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It’s Jockstrap Wednesday! They day we celebrate all things jocks and try to wear them on this day. Andrew Christian always makes super fun jocks. Here are two of the newest jocks they make. The Dom Double-Mesh Ring Jock and the Sub Double Mesh Jock Thong with Almost Naked.

Dom Double-Mesh Ring Jock

The official description is:

Show him who’s boss in the sexy new Dom Ring Jock. The hyper-masc, double mesh design has dominance written all over it. And with our brilliant hang free pouch with fun snuggle fit, each one will leave you with no sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. Step into these undies and you step into your role as a power dom.

PAIR: Andrew Christian Double Mesh Dom Jock
FABRIC: Fabric Content: 50% Polyamide 50% Polyester, Contrast Conent: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
PRICE: $26.00

Sub Double Mesh Jock Thong with Almost Naked

The official description:

Give yourself over to him in the cute new Sub Jock Thong. The submissive and sultry design features tantalizing double mesh fabric. And with our brilliant hang free design with fun snuggle fit, each one will leave you with no sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. Be a good sub and grab these undies. You dom will thank you for it–or maybe punish you.

PAIR: Sub Double Mesh Jock Thong with Almost Naked
FABRIC: Fabric Content: 50% Polyamide 50% Polyester, Contrast Conent: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
PRICE: $$26.00

Andrew Christian has entered a new area of men’s undergarments, lingerie. To be specific, the website says they are creating “Our latest achievement in genderqueer couture.” I would say in gender culture in general. The lingerie world has grown a lot in the last 10 years and I don’t see it declining anytime soon. This spans all sexualities, gay, bi, and straight.

I know some of you out there, this isn’t your thing, and that’s totally fine. But this is a part of the men’s underwear space that is growing and will be part of the industry for the foreseeable future.

I got a chance to ask Andrew Christian questions about the new BoyBra and their venture into genderqueer culture.

The first item you released was the BoyBra, why did you release this first?

I felt it was important for me to start designing more fashion that was inclusionary, diverse, and appealed to those who identify as nonbinary and those who just enjoy wearing lingerie.

What inspired you to make this pair? Has it been on your radar for a while?

I’ve been designing men’s underwear for a few years now in lace fabrications which have been very popular with all types of guys. Moving into actual lingerie items like the “Boy Bra” seemed like a natural progression for me.

What has been the feedback from your customers? From what I saw on IG it’s split in those who love it and hate it

I think whenever you introduce something different there are always going to be people who don’t feel comfortable with change. It is unfortunate to see some members of the LBGTQ community marginalize those who consider themselves nonbinary or members who like to wear lace or other items that have traditionally associated as “feminine”. Gender norms are changing and I think it’s about time society, especially the LGBTQ community, becomes more accepting.

Do you have plans to make your own lingerie for men line? If so what can we expect?

I do plan on expanding my lingerie offerings and I am also working on adding more skincare items along with a brand new line of gender-neutral cosmetics. I would say expect the unexpected….and enjoy with no limits.

Why do you feel more guys are exploring more what has been classified as “feminine”?

I think men are finally realizing that exploring one’s feminine side can be liberating and doesn’t have to diminish their masculine identity if they identify as “masc”. Others who identify as “fem” are now out, loud and proud about being fem. Still, others are embracing their fetish for lingerie in either wearing it themselves or having their sexual partners wear it.

What would you say to a guy who’s interested in buying this but hesitating because it’s not something “a guy should buy” ?

I would say do what makes you feel good, the truth is inside you and don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Believe in yourself as life is to enjoy and savor on your own terms.

If you want to see the new BoyBra check it out on the AC site.

It’s Fetish Friday and I’ve picked out a few fun pairs for you guys. The first is the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Pride C-Ring Harness. Harnesses are all the rage and they come in so many shapes and sizes. This is one of the newest.

One of the more affordable harnesses is the elastic harnesses. This one is $29. Which is super affordable if you want to have fun with harnesses before you sink in some major costs on leather or other harnesses. They can run $100 or more.

Finally, a harness fit for even the most elite Trophy Boys. Our wildly sexy new Trophy Boy C-Ring Harness is almost too sexy for words. The rainbow strap design hugs and accentuates your body in the best way possible, and the built-in C-Ring snugly holds your hung trophy-sized members. Give him something to grab onto, or simply show yourself off in this sexy harness. Grab one today before they’re gone!

Check it out if you want a pride Harness

Are you looking for something on the fun side? Something that is out of the ordinary, maybe for a fun Valentine’s night? Or just a night hanging out? The new Andrew Christian Lattice Lace Sheer Singlet with Almost Naked is worth checking out.

This is a take on fetish wear that you may see in leather, neoprene, or spandex, but it’s made out of lace. The mixing lace with fetish wear is pretty brilliant. It’s a lot of fun and a brand new take on gear! I personally think the rules for fetishwear are suspended, now it’s what you make it.

The front is minimal and see-through, while the back is almost non-existent. Which could be a lot of fun. The back has a jock back but without a waistband, just the leg straps.

This is what Andrew Christian says about the pair:

Would you look at the latticework on the insanely hot new Lattice Lace Singlet? An intersecting line pattern over sheer black fabric leaves very little to the imagination. Plus, with the help of our signature waistband with shimmering gold detailing and built-in Almost Naked pouch, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all! We’ve virtually eliminated sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. Your package will fall naturally into the anatomically correct pouch to create a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience.

If you want something different get the newest singlet from Andrew Christian.

PAIR: Andrew Christian Lattice Lace Sheer Singlet with Almost Naked
COLOR: Black
FABRIC: Fabric Content: 90% Polyamide 10% Spandex. Contrast Content: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00

We bought this pair for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Andrew Christian.

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Fabric: 9/10

Pros: The stretch fit hugs and feels excellent to me. I also really like how AC created a sexy cut to this singlet, with deep low reveals – offering a very hot look. The fit will be flattering to many shapes, which is something I find important to note.

Cons: While this is an excellent product in general, this pattern might not be my favorite. The $ theme is fun, but not my personal taste.

I am a long time AC supporter, as I find they have a wide range of products geared toward guys looking for a good fit and a large variety of styles. They take risks and offer new cuts and styles of men’s underwear and other clothes that are unique and sexy and comfortable. I love many of my thongs and jocks, and they are the first brand I found with a jock/thong – something I found very sexy and a unique combination. Singlets, in general, are somewhat new to me, but I was very excited to give this one a try, as it was my first singlet from AC and was happy to find they lived up to their standards. Personally, being a thicker guy, I fear a singlet (traditionally) to be unflattering and call attention to all of the areas I was self-conscious about. But happy to see this was not the case.

I have yet to wear these out and about, as I think they call for a special occasion or play date but will bring them with me to PTown this summer and think they might make an appearance there. In the meantime – I spend the afternoon in them around the house. As a big undies fan, I was not sure how they would feel, but I truly enjoyed them! Feeling the shoulder straps stretch and tug gently as I moved about was a fun aspect, and the fabric was soft and comfortable. Having them snug on my rear end was great for good booty look, which always makes me happy. So while not daily wear, fun addition to a gear night or other fun adventure. The rainbow colors also make them a good fit for pride events.

True to AC fashion, this is a well-crafted garment. It withstood very well during my wearing and moving about. Snug fit on me could easily put some strain on the seams, but no signs of weakness for sure. And it washed well without any pilling or struggles. I’d also like to mention the very comfortable fitted pouch. I believe this is the Almost Naked style AC is known for, and always fits right and shows off a significant bulge.

For me, I had on an XL, which many of my followers are shocked to see me in. But I find AC sizing to be forgiving to larger guys and able to accommodate us with comfort. I can’t speak to smaller sizes or fits but I know this one worked for me. Also, being 6’ tall, and new to singlets, I was worried about the shoulders being too snug – but that worked great too and fit very well. The biggest area of concern for me was the belly region, but with this cut, it falls right above the pubic area and left my belly free from impact on sizing. Same with the skimpy back, allowing for the sizing to fit very similar to a pair of AC trunks, rather than a traditional singlet. I was also worried about my thick thighs, and while a bit snug, they fit well – similar to any pair of AC trunks.

As a bigger thick guy, I have had a bit of fear around singlets in general. While they are incredibly sexy on other guys, and I enjoy the sporty aspect, they have scared me on the fit. I was most pleasantly surprised how well they fit overall and good they made me look. The cute thick edge trim and side details added a sporty vibe that really was an excellent addition. Best of all is the flattering cut and the attractive package and booty they gave me. I’d be very comfortable wearing this for one special partner or showing off at the right themed evening. Therefore, I’m happy to give this a 9/10 for my first review. Very recommended!

  • PAIR: Andrew Christian Dirty Cash Singlet
  • COLORS: Dirty Cash (Rainbow $)
  • SIZES: S, M, L, XL
  • COST: $29 (currently on sale to $14.50)