Matt McCall Underwear


As I have said many times if you’re a lover of underwear you need to be in Instagram. I find so many new brands on the site than any others. One brand that has caught my eye is Matt McCall underwear. It’s a small and up and coming brand. But the look of the undies is what got my attention.

I am a big fan of the classic bikini. It’s a style I grew up on and love till this day. Matt McCall makes very classic bikinis in very classic colors. This reminds me of my days growing up with Jockey Elance and a few other brands. However, the looks are where that stops.

Unlike those bikinis this one has a bit more design. Those old bikinis had no pouch and were pretty simple. This pair features a double layered contoured front pouch. This will get some of your attention. Because pouches are super important to a lot of us!

Sizing is one thing I hope they add too soon. The current sizing is up to a large and 36-inch waist. If you’re a taller guy like me you may have a bigger waist due to height. Time will definitely stell.

Pair: Matt McCall Underwear Classic Brief
Color: Black or White
Fabric: 95% Rayon with 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – Large
Price: $27.00