2_7dab9e51-4a27-41c9-8ee4-2685c3c15387_largeIt’s Jockstrap Wednesday! We wanted to profile something that is on the fun side. We haven’t done too much with jock briefs. However, when I saw the new Go Softwear After Dark Flaunt Brief I had to profile it today! The After Dark line is one that is more fetish related, but this one you could wear anytime.

The brief has a solid pouch with a different color mesh material. The colors are vibrant and bright. This really sets off the black pouch and trim. Pair that with the matching color Hard Core waistband.Go Softwear has redesigned the 1 1/2 inch waistband. Those who are not fans of too crazy bands. The Hard Core name is in the same color as mesh and just on the front. The rest of the band is solid black.  Go Softwear has redesigned the 1 1/2 inch waistband. This means if it does show over your jeans, you will leave people guessing on what you have on!

The colors of the line are Black/Fuchsia, Black/Royal and Black/Lime. My favorite is the Fuchsia. Just something about the off setting black that I just love. The fabric is Fabric Content: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex. Mesh Fabric is 90% Nylon 10% Spandex. This allows for a “spacious front pouch.” The spandex will give a bit of a give and create a great pouch.

Go Softwear makes some really fun designs. The After Dark line has been one of their best sellers. It’s just a really fun line. This new Flaunt Brief fits in nicely. The colors contrast the black really well. It will stand out if you wear out or wear in! I say great job Go Softwear! We will bring you some of their new singlets soon!

BRAND: Go Softwear
PAIR: After Dark Flaunt Brief.
COLORS: Black/Fuchsia, Black/Royal and Black/Lime
FABRIC: Fabric Content: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex. Mesh Fabric is 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.50
LINK: Go Softwear After Dark Flaunt Brief

diesel-jocky-jockThe follow two posts are reactions from both UNBJon and UNBPaul in regard to their Unknown Undies experiment which took place a few weeks ago. We both hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to respond or ask us both any questions via our Twitter accounts, @UNBJon and @UNBPaul.

UNBJon’s Experience

As I write this piece, I am doing my laundry at the laundromat so what better place is there to look back at your dirty laundry and try to remember the times over the past week or two when you wore certain clothes. It’s a different look back, but for me, it sometimes works. I guess I have a weird memory, but I digress. Anyway, when I do my laundry I see A LOT of underwear in my dirty pile and while all aren’t typical of my peers, there was one pair that @UNBPaul randomly picked for me to buy recently that really has a fun backstory. Before I begin, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to for providing both Paul and I with our great underwear. Mine arrived in record time. They are a very fair, progressive company worth checking out.

So Paul approached me with the idea to pick a pair of underwear that neither of us have worn, given a price limit and there was no refusal at all. Just an agreement between two underwear guys. About an hour after this agreement was reached, I got the email from Paul for which I was waiting. What lurked within the attached hyperlink could not have surprised, scared, excited, pleased, and shocked me more. He picked a Yellow Diesel Jock, a very bold choice and while I had never worn a Diesel made pair of underwear prior, this was not the thing which elicited my wide range of emotions. This pair would be my first fashion jock. Granted I had worn the typical athlete jock straps in the past but in all honesty, they really aren’t that comfortable and I haven’t worn one for many years. Fashion jocks had always intrigued me, but have never made a purchase due to being timid and afraid to stray away from my briefs. But now was the time and I eagerly waited for the jock to arrive in the mail.

MensUnderwearStore really impressed me when the package arrived at my door in under two days, far exceeding the initial time estimate. When I first got the package I instantly ripped it apart. I was so eager to put this thing around my waist. When I got the jock out of its packaging, I instantly stripped down and put it on my waist, in my living room for that matter. I really didn’t care who saw. I was excited. What did I think? Well, I first thought they were full of freedom. Having your butt unexposed provides a pleasant breeze but unlike just being naked, the frontal support of this jock was immense. Granted I had seen the basic dynamics of a jock strap in the past, but this Diesel jock was far superior in design and functionality. Along with this, I felt a little risqué wearing this pair. I mean, straight guys don’t usually wear bright yellow undies with hardly any coverage and no ass coverage of which to speak. In my mind, I was pushing the limits. I think that any good pair of underwear should really make the guy wearing it feel confident and dare I say sexy while wearing it and for this I was happy.

I proceeded to wear the jock into my work day and continued to be impressed. The rear straps of this jock were really giving my butt a nice lift and giving me some great physical support while I lifted and moved on the job. There were times when I had to adjust a butt strap, but I tried to keep these moments discrete as to not get strange looks. I was certainly enjoying the pair. Near the end of the day I encountered my first pitfall when, discretely adjusting a butt strap I noticed that a decent portion of my pants were covered in butt sweat. Now this may be fine at the gym, but at work it’s slightly too moderately embarrassing. Luckily I was the only one to notice this. Not sure if this was the jock’s doing, but it has never happened while wearing briefs so I think I have to pin it on the jock. It’s a minor issue though.

As the work day came to a close, I was looking to really give the jock a test and give my muscles their daily workout so I proceeded straight to the gym, got changed into workout attire (to surprisingly no perplexed stares), and hopped onto the exercise bike to kick off my routine. The jock really shined through here. My legs had an unmatched freedom of movement and I felt no binding as I would occasionally feel wearing undies with seat coverage. On the bike I was on cloud nine, however; this is where a few issues began to arise. I made my way down to the weight bench and performed my chest routine over the course of about 45 minutes and then moved onto abs. I did about three sets of decline sit ups before I began feeling some discomfort around my tailbone. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I finished my last set of decline sit ups and moved onto floor mat ab exercises. At the end of the last set of exercises, this discomfort had shifted to pain for which I had no idea. In the moment, I was just happy to finish the workout and happy that the jock gave me superior private part cooling and support. The answer to the pain question was answered upon taking my shorts off in the locker room as all the skin around the top of my ass had worn away to bare flesh and was bleeding! Surprised was hardly the word to describe my reaction, but at least the jock didn’t get blood stained! (#UnderwearProblems). Not sure of the answer, but maybe some more seasoned jock wearers could tell me if you have to build up tougher skin to before really hitting it hard in the gym to avoid what happened to me.

The loss of skin doesn’t affect my opinion of this jock at all. I really enjoyed my first wear and look forward to wearing it again as soon as, or within a few days of, my laundry being finished and folded. I think I will buy a few jocks moving forward. They are different, but different in a good way. It keeps you aware that not all underwear is created equal and that’s a good thing. All have pluses and minuses and embracing this is fun. Paul picked a great pair. I just hope he likes what I picked for him!

andrew christian almost naked sport brief 9199

As well-endowed men should know, support is of the utmost importance when it comes to finding the right pair of underwear. Iits critical for us to find underwear with pouches that are not only contoured but are constructed in a way that will support us no matter what conditions may be thrown our way during a given day. In an article I wrote a few months ago, I hinted at the fact that if well-endowed men want the support their anatomy requires, they might need to “open their minds”  — referring to their to realize that in many instances when it comes to the underwear their body needs,  often times the skimpier the cut, the better they (and their large packages) will be served.

While I didn’t elaborate then, I said I would in a future article and it remains true–if you’re well hung and want the best support any design can give you, you are going to need to broaden your horizons and take some risks, and before you make that leap it might help to understand what I am talking about.

As a well-endowed man, you might favor boxer briefs or their shorter cousins, trunks, for the coverage they give your large member. The problem with those two designs as well as with your traditional-cut briefs-even the ones with contoured pouches the support they offer is hindered by their construction. Specifically, their designs don’t allow well-hung men to…hang since on both trunks and boxer briefs the pouch is connected to fabric that extends past it (down the leg) and on a traditional brief, is connected to fabric that comes close to matching the length of the pouch. The result (on a contour pouch) is decent support that by mid-afternoon or earlier, gives way to that all too familiar feeling for us-having our members pressed against our bodies.

So what are the solutions?

Show Off Your Legs (And Your Ass If You’re Brave/Proud Enough)

If you are a “shower” type of guy, you will never get the optimum support for your large package in those boxer briefs or trunks, so progressively ditch them and replace them with briefs that feature contour pouches that have a bikini cut, (high cut leg openings–where the rise between the top of the leg opening and the top of the waistband is 3″ or less). This type of cut (as seen in the examples below) allow the pouch to be the lowest point of the fabric on the brief, allowing well-hung men to hang, while also giving them the support they require.

Revamp your underwear drawer with a collection of briefs built for your bulge. I swear by these:

  • Calvin Klein Hip Brief Universal Design featured in several different fabric/color options based on collection. Fit is true to size–if your pant size is an odd number (31″ 35″ or 39″) size down. 
  • 2(x)ist No-Show & Contoured (& Ultra-Contoured) Pouch Brief – Universal Design featured in several different color options based on collection. Fits true to size, order your pant/jean size. No need to size up.
  • Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief / Sport Brief* – High cut leg openings and an “Anatomically Correct” Pouch which is perfect for well-hung men. Order your pant/jean size, only goes up to size 36 though.
  • C-IN2 Sport Brief – Universal Design featured in several different fabric/color options based on collection. Huge pouch, for hung men. Fits true to REAL waist size (I wear a 36 jean but my waist is 38″, so I wear an XL).

If you want even more support, it is out there but you’ll have to be O.K. having your ass exposed while wearing them. Of course I am talking about jockstraps and thongs that have been designed for men.

Since the jockstrap design has always equated to support, a somewhat recent flooding of the market with designer jockstraps made from an everyday wear perspective has allowed them to become an ideal choice for the well-endowed man. If you’ve got an above-average member, stick jockstraps that are made of rayon, the construction of which offers a natural pouch that will expand with your length and girth once you get them on. Andrew Christian is the foremost producer of this type of jock, Obviously For Men is another favorite. In addition to that style, look for jocks that feature double-ply cotton pouches that are also fairly deep – I like what C-IN2 and Diesel have done. Pick up one from each of those four designers and you and your endowment will thank me.

Oddly enough, I trust most men would wear a jockstrap as daily underwear before they’d think about doing the same with a thong made for men. Odd, because in all reality, a jockstrap leaves you much more exposed than a thong ever would, even though the thong’s design offers superior support. That said, if you are carrying around something that could be mistaken for a third leg in your pants, I can’t tell you how happy you would be with the support a well fitted thong can offer your impressive package. Of course, there are a few things to consider before venturing out to buy your first couple thongs.

I would always recommend that your first thong be one that is designed to look like a jockstrap, such as the CK Body Thong, or the 2(x)ist  or C-IN2 Y-back varieties. All three are relatively inexpensive options that will allow you to get used to the feel of wearing a thong and whether or not you could see yourself wearing other designs. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to try another design, be prepared to be shocked at how many options you have available to you. Take comfort in the fact that the size of your manhood limits you to only about a third of the market. Thongs, just like any other new underwear purchase are about figuring out what you like and don’t like. Since each brand varies so much in terms of design I am not going to waste your time making suggestions, other than to say, if you’re well-hung and don’t take the leap you are missing out, on what I think is one of the best designs for guys like you.

If you are hung, and you’ve just read this, what the hell are you waiting for? Start to revamp your drawer with the designs that will help you tame your trouser snake once and for all!


It’s been a few years since I played softball, ok I admit I wasn’t very good at it. In fact I was really bad at it. But, I had a lot of fun while doing it. While I played I experimented with a few different jocks and cups. Not all of them are created equal. I guess you could say my love of undies carried over into softball. Granted this is not a complete list but ones I would recommend for the sport.

  • UnderArmour Men’s Performance Jock with Cup Pouch – $14.99 – This was my favorite jock I wore while playing. I would not recommend wearing it without a cup as the pouch is designed to be work with a jock. The reason I love this jock is it’s made for sports. It wicks the moisture away from your body. The material also made to stretch and move with you through the game. It really conformed to the cup and my body. Other cup jocks I tried either made it difficult to put the cup in or didn’t cover your package fully. (top left in pic)
  • Bike #10 Jockstrap – $16.95 – If you want to go old school then check out the Bike #10 Jock. It was the first one that all the other jocks are based on. During the 80’s when you said jockstrap you only thought of Bike. Today there are hundreds of jocks. This one was made for sports. It wasn’t made for fashion. Granted now it’s available in colors. (top right in pic)
  • Shock Doctor Supporter with Carbon Fiber Cup – $24.95 – This is a cup I would recommend to those who want a really cool cup. It just looks awesome. It’s form and function in one. The front part of the cup is made out of carbon fiber and can take an impact (but I hope you won’t have to experience that). Its not the cheapest but both the jock and cup look pretty cool. For those gear guys out there, who are like me, you want it to be fun and protective. (bottom left in pic)
  • Bike Protective Hard Cup Support – $12.99 – When I played I preferred the Bike brand cups. The main reason is they had enough room in the cup. If the cup is too small it won’t offer much protection since it won’t cover your package. This cup was so comfy that when I used to have to wear it all day, I usually forgot I was wearing a cup. These are getting harder and harder to find though. They are no longer sold at sports authority in store, and even searching on line proved problematic (bottom right in pic)

Up until now we have discussed traditional jocks. But with the advent of the jock brief it could definitely be worn under your softball pants/shorts. I wouldn’t recommend it with a cup. If you wear a cup I would say get a jock made for a cup. If you don’t the cup could move and not offer protection. But if you have a position like I did (right field) you can wear what you want.

I know many of you like to wear matching undies. Now with jockbriefs and fashion jocks you can get them in a rainbow of colors that would match your teams colors. Some brands you should check out would be Baskit, Timoteo/Cellblock13, Andrew Christian and Go Softwear. This is just a suggestion.

We hope you enjoy this short list Finding protective gear is not easy these days. I have tried all the ones listed above and if you are starting back check them out. If you get one of the non traditional jocks/jockbriefs, let us know which you wear! For protective gear I would suggest surfing International Jock, they have the best and easiest to browse selection. As for non traditional jocks go to the brands websites.