Ice Cream Truck Underwear


GMACxCAZ-Trio-uncroppedThis week we got the chance to talk to Cazwell, the hip hop artist/dj, behind the hit “Ice Cream Truck.” The music video has over 9 million views on YouTube. So how do you go from being artist to starting your own underwear line? We had to chance to talk to Cazwell this week and here is what we found out.

We asked him how did you decide to come up with an underwear line? He said he wasn’t an underwear connoisseur . He never spent $30 for underwear in the past and he was one of the few guys who bought underwear in three packs. When approached by Geoffrey Mac about a line, they originally talked about doing basketball shorts and a shirt line. But, instead he told Geoffrey Mac he always wanted to do an underwear line. He brought an idea to the table about a line based on his name but nothing stuck. Then they decided to go with the Ice Cream Truck idea. Once the idea as hatched Caswell went to work on the brand.


I asked him what the most difficult thing was about starting a brand. He spoke of the waistband was hardest things to get right. Being a small brand on a limited budget they couldn’t do some of their ideas. Big brands have the ability to embroider underwear waistbands but they did a creative approach. They made it reminds you of the old ice cream shops, including stripes and sprinkles. Cazwell said the bands will look great because they took the time finding right elastic band that would take the colors. They also look good when stretched but not deteriorate the color. The goal was to have it to look good and feel good.

Then I asked him what the best thing about starting a brand. He said the possibilities are endless like music. He likes to work with themes in writing music, designing clothing or party planning. When it was determined that Ice cream truck it was going to be a theme. The underwear is super cute without being over the top. Has a retro 50’s ice cream truck. Cazwell pointed out that he likes it when you see the underwear pop out under jeans or basket ball short. This leads into the future plans. He said they hope to expand colors and maybe go into swimwear!


I really enjoyed talking to Cazwell. He’s very grounded and I can tell is having fun with the underwear line. The original colors are a lot of fun. The line will hopefully grow and we will see the swimwear! Because swimwear inspired by ice cream I can see some amazing things happen! You can check out the Ice Cream Truck underwear line and order now!