Matthew Jewson Bodywear


There is a new brand on the market called Matthew Jewson Bodywear. Matthew Jewson is based out of Canada and has a very fun first collection. “Matthew Jewson Bodywear is a Luxury Menswear line that revolves around the basis of well fitting clothing. From there it can be as sexy, fun, or classic as you want, but all the while remaining well fitted to give any man a boost of confidence from the minute they slip a pair on. All of the items you purchase are Handmade in CANADA.”

What is in the first collection? It consists of Underwear, Swimwear, Eroticwear, Pleather and Latex look items. The collection has some very sexy cuts and materials. Matthew is about embracing your sexual side and having fun with it. At least thats the impression I get from the collection. I am liking what I am seeing from the initial collection. I am going to profile one piece from each category.


The Matthew Jewson Entice Boxer is a boxer that has a bamboo pouch  sounded by mesh. It has the MJ logo on the front. We guarantee you will feel sexy wearing it


The Matthew Jewson Contour Swim Jock. A few brands have done these over the years but I like how Matthew made a jock brief cut in a swim. So many guys want this cut to wear. I’m sure it will be one of the most popular pairs of the swim collection.


The Erotic Collection in Matthew Jewson Combat Complete set. They do something I wished more brand would do is sell everything in one collection. The Combat collection contains the ” Combat Harness is made of black elastic giving an easier fit than most leather harnesses and may be worn above the pecs or below and the Combat Holster, inspired by the classic gun holsters, is a mixture of a jock with leg straps featuring a pleather front lifting pouch”


The Matthew Jewson Latex Look Thong. Are you a fan of the look of latex? But hate the way you have to care for it? The Latex look collection is made out of a specialty spandex fabric to give you the look of latex without the hassle. The pouch has a lifting strap for maximum lift and the back will accentuate your assets.

One thing you should note is the sizing of the brand. The XL is 34-36. The reason for this is that Matthew “had been working on creating a well-fitting pair of underwear; due to his extra thin stature.” so the sizing starts at 26 and goes through 36 inches.

If you want to check out the initial collection go to the Matthew Jewson site.