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ko_enigmaThis is a week of great pics from the UK! Today’s Brief Distraction features Kale Owen from Planet Undies! presents new pictures of the brand Kale Owen. See the specific Enigma line based on a soft and high quality fabric. The line has a special jewel to raise the masculine look. You don’t find the crazy style elsewhere!

Kale Owen – Enigma at planet-undies.com

20141121_kale-owen_432Finding new underwear is one thing I love to do for you guys. It’s also one of the hardest things. Watching the underwear industry and spotting a new brand is hard when we try to keep up with over 100 brands. Luckily we have great readers like you guys and brands like Planet Undies to help us bring you new brands. The latest brand is Kale Owen.

Kale Owen is an underwear company out of France. Here is what Planet Undies sent us about the brand. “”At the image of the man of today”, Kale Owen is based on materials selected for their comfort and quality while bringing a touch of originality. Kale Owen invites us to discover not less than 13 lines of underwear, declined each around a theme (Seduction, I am a male, Owen fashion and Dreams & Desires). Set of textures & materials, printed patterns, jewelry & accessories… the Kale Owen brand has a lot’s of arguments to seduce the gente male!”

If you are a big fan of briefs and thongs, Kale Owen is a company you need to check out. They have very few trunks but everything is focused on smaller more form fitting undies. Which in my opinion is never a bad thing. The colors and patterns are also fun. They have the traditional black, white and red, but they also have yellows, pink and prints.

The pictures will be broken up in the each individual style. We hope you will go check out all the different styles and colors at the Planet Undies Kale Owen page! 

I Am Male


Owen Fashion










Dreams and Desires