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Good planets are hard to find. And we´re living on Planet Earth as if we had another one to go to. Protecting our environment is the right thing to do, and ES COLLECTION is stepping up and doing its part. We are based in Barcelona – a city located by the sea, and surrounded by many bio-diverse areas – it has always been conscious concern for the company to help ease or eradicate the factors that negatively affect our immediate environment. Meeting our customer desires while following our environmental path has led us to many proactive projects in this regards: from recyclable bags and garment packaging, to a large range of product lines which are wholly made from recycled material – specifically material threads created from discarded plastic bottles and other plastic waste found in the Mediterranean Sea. Partnering with helps us play a part in the global attention needed for environmental and Planet Earth care. Because … it´s the only place we can call home. Find our Eco-collections here:


The photoshoot for the new collection took place at a First-Class location on Gran Canaria. All the glamour you could possibly imagine was there, just perfectly matching the style icon that •ES•Collection is! Welcome to a new First Class. — Location Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) Models @guillechoa @danielshoneye @jacobs_90 @melvinmyhre Photographer @tarek_del_moreno_photographer In collaboration with @QueerPlans @worldcreatorstour

WE celebrate our 15th Anniversary with our LEGEND campaign! In 2006 we presented a new innovative brand to the gay world: ·ES· Collection was born! Since the introduction, we really accelerated on the road to success, on which we have always been able to create exciting new collections, resulting in an ever-growing gathering of fans worldwide. Our priority is investing in research, innovation, technology and development to create the b•ES•t fit, b•ES•t design and b•ES•t quality. This is our largest strength! Thank you for your support since the beginning!