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Looking for some great workout wear? We interviewed Eric Turner the guy behind Oryx! Here is the info about the new collection

When we last spoke, you had just launched your underwear line. Have there been any updates to the underwear line?

We launched a limited collection last year called the Blue Stitch Collection. It’s full of fun colors with blue stitching to add a bold contrast. And we’re in the process of supplying some new styles right now, hoping to launch them before summer.

You have a very classic designed collection. What styles have become your best sellers?

Our biggest sellers are our trunks- red, then black. They have a great fit and feel to them, and a high percentage of those who buy them are repeat customers.

How has the underwear line grown and matured since you started?

I think as far as what the brand is, it’s stayed exactly the same. Oryx is a lifestyle brand, and our entire strategy hinges on that lifestyle. So as far as the brand itself maturing, we spent a lot of time before launching to establish what the Oryx lifestyle was, and if anything it’s growing into that.

In the later part of last year you released a work out collection. I know this is something you wanted to expand the brand too. did you draw on your fitness background to design the collection?

Yes. Our Athletic line combined Oryx with my fitness background by adding sophisticated athletic apparel. I think there is a lot of fitness gear on the market that’s great for showing off your body, but not nearly enough of it that allows you to do so while still looking mature. My experience that I utilized the most was my experience as a personal trainer. As a trainer, I’ve always looked to wear clothing that was athletic yet still professional. And that’s what our Athletic line is all about.

Tell us about the fitness line. What do you currently offered in the fitness line?

We have two athletic shirts: The Trainer Shirt and the Go Shirt.

The Trainer Shirt– available in charcoal, navy, and cranberry retails for $49.50. The cut is designed to flatter your physique with a thicker, stretchy material.

The Go Shirt– available in cloud grey, percy pink, and blue steele also retails for $49.50. It’s a much thinner fabric than the Trainer Shirt, and it got its name from the idea we had when we designed it: to make it look good no matter where you go. It’s the perfect shirt to wear to workout and then to grab a bite to eat afterwards.

The Trainer Short– available in black, grey, and red retails for $49.50. It’s designed to complement the Trainer Shirt to give that ‘sophisticated trainer’ look. It has a liner inside to help make it more comfortable to athletics, and has a hide-a-away pocket in the liner to hold your keys while you go for a run.

The Rugby Short– available in black or blue and retails for $49.50. The Rugby Short is a classic take on rugby shorts, but we added pockets. It has a shorter inseam and is great for guys who want to see their legs while they work them. I think most men’s gym shorts are entirely too long, and so I designed the Rugby Short to fight back!

The Silhouette Tank adds a bold chartreuse piping silhouette to a muted colored tank. It’s available in charcoal, silver, and blue and retails for $34.50. It’s a simple cotton tank top. The kind you wouldn’t mind wearing out.

The Poser Tank– available in red, green, or blue retails for $36.50. The Poser Tank is perfect for the guy who wants to check himself out in the mirror while he’s working out. We’ve all done it, so I designed this simple muscle tank to flatter the physique and give optimal movement during the workout.

What has been the feedback from customers on the newest additions? They love them. In fact, they love them so much that the first weekend we launched our Athletic line we nearly sold out and had to rush-order more from our factory!

Since your background is in fitness, you always look great in the pictures you post in new wear. Is it for the average guy?

Our line is for body-conscious guys, whether they have their ideal physique or not. I’m not at my peak physique year-round, and I designed the line to feel comfortable the rest of the year too.

What has been the biggest obstacle you overcame starting the brand?

I made a couple of bad business, against my better judgement, because of other people’s suggestions. The biggest obstacle I’ve found is other people’s opinions. I know exactly what I want this brand to be, and despite my fitness and modeling background, I also have a business background as a senior district manager from A&F in its prime days. So I understand what it takes to get your branding spot on. So the biggest obstacle is not allowing other people’s short-sightedness deter me from making Oryx what I want it to be.

Now you’re in underwear and fitness gear, will swimwear be next?

Next, we have some more underwear and athletic wear to further solidify what exactly the Oryx brand is, and then Oryx Swim will be ready to go.

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14237757_1747675682166553_666269117212424475_nIt seems like only a few month I was having lunch with Eric Turner in Vegas. He was developing the Oryx brand of underwear. I have known Eric because he was a model at Magic back in the day. We decided to do a follow-up interview with Eric to talk about the last two years.

UNB: Thanks for Taking the Time to talk with use. What have you learned over the last two years doing Oryx? Any surprises?

Eric– The biggest surprise to me has been all the positive feedback we’ve gotten from people. When I’ve taken underwear to shoots, when the models put them on they’re usually very surprised at how comfortable the fabric is. They put them on and they always look really surprised. That’s the surprise to me, that as many different brands are on the market, that guys are still surprised to find quality underwear that’s comfortable.

UNB: Has the dream of creating the line lived up to your expectations?

Eric– Oh, absolutely. I mean, I wouldn’t mind selling the company for hundreds of millions of dollars by now. But I’ll 14462956_1755823271351794_4583641023703027135_nsettle with the modest growth and exposure we’ve received.

UNB: Who is Oryx designed for? What kind of guy?

Eric– Our ideal customer is a guy who feels just as comfortable wearing a tuxedo as he does exploring nature. He’s a guy that’s not worried about attaching labels to himself, but appreciates nice things. Someone who can have fun in a tuxedo, but still make jeans and a t-shirt look sophisticated. And obviously anyone who wants to make their junk comfortable. ha

UNB: Oryx has been a very classic collection of underwear. Have you thought about adding new styles, colors or prints?

Eric– I have many, many ideas of things we’ll do as we grow the brand. But all in time. Our brand motto is “Bold. Sophisticated. Style.” So as we design new styles, the idea is to keep that classic look and feel, in a bold and sophisticated package.

UNB: On that same note have you thought of doing a line of workout wear? You are one of the most amazing fitness models and it would seem to be a great fit.

Eric– Stay tuned. 😉

UNB: You occasionally show pictures of you and your Husband Morné in the underwear. We had a few guys ask why aren’t you the face of the brand?

Eric– I didn’t want the brand to be about me, exclusively. It’s Oryx, not the Eric Turner brand. I can obviously post pics in the brand all day, but i wanted guys to look at the brand and see many different people in it, so they could imagine 13770414_1728679224066199_4913228758241727122_nthemselves in it, not just associate the brand with me. And the brand is going to be associated with me no matter what, but I didn’t want the brand to be about me. It’s a high-quality underwear line, and I wanted that to be able to speak for itself.

UNB: If you could pick any famous person or sports start, who would you like to see model your underwear?

Eric– Henry Cavill. He’s handsome and intelligent. Our brand is so much more about how our models carry themselves than just what they look like. And he’s someone who carries himself in a way that makes him seem so much more refined than the typical hot/handsome guy. Either him or David Beckham for the same reason, but I thought he was too easy of an answer.

UNB: What is on the horizon for Oryx?

Eric – Oryx Athletic Wear. 😉


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pink trunkEric Turner at Oryx shared with us the new Blue Stitch line they will be releasing. Orxy has really come on strong in the world of underwear. It’s classic, well made and has some great colors. This is what Eric told us about the new line

“The brief only has a slight stitching throughout, so it’s the least visible with just a line of blue here and there. The trunk is the same in the front but the butt is very contrasted with the blue stitching. And the boxer brief has the most contrast of the collection.

Pre-orders are going to launch cyber Monday, and anticipated ship date for all of the new lines is Dec 14. (That includes a new season with slightly changed fits of our basics. And all of the basics from our first season are going on clearance. And we’re offering free standard domestic shipping and $5 intl shipping.)”

The new line looks pretty awesome. Oryx really makes amazing underwear. Go preorder the Stitch collection.


Many of you have been hearing of the new brand Oryx. Its the creation of model Eric Turner. Eric has been modeling since 2004. I met him in 2010 and have kept in touch with him over the years. Not only doe he do amazing pictures but he took his many years of modeling to create a company. He took that knowledge and created Oryx.

I had the chance to talk to him about the line when he was just formulating the company. He has such a passion for the the brand and is going to make an amazing line. He’s not just putting his name on the brand he’s involved with every aspect of the company. So I’m super excited to see the line now out!

What is an Oryx? “While on honeymoon in South Africa, Eric saw one of the most beautiful and majestic looking animals he’d ever seen.  It was some sort of antelope with very long, straight, and nearly upright horns.  Being a wikipedia nerd, he quickly learned the animal was a gemsbok, one of 4 species of ORYX.  The way the gemsboks carried themselves, and the majesty and beauty of the creature were mesmerizing.”

The Oryx site is up and you can see a preview of the underwear. Go check it out and it should be up in the next few weeks for ordering.

Photo credits: Model Vinny Lawdenski by photographer Sean Gomes