PACT Underwear


Chances are you’ve heard of TOMS Shoes. The company revolutionized how people think about charity and corporate social responsibility by donating a pair of shoes to a person in a developing country for every pair of shoes it sold in the developed world. PACT is underwear’s answer to TOMS.

On its website, the company describes itself as a “movement disguised as a clothing company.” It has three basic principles: good design, good fabric and good cause.

Each season, the company features lines of underwear and socks that were inspired by good causes. It then uses some of the proceeds from its sales to support optimistic and solution-oriented projects for social good around the world. Some of the group’s past projects have included providing electricity development in Haiti and supporting the Sierra Club’s “Campuses Beyond Coal” movement. You can see the full list here.

But let’s step back for a second to the first two principles. When PACT says good design, they mean it. The designs are simple, but cute; they’re mostly solid or simple-patterned bodies with solid-colored waistbands. It was actually the designs that first attracted me to the brand. I was perusing a few flash deal sites, as I often do, and I noticed a pair of boxer briefs for $10. I had a bit of extra cash, so I gave them a try and was pleasantly surprised.

That brings me to what impressed me about the brand most, its good fabrics. The pair I got was super soft, and has remained so even after several washes in just a few weeks. That spectacular softness comes from special care. From the field to the shelf, the company is meticulous about using clean and responsible practices. All the cotton used is organic and fair-trade, every factory is sweat-shop free and the packaging is printed with vegetable-based inks in a wind-powered facility.

So in short if you’re looking for good underwear made of great materials that supports an even greater cause, check out PACT today. You won’t regret it.

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