Debriefed Underwear


I want to start by giving Tim a big thanks for inviting me to review some undies for his site. Some people like to view us as “competitors” as I have my own underwear blog,, but in reality we are friends who are sharing the underwear love through our sites and sharing our unique undies voices.


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8.8


  • Fun, playful prints
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Fabric is not very breathable
  • Back rides up a bit

The first thing that caught my eye about these briefs were of course the bold, playful prints. The pop art prints are sure to liven up your undies drawer. The pattern with the lips was especially playful as they literally are kissing your butt. The sizing worked well for me and the pouch was designed to hold everything comfortably.

The polyester/elastane fabric is not my favorite. Especially now in the heat of summer, the fabric does not breathe well and my package quickly works up a sweat. That said, these might work well in fall and winter, but are briefs I would not wear much during the summer. The back of these briefs has a seam running down the middle, which is a bit noticeable when wearing. I also found that the back rode up a bit on my booty.

Fabric is certainly all a personal preference so if you’re a polyester fan, have at these. I will say that the fabric feels nice and smooth on the outside, but not as smooth inside. I always appreciate brands who have a wide range of sizes for a variety of body types, and Debriefed certainly delivers in this area. The prints are fantastic and fun and I always love to see guys add some fun to their underwear drawer.

Pair: Cartoon Collection-Hot Lips Brief and Blam Brief

Color: Blue or pink

Fabric: Polyester/Elastane

Sizes: X-Small – XXX-Large

Price: £15

This review was furnished for review by Debriefed Underwear. But all opinions are that of the reviewer


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9.4


  • Great material
  • Sexy but practical fit
  • Fun print if you like playful undies


  • Back can ride up a bit
  • Would prefer a simpler waistband and other prints (IMO – this wouldn’t be a con for everyone)

Debriefed has a website that sells several brands but also have their own line.  This pair is part of their Cartoon Collection, inspired by 70s and 80s cartoons.  The collection comes in briefs, jocks, hipsters and even a singlet.  There are a few different cartoon/comic prints you can choose from, as well.  

These were my pair for a travel day because I immediately loved the feel of the fabric and the cut was great, as well.  I’ve never been a cartoon or comic book fan so I might prefer these in a solid or stripe, but the print is fun and sure to stand out in your underwear drawer.  The elastic around the legs gives nice contrast and the waistband is your standard size and comfortable.  I do wish brands wouldn’t always have their names written on the waist repetitively because I do prefer a simpler look.  The pouch is accommodating, the back provides full coverage but is slim enough to keep them sexy.  There is a center seam in the back which I think helps with definition but it can ride up a bit, which I actually think is kind of sexy, but might annoy some people.

The fabric is 81% Polyester and 19% Elastane which means they are very stretchy and super smooth.  Cotton has it’s place but I really love a silky smooth fabric when it comes to underwear.

Sizing seemed right on with a medium fitting just right for me (31-32).  These have plenty of stretch but if you’re on the upper end of the size range, Debriefed suggests going up a size.

These were a nice surprise and I will be checking out more briefs from Debriefed, especially in this material.  They were really smooth and show off your body in a flattering way, which is great and not always the case for a solid, everyday pair.  Give these a shot and feel like a superhero!

Pair: Debriefed BLam Brief
Color: Blue or pink
Fabric: TBA
Sizes: X-Small – XXX-Large
Price: £15

These undies were furnished by Debriefed and the opinions are that of the reviewer.

Another new brand for me: Debriefed!  After visiting their site, I see they sell other brands as well as their own and their overall theme is inclusion.  Their long-term goal is to expand the brands they carry to offer a selection of great, affordable undies.  I loved the look and feel of these as soon as I opened the package so we were off to a good start.

The first thing you notice with the Debriefed Botanicals, aside from the fun, floral print, is that they are soft.  Really soft! (95% modal and 5% spandex)  They have a contrast gray waistband, leg and pouch trim which was also covered in the same, soft fabric rather than bare elastic, which I appreciate.

I tried a medium, which says it covers a 33-36” waist.  I’m a 32 and they fit just right – not even a little too big, so you might want to size up.  These have a nice pouch and plenty of stretch but they are not cut on the big side.


I decided to break these in on a Saturday running errand, then hanging out at home followed by dinner out.  They felt great as I pulled them on and got things adjusted.  The rear, however, definitely rides up.  A lot.  The trim around the legs is very light and thin, which makes them comfortable, but it doesn’t hold them in place and almost immediate, up they went.  I don’t have much of a butt and the bottom 1/3 of each cheek was showing.  That can actually be kind of sexy in my opinion, but it’s not for everyone.  If you have a lot going on in the back, you’d practically be wearing a thong after bending down once or twice.  This was really the only issue I would foresee someone having with this pair.  I actually have some other briefs with a very similar cut and the same thing happens with them, as well.

I’ll be wearing these again and will try other styles from Debriefed.  I like what they’re about and the prices are pretty fair – except for shipping, but that’s what happens when your undies come from halfway across the world.  They even throw in a gift after you spend a certain amount.

  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall –  8.4
COLORS: Print as seen
FABRIC: 95% regenerated (modal) and 5% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: £8.50