Gift Wrap


I have to say this is the most creative and best ways to send underwear. Our friends over at Jockstrap Central sent us a sample of the gift wrap to view and I will say we were quite impressed.

If you’re like me you want to see this before you buy. And after seeing the great package that Jockstrap Central came up with, you will want it too!

How many times have you wanted to give underwear but had a hard time wrapping it? You want to put it in something special for that someone special in your life, but had a hard time finding the right package. Well now you have a chance to do just that!

When you open your package this is what you’ll see, the metallic box wrapped in cardboard in a padded envelope. Which protects the box in the shipping process.

Here is a view of it out of the envelope. Securely taped and well insulated! This is what keeps your purchase in great shape during shipping.

When you open the cardboard, you will see It’s an aluminum box wrapped in a black ribbon (Even the bow made with out incident). I’m sure if you put this under the tree, the recipient would have a hard time guessing whats in the box.

Then when it is opened, you’ll see your purchase is wrapped in black tissue paper with a star on the top. I really loved this touch, brings a little bit of Christmas tradition to the wrapping.

And this is whats inside, a festive green jock! This is a really great way to give a jock to that someone special. And you can reuse the box! Think of it as eco friendly gift wrap! The cost of the gift wrap is $9.50. You may say that’s a lot for gift wrapping, but jsut think how it will make you stand out with that someone special! Remember this is gift wrap you can use again!

We think this is a great idea, and hope that Jockstrap Central keeps this around for not just Christmas. The gift wrap would be ideal for anniversaries, birthdays and any other special occasion.