the cold weather? In the last few years, the long johns/leggings have gone from being just functional to being functional and fashionable. One company that takes it to the next level is Andrew Christian. He’s done a lot of super fun long johns/leggings over the years.

The newest is the Ice Queen. You may be going, what? The name, of course, is over the top. The print is a white camo. Yes, a white camo. It’s another great take on the camo pattern. This is the first time I have seen it in a monotone. Until I read that I didn’t know if it was a lace print or snake print. But I think it’s so much fun.

The official description is:

Our MASSIVE Ice Queen Leggings are as cool as ice. They’re also sexy, flattering and super stylish! In a limited edition ice queen metallic fabric, each pair features our signature slimming waistband with MASSIVE lettering. They’ll also feel as incredible as they look! Your package will fall in naturally to create a truly enjoyable, unique wearing experience.

Check these out at the Andrew Christian website.

Pair: Andrew Christian Ice Queen Leggings
Color: White
Fabric: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $33.00

Andrew Christian furnished the Unicorn Rainbow Brief for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by any brand.

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Made with the Almost Naked Pouch!!
  • Super fun whimsical print
  • Amazingly soft material


  • Some guys may not like the print, it maybe too cartoonish for them
  • The waistband is for waistband lovers
  • I”m not sure it’s a gym pair.

UNB Tim recommendation: If you want a pair that’s super fun and over the top this is it. It’s made with one of my favorite pouches. If you like super fun undies this is for you, if you don’t you may want to skip it but I think it’s AMAZING

Andrew Christian has been making some super fun pairs lately. One that I had my eye on was the Rainbow Unicorn Brief. So when we got to review it, I was super happy about it. I have really enjoyed the Almost Naked line for a few years and love to see it come in amazing prints. This one is one of the best. I mean rainbows and unicorns!!!!

I wore this pair to work. I felt I needed something super fun one day. It was going to be a stressful day and wearing unicorns would make the day better. Well that, the fabric and Almost Naked pouch. The fabric in the new lines they have been releasing have been amazing. It’s super soft and breathes throughout the day. Match that with an amazing pouch and it’s a pretty good pair.

The sizing with AC is pretty consistant. The biggest problem I have had with them over the years is the leg openings. If you have bigger thighs, they can be super tight depending on the pair. This has happened to me in the past. Luckily, this pair didn’t have that issue.

One bonus to this pair is the waistband. The band is black with silver AC name written in it. I mean come on, unicorns without silver!! It’s pretty much a no brainer and one of the reasons I like this pair!! It’s over the top with the print so go ahead and push it over as far as you can go!!!