JC Active


What is a jock lover to do now that the Bike #10 is gone? Well, look no further, Jockstrap Central has produced their own line call JC Athletic. We talked to them about the new Jocks.

What was the catalyst for creating the JC Athletic Jockstraps?

It was always part of the big plan since we started Jockstrap Central 12 years ago, but Bike stopping production of their jockstrap and Flarico and Activeman closing up shop all with that last year gave us the kick up the butt we needed.

Tell us about the new Jock line, what is included in the collection?

We’re starting with the basics: The JC Athletic Classic 3 inch Jockstrap and the JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap. Both are initially available in either black or white.

What sets apart the JS Athletic jocks from other jocks on the market?

We’ve been working with a manufacturer we know and trust and have a long history with. The JC Athletic jockstraps have been six months in the making from the initial design, to tweaking, to this final product. In our mind, they are the ultimate sports jock incorporating all the things we love about classic jockstraps with a few tweaks. They are simple, functional, comfortable, masculine and even understated – and that was the goal but most importantly we wanted to create a classic. Our tag line says it all: Your New Old Faithful. Although there’s not a lot you can do with the narrow waistband of the swimmer jock, my favorite feature of the 3 Inch jock is the inside of the waistband is super plushed, almost like a soft terry cloth which I think guys are going to love especially when wearing them for extended sessions.

How much will these jocks sell for?

They are to be $14.95 each and will be launching 2-packs at a discount hopefully in a week or two.

Do you plan to expand the collection into new colors and styles?

OMG! Let’s get these out the door first! Seriously, yes and yes. We have to see how things go with the initial launch but we have lots of plans both for new products under the JC Athletic label and another sub-label. We just haven’t decided which is going to come first. But rest assured, you’ll be the first to know.

We have seen Jocks move away from being a staple in the locker room to more of a fashion statement. Do you think these will get guys wearing them back to the gym/play sports?

I don’t think we’ll ever get back to the glory days where jocks, gym and sports were inseparable but there’s still a very large and devoted contingent of men who still swear by jockstraps and the support they provide, plus we have countless younger customers emailing us to tell us they’ve tried a sports jock for the first time and they’re now converts. That’s what Jockstrap Central is here for.  Sports jockstraps are and have always been our best selling jockstrap styles.

For sure, the JC Ahletic Classic Jocks will be right at home at the gym or track and I fully expect the fetish scene will embrace them for their simplicy, masculinity and classic jock aesthetic. As for the fashion jock fans, I’m not so sure they will snap them up but we’ve got something coming down the road to make them happy – trust me.


If you could put your jock on any guy for a photo shoot, who would you like to model for you? (sports, entertainment, etc)

That’s a toughie. Sorry I can’t choose one. This is pretty random: Hugh Jackman for sure. Dermot O’leary (as I’m dying to see that huge bulge of his in a jock!). Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista.  Stephen Amell. Justin Trudeau. Can you arrange that?

Where can our readers find these jocks?

At the moment they’re exclusively available at Jockstrap Central ( but we are working on our wholesale website JC Athletic ( so hopefully they will start showing up on some other websites and brick and mortar stores before long.