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Welcome to a new feature here at UNB! We have teamed up with some of your favorite brands to give you an insight into their creative process. If you have ever asked “How did they create that line” or “what was the inspiration?” Well these posts will hopefully answer those questions! Today we have Jason Scarlatti, the Vice President of Design at 2(X)ist tells us about how they created the  Pro Collection:

The creative direction for the PRO collection by 2(X)IST started by completely reversing our design process. 2(X)IST is known first for its superb fit and contoured pouches, coupled with quality fabrics and high fashion design details. Over the past few seasons, we were completely focused on creating a dynamic waistband design. This season, we tried something new and focused on streamlining the design of the overall garment instead, and in turn, we minimized the waistband completely by covering it and moving it to the interior of the garment.

Our core focus was all about fit, fabric and simplicity, which is what we’ve achieved with the PRO brief and PRO trunk that were engineered in design to be sleek and ergonomic. The collection’s design helped to focus on the fabric itself – a micro-fiber nylon and spandex blend that wick’s away sweat and keeps you cool and dry. The fabric also provides a superior hold to color, allowing us to design the collection in an array of colors and prints. My favorite is the neon color – it is completely bold and dynamic but simple at the same time.  I also love having the waistband on the inside, in pop-colors that complement the exterior.

I loved designing the collection but when I actually received the wear test samples, I really fell in love. It felt like nothing else we had created in the past.  It feels cool, smooth and light weight.  You will see an evolution of the PRO collection in the coming seasons with some really extraordinary colors and prints – so stay tuned.  In the meantime, you can purchase the PRO collection at   and I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we did creating it.

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It’s not nice guys, but let’s face it… We all sweat! That is unless you’ve had one of those trendy surgeries to remove all your sweat glands right? To be fair… A little freshly-ground sweat can be a turn-on in the right place. A musky, manly mist is like a mating-call to some, but maybe you don’t want it all the time and perhaps not everywhere.

Over the years we guys have seen underwear revolutions in the ladies underwear departments (even if not first-hand)! Why is it they get all the good stuff? Sports bras, cross your chest technology & sporty little supportive numbers to make sure that their vital statistics are supported and cared for during almost any activity you can think of. On the other hand… Who’s championing underwear innovation for blokes? Well naturally at bum-chums our teams are always thinking about men carefully and naturally, their front and rear packages equally, which is why we put some thought into something special for the discerning underwear connoisseur.

In fact, it was at a trip to the gym where we got to thinking… What if we had a sporty looking pant for guys which was not only well cut, made 1377266_593707554009635_621793883_ncarefully but also was hot to look at yet not too slutty and also kept you cool?

Could this be the end to saline-soaked sweaty sack & cracks in pants?

The In2cooler from bum-chums is designed to do just that. With a polyamide power-mesh fabric caressing and cupping your up-front assets and shaping the rear-view beautifully, the fabric allows maximum airflow right where you need it… Balls & bum* (*that’s fanny to our US audience)!

Underwear may never have been designed so technically before since the invention of the first Bike Jocks back in the day but for us we saw it as an absolute necessity for men and well worth the design and development.

Cleverly placed frontal mesh allows air passing within your over garments to surround your scrotum, whoosh against your wiener and take with it the unwanted perspiration with every motion you make. The power-mesh with it’s high elastene content has plenty of play, so stretches with your body movement and returns back when you do.

Likewise, this same power-mesh at the rear is placed to allow air to circulate through your boy-booty and allow all that superfluous sweat to simply pass away, leaving you cool, comfortable and confident. These are all the things that go into making a pair of truly bum-loving pants!

Not forgetting another and rather important function our In2cooler allows… This revolutionary design of the garment and fabric selection with its massive air flow capabilities also helps to keep your man-stash cooler, which many leading health gurus hail as being important for men and their clever little sperms hiding away on the inside. Just another fringe benefit of what a well thought of design can afford the discerning male underwear enthusiast.

We wanted our new style to be sleek, supportive and stunning and so based the cut around a hip-brief design, with our low-rise and slim sides, the style is cupping, corporeal and catchy just like our alliteration! We believe that we created the perfect underwear for the 21st Century active gentleman while fixing up a few of our less-attractive traits of working-out!

Our In2cooler is available in 3 stunning designs of Air, Ignite & Ice and is soon to be re-designed and added to in the new-year to expand the range.

So the next time you’re in need of inspiration or need to solve a problem, why not hit the gym and sweat it out? Or not maybe, if you happen to be wearing an In2cooler from Bum-Chums.

Article by Craig Hendry @ bum-chums, UK

Product: In2cooler

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