If you are a jock fan, there is a new jock on the market we want to you to know about. It’s the Teamm8 Base Jock. The Base Jock from the front looks like a brief but has a jock back. It’s not quite a jock brief. The best thing about the new jock is all the colors. Teamm8 is known for their great palate of colors they make their undies in!

This is what they say about the jock:

The JOCK is back and it’s better than ever! Remaining true to the sporty aesthetic of the classic jock-strap design, the all new BASE JOCK ticks all the boxes. Vibrant colour combinations that pack a real punch – Black, Watermelon and Gunmetal in a super soft feel microfibre set off by a premium metallic waistband. Get sporty, get active, get the BASE!

The features of the pair are:

  • Like all jocks it has to have a great pouch! The front pouch has enough room and support for no matter what you will be doing.
  • The cut of the pair is a low rise cut. It won’t ride up too high on your hips.
  • The fabric will give it a form-fitting stretch that will feel awesome.
  • One last feature is it’s quick dry. Making this pair perfect for working out or being active.

I just love the colors! It’s great to see some bright colors coming back to the world of men’s underwear. Teamm8 takes risks in the area of color. Would I rock the Watermelon one at the gym, Hell yeah I would. I think it’s time we shake up the locker room and get rid of the classic cuts and colors and wear what we want.

COLORS: Black, Watermelon, and Gunmetal
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00 AUD

papi_08You either love or hate animal prints. I have sort of a love hate relationship myself. Some of the prints are amazing while others are a miss. If you fall into the second part of that we may have an animal print you may love. Papi just released the new Wild Thing collection. It’s available in a jock and trunk. The jock is what we are going to be covering.

The Wild Thing collection is a solid fabric with a cheetah print in the same color. So the print is very slight and not over the top. It adds a bit of style to what would be a solid color. I think they did a great job coming up with this collection.  This is because it will allow more guys to step outside their solid underwear box and try something a little more wild!

The jock is a traditional jock. The waistband is a grey 1 1/4 inch branded with the Papi logo in the center. Legs straps really can make or break a jock, this pair has a 3/4 inch leg straps that match their other jocks in their line up. Lastly is the material, it is made out of a 63% Nylon / 32% Polyester / 5% Spandex fabric.

Colors are key to this pair and they have just released four bright fun colors. Those colors are Black, Intensity (Red), Purple and Storm Blue. My favorite is the Black. When you think of a black pair you’re expecting solid dark black. This is more of a grey with the cheetah print.

Papi really created something out of the ordinary with this pair. Hats off to the creativity for this one. It goes along with our philosophic that underwear should be fun and add to your wardrobe. This one would do that and would be great under jeans or even under a suit.

As we stated it’s available in a Brazilian Trunk as well. The jock retails for $28.00 on the Papi site.

Papi Wild Think Jock Intensity (red) Papi Wild Think Jock Storm Blue Papi Wild Think Jock Purple Papi Wild Think Jock Black

jsc-raw-studio-gear-33Jockstrap Central launched the Raw Studio almost eight years ago and due to the excellent craftsmanship, innovative designs and unique fabrics it quickly became one of their best selling product lines. Due to a business partnership issue, they closed shop prematurely. Needless to say, Jockstrap Central was disappointed to lose such an awesome brand. Well the good news is after a six year hiatus, Raw Studio is back better than ever with new designs, improved fabrics and more affordable than ever – and once again, the line is exclusive to Jockstrap Central. They’ve launched with an initial three sexually charged and unique designs:


The Y-jock is a full featured jock that’s not only stylish but contains a big sexy twist. The front consists of a streamlined brief style panel shaped like the top of a Y (hence the name) that seems to hang off the waistband. A contoured pouch design in a luxurious silky soft Microfiber and Elastane fabric with four-way stretch ensure comfort and a perfect fit. Black elastic edging maintains shape while hugging the legs and emphasizing your bulge. A cutout is formed between the waistband and the top of the y showing off your pubes and providing a sexy escape route for your shaft (see the photos on our website for a demonstration).

Includes a unique one and one quarter inch two toned silver and black comfort waistband that along with the leg straps running parallel beneath adds a final stunning visual detail to this totally unique jockstrap. Available in blue, gun metal and white.


There’s a number of ball lifters on the market and they’re mostly pretty pedestrian but not the C-Scoop. While this ball lifter is fully functional providing the lift and boost you want, it’s also pretty damn stylish using Raw Studio’s signature silver and black comfort waistband and a totally unique suspended elastic cock ring design: Two elastic straps come down from the waistband a few inches apart and attach to the base of the ring right behind your balls. The design not only looks great but it’s feels great too. Whether you’re wearing it on it’s own to display what you’ve got or wearing it under a pair of light fabric shorts to maximize the bulge, you’re going to LOVE the C-scoop.


The Sock is a simple yet ingenious design consisting of a waistband and suspended pouch and nothing else. Other sock style underwear, while definitely sexy, aren’t normally well designed – they tend to fall off with any slight movement. Raw Studio, however, took this design challenge head on (pun intended) and came out on first: With a super contoured microfiber pouch and a short cut elastic, together they form a fitted cup with a small opening to cradle your boys to perfection, the elastic sits high behind the balls to keep the pouch in place. The best part is because there’s no straps pulling the pouch down, you’re able to hang naturally and free with sporting an awesome bulge.

The C-Scoop is sophisticated in it’s simplicity and undeniably sexy. Available in navy-blue, gun metal and white.

Shop at Jockstrap Central

jockstrap-central-jack-adams-38Are you guys checking out UNB Photography on a regular Basis? If not you should be, we are updating it every day or every other day. We are uploading galleries of pics as we get them and some you have seen years ago! This site is dedicated just to photography, so if you love Brief Distractions, this site is for you. The gallery we posted yesterday was this set from Jockstrap Central featuring Jack Adams Jockstraps. We keep uploading our own work and others!


Papi_Pride_JocksWhen I started UNB Jocks were mainly considered sports equipment or fetish wear, depending on who you asked. Then the fashion jock took off and the industry hasn’t been the same since. Now jocks are in the drawers of many more guys and no longer hidden in the bottom of the underwear drawer. Also, a few of our readers have told us they wear jocks a majority of the time if not all the time.  So over the last few years the jock has gone from bottom to the top of underwear drawer!

Papi has created a great new jock called the Pride Jock. The Pride Jock has a waistband has a rainbow waistband. The body of the jock is made in four colors; black, blue, red or orange. Made out of a 88% Polyester 12% Spandex spandex blend. The materials will guarantee a great fit because of the 12% spandex will give you great support.

Then name, as you can guess, comes from the rainbow waist band. It has the colors of the Gay Pride and while not in all the rainbow colors of the body but has four great contrasting colors. If you ask me this jock is designed to be seen. It would be perfect under some low rise jeans with the waistband showing. I am sure we’ll be seeing this at Prides across the country.

Even if you don’t want to show this pair off it can be worn to the gym, to work,  around town or just a fun night out! If you are a fan of jocks we suggest you check out the Pride Jock! Find the Pride jock on the Papi Website for $20.00


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