What are three things we love here at UNB? The first is undies of course. The second is pink undies, which are awesome. The third and last is buying undies that part of the proceeds go to charity! You can have a good conscious and buy those undies you want! Tell your partner “Hey this is to support charity!”

2(X)IST is celebrating National Great Cancer Month. They are giving form 10-50% of proceeds of pink underwear (both men’s and women’s) to the Breast Cancer Charities of America. There are quite a few fun pairs on sale> They range from solids to prints, trunks to thongs, and more!

Shop the pink pairs at 2(X)IST.

Can jocks have both fashion and form? Meaning can it be highly fashionable and very functional? I think you can find this jock and 2(X)IST meets both of those qualifications! It looks amazing and promises and lives up to the performance of a hard workout!

The 2(X)IST site says this about the  Speed Dri Mesh Jock

Need an underwear upgrade? No sweat. Constructed out of ultra-lightweight mesh fabric, 2(X)IST’s performance-ready Speed Dri Mesh Jock Strap features a streamlined microfiber waistband and an open back. Temperature-regulating fabric wicks moisture away from the body for a supremely comfortable experience.

A jock, in my opinion, specially made for working out and being active, needs to have a lightweight mesh fabric that wicks moisture and keeps you cool. Next what has considered the most important thing in a jock is the pouch. It needs to be supportive but not binding. You shouldn’t feel like you’re getting squished being super tight. But, a jock pouch that is too loose kinda negates the point of a jock. Next, the waistband should have enough give to support the great pouch! Lastly, the waistband should be tagless or have the tag on the front.

All these things together make for a great jock. Mix in some super bright colors and it’s a winner. The Barberry color is super bright and fun. It’s not one you would see in the gym, but it wouldn’t stop me from wearing it. I think 2(X)IST has out done themselves!!!

Pair: 2(X)IST Speed Dri Mesh Jock
Color: Barberry
Fabric: 74% Polyester / 26% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.00

Thongs have started to take over a lot of the men’s underwear world. But the good ole jockstrap isn’t going any where. One brand that has some great jocks is 2(X)IST. They have the new Military Sport Jock. I really like this jock a lot! I’m just a bit bummed the green is sold out.

This is the official description from the 2(X)ist website:

Our best selling jock silhouette has gone military. Crafted from our signature Speed Dri fabric, this jock strap keeps you cool and dry during even your most intense workouts while the contrast colored leg straps transform a basic performance garment into a fashion statement. The Original Contour Pouch provides extra support.

The thing that caught my eye was the contrasting leg straps. Has this been done before? Probably but I can’t remember an execution this good! The contrast is amazing and pops. The Green/Orange one is the one I saw, I was like I WANT, darn it! But the other colors are awesome. The navy/yellow is just as fun! If I had to guess why the green sold out is the whole camo feel with the green/orange.

This jock is more of a fashion jock. Not saying you can’t wear it to work out, in fact, they encourage that in the description. The waistband is about 1 inch, whereas a traditional jock is 3 inches. The leg straps are smaller and the pouch is not a nylon mesh. Yes I have a strict definition as to what is a classic jock.

This is one of the best jocks I have seen in a while! I hope you guys will check it out!

Find this pair at 2(X)ist website

Pair: 2(X)IST Military Sport Jock
Color: Black, Lead, and Varsity Navy. Chive is sold out
Fabric: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.00


Did you read that right? YES, you did! The Evolve brand made by 2(X)IST has made a line of swim briefs and square cut swimwear for Target. I was told by Phillip a part-time writer and swim brief fan about the line. I also saw several friends post the “I’m a guy and I wear speedos” Facebook page, showing Walmart has board shorts and Target has swim briefs.  This really is a major thing that a retailer of this size is investing in the swim brief

Before you rush out to your local Target to shop the styles, it’s in a very few select stores. That’s the downside. It’s in very few stores and I would assume it’s in LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami and the like. In Atlanta, there were no stores that carried any of the styles. I saw one pair in a store in NYC. But, still, it’s a good thing that we hope will roll out to more stores

The next amazing thing is the price. The swim briefs are all $19.99. Yes, you heard that price right, just 20 bucks. For swimwear, this is an amazing price. Swimwear can range from the 20’s to well over 100 dollars. I think this would be an amazing first swim brief. Because of the price makes it very approachable to most guys. Second, there are more than just solids. It comes in several prints as well. You can go conservative or just have some fun with prints. Lastly, if they sell in stores it will be easy to get. Most stores now have self-checkouts so you can grab your swim brief, head to the self-checkout and no will know you bought one!

It’s awesome that Target is taking a risk like this and making swim briefs for the masses. I told people many years ago we will have a resurgence of the style. In the 80’s it was acceptable to wear and then went out of fashion. Now, we will see the popularity of the pair grow. If you go to the Target site search for evolve swimwear. There isn’t a landing page for the brand…yet.

go-to-great-lengthswith-2xistIt has long been a favorite brand of mine, 2xist. Now they are out with a longer version of its signature boxer briefs. 2xist has always had great briefs and trunks, but now you can add a longer length to that. It seems longer is a trend many people are taking part in now.

For many working out going longer is something they want. Tights are a big thing in working out so it makes sense for underwear brands to go longer with their product. This new line is being called the “24 collection.”

The 24 collection comes in three different styles. There is the 24 Tencel Stretch Boxer Brief, 24 Modal Boxer Brief, and 24 Pima Stretch Boxer Brief. All three styles comes tagless, with the original contour pouch that 2xist is known for. They are all made with performance fabric and the 9-inch inseam. This allows enough length for the underwear to not ride up.

The24 Tencel Stretch Boxer Brief is made with 96% Tencel and 4% Spandex. What is Tencel you may ask…I know I did. It is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is similar to rayon and bamboo. But is said to be the most environmentally friendly of the regenerated fabrics. This style comes in lead (gray) and black colors, both of which of a bright neon green 2xist on the waistband. These pairs sell for $36 a pair.

The24 Modal Boxer Brief is made with 95% modal and 5% spandex. The Micro Modal fabric is made for a silky stretch feeling. The pairs come in Cobalt Blue, Black, and Navy. The waistband corresponds to each of the colors so they blend in exactly. These pairs will cost you $30 for a pair.

The24 Pima Stretch Boxer Brief is made with 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. The pairs come in black, which has white writing on the waistband, and pro blue which also has white writing. These pairs sell for  $30 a pair.

COLORS: Lead or Black
SIZES: Small – XL
COST: $36.00
COLORS: Cobalt, Varsity Navy and Black
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $30.00
COLORS: Black or Pro Blue
SIZES:  Small – X-Large
COST: $30.00


2xist-brazilNL-BR4-43833-BonsaiGreen-RGBThe long wait is over! In just a few hours the games in Rio will officially kick off. We will be spending hours in front of our TV watching gymnastics, swimming, diving, beach volleyball and more. If you’re like me and can’t be at the games, why not wear some underwear to get you in the spirit? 2(X)IST has just released their Brazil collection.

The new Brazil collection is available in a No Show Brief and a Trunk. Each pair comes in a green or blue with the Brazil. The brief has the flag on the back and the trunk has it on the left hip. Both are super fun. I prefer the brief over the trunk. But that’s just my preference.

The collection has a few things that make it the perfect pair for the summer and watching the games. The collection is made of a 92% COTTON / 8% SPANDEX blend. Making the line perfect for summer. The waistband is also a special addition. To match the pair 2(X)IST created a Brazil-inspired waistband. The 2(X)IST in the front is a cut out of the Brazilian flag.

You can wear this pair for all 16 days of the games. Sometimes it’s great to just kick back in your underwear and watch your favorite event. If you’re a super fan of the games, you can get all four pairs (2 styles and 2 colors) and wear them to work during the games.

I hope we see a lot more companies making underwear to match what is going on in the world. It’s about time we incorporate our love of sports into our undies. Now that more guys are loving underwear we probably will see a lot more. I say great job 2(X)IST.

LINE: Brazil
STYLE: No Show Brief & Trunk
COLORS: Bonsai & Estate Blue
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.00 & $28.00


If you have been watching Dancing with the Stars you have seen Nyle DiMarco. Or maybe you saw him on America’s Next Top Model he won Cycle 22. He’s now a model for 2(X)IST! If you haven’t seen either, first thing to know outside of his great looks is he’s deaf. His entire family is (parents, siblings and grand parents) but this hasn’t stopped him for perusing a career in modeling or killing it on Dancing with the Stars. Actually he’s one of the best dancers on the show. How he dances without being able to hear or feel the music and stay in step is truly astonishing. It just shows how talented he is in front of the the camera and on the dance floor.

We asked 2(X)IST about having Nyle. “We are very excited to welcome Nyle to the 2(X)IST All-Star team, along with Andre, Veronika and all of the other past campaign models we’ve worked with. For this social media photo shoot, we partnered with photographer Marco Ovando to capture Nyle DiMarco while he was out and about in California. As I’m sure you know, Nyle is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars – and doing quite well, might I add! His disability has not held him back in the least and he truly exemplifies our brand with his passion to find #reasons2XIST.”


2(X)IST just has a fun time designing undies. You can tell that with their new collections. The latest is the Graphic Cotton collection. Prints have been huge in the world of men’s underwear and continue to be strong this year. I think they are here to stay actually!

The new collection maybe a bit different when you see it. Last August when I got to sit down with 2(X)ist at Magic. They showed me this collection. Right away I loved the bold prints they produced for the collection. I wanted them right then! However, but what happens when you are not a big print fan? Are you left out of the line?

Nope! The collection has the prints you see above and ones where it’s a solid and the print is on the waistband. I thought this was genius. Some times you feel like a print and sometimes you don’t, or something like that. This allows the line to reach a broader audience. Believe it or not we have some readers who are not fans of prints. They like more classic colors and cuts. To them putting on something above is a big NO! However, if its the waistband some will definitely go for that!

The collection is available in two cuts. Those cuts are the No-Show brief and trunk. Again both classic cuts for 2(X)ist. And I would dare to say two of their best! Both pairs are made out of a 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex blend. This will give you the breathability of cotton and some stretch from the spandex. The brief retails for $24 and Trunk is $28.

What are the colors: Saffron Zigzag, Safron, Flame Scarlett Zigzag, Dress Blue, Black Fractal Chevron, Bittersweet, Dazzling Fractal Chevron and Dazzling Blue (pictures are in this order below). Each print correlates with a solid color. This is pretty genius by 2(X)ist. See the pictures of both styles below.

Find this at the 2(X)IST site or your favorite retailer!