To me, swimming laps and laying out on a beach are two separate things. Laying out and hanging at the beach, I want a pair of swimwear that’s comfortable, colorful, and just fun. While for swimming laps, I want a pair of swimwear that is functional and durable.

I’m about to return to swimming again and have been looking for swimwear perfect for the gym. The classic Speedo is top of my list. These swim briefs are tight and worn in a chlorinated pool several times. Plus, more guys also look great in the classic Speedo cut. I’m not talking about the Solar brand, but the 3-inch side swim briefs.

Speedo has upped its game in the design department. They have always had some funky prints, but now they are using bold and fun color block prints. They even did a Pride line as well! I love their swimsuits and have since I tried my first one on when I was 14.

Other brands that I love are TYR, Nike, and Arena. Each of these is a brand you have seen on college and Olympic Swimmers. I rarely wear something from many of the brands we cover here to wear for laps. They make me feel less of a swim jock (well, I’m not a jock in any way, shape or form, but I feel like one when I wear these to the pool).

Briefs Vs. Jammers
On the beach, I’m 100% for the swim Briefs; however, I am torn between the Briefs vs. Jammers in swimming. Jammers are the bike short-looking swimwear that most Olympic swimmers wear now. You can wear swim briefs under a jammer, but that’s too much for me to wear swimming.

Jammers are fun; more guys would wear them over a brief swim. When I start back, I will be wearing the Jammers. I feel I’m a little too big to just jump in the pool in just a Speedo.

I do love Speedos, not just the swim briefs but the brand. I used to wear them years ago when I was on a master’s swim team. One of the new pairs I love from Speedo is the Color-Blocked speedo. I love the width of the sides and the super tight fit that Speedos have, the fabric feels great and I still remember the first time I slid on a pair of Speedos and it blew me away.

When you think of Speedo, Olympic swimmers come to mind, or at least competitive swimmers. Note, you can’t use the term “Speedo” to cover all swim briefs. But I won’t give a lesson on Copywrite protection. But they have always focused just on competitive swimming and rarely stepped outside of that box.

Speedo started a new campaign for their Vibe collection. Their message is, “you can wear your practice suits outside of the pool.” I feel the only time they step outside of this box is for the Solar suits. If you aren’t familiar, the solar suits are bikini cut with one-inch sides. I know many of our readers love this suit.

I think Speedo could market some of their suits for people outside of the lap pool. More guys are wearing smaller swimwear. I like the classic Speedo suits. I think they look good on many different body types. Especially beefy guys, the 3-inch sides, I believe, are a good look.

The new campaign I initially saw in a video on Facebook. The campaign is focused on friends at a day at the beach rather than performance. This got me thinking, why hasn’t Speedo ever done this type of campaign before, or why haven’t they created a fun collection for the beach?

First, they have the money to do such a campaign. They have been around for over 50 years and are a staple in the world of swimming. Next, Speedo could use the same designs and use different and fun fabric featuring bolder colors and prints. Third, the collection could be a limited edition for summer. Lastly, if the campaign is successful making it a yearly campaign with new, limited edition designs each summer.

These are just some of my thoughts, curious to hear some of yours. Leave a comment

Are you wanting to take the Swim Brief Challenge? But you don’t want something too skimpy. You just want to dip your toe in the swim brief water. One of the best pairs to get is the Speedo Core Solid Brief. This is one of the first swim briefs I ever wore. It’s a classic in the world of swimwear. One that many guys out there wore on at swim team practice.

The Core Solid Brief is a solid. Shocking news i know! It’s in four colors, Navy, Red, Blue and Black. They are pretty basic in the world of swimwear. I think the first pair of these I bought were the black. You really can’t go wrong with the black. This pair is what I call a competition cut. It has wider sides, roughly about 3 inches. It will give you ample coverage but still have a brief form.

Why is this a beginners pair? As mentioned above you won’t be showing off all the goods. It’s a bigger cut but is flattering on many body types. The front is flat with no pouch. This mean’s you won’t be bulging to the extreme. Also, the pair fits great. I remember the first time I tried one on and I was like “OMG this feels amazing.” The brief will give you the support you need without constricting.

This is the pair that introduced me into wearing Speedos (I can say that since I’m talking about a Speedo brand swim brief) on the beach and in the pool. After a while I ventured into other brands and smaller pairs. I guess you could call this the gateway pair. It allowed me to feel comfortable and then move on to other pairs.

Lastly the pair is made from 74% Nylon / 26% LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber. Their Xtra Life Lycra is supposed to give 5-10X more wear. I can’t vouch for that seeing I haven’t bought one of these in the last few years. This pair is available for $39.00 from the Speedo site or you can find them at any big sporting goods retailer.

You Should Own One - Speedo Solar Swim Brief

To preface this post a bit, I do prefer more of a bikini style swim brief or micro brief. My favorite swim brief is the HOM micro swim brief, which they no longer produce. The one I’m going to suggest that you should have in your collection. Is between a typical swim brief and a micro brief.

I’ll call this brief the skimpiest conservative swimsuits that is perfect to wear anywhere you please. It should be acceptable swim attire everywhere that it is acceptable for a women to wear a bikini. It’s a swim brief that pretty much gives you full frontal and rear cover. The best feature is it has narrower sides than a typical swim brief. This suit is made by Speedo and they list it as one of their best sellers. So what swim brief is it that I think everyone should own?

If you haven’t guessed by now or figured it out from the picture. The swimsuit I’m talking about is the Speedo Solar 1″ Brief. This is one case where I think a well known brand is somewhat of a benefit. With Speedo being a big swim brand, I think it helps some with acceptability. This is especially so, since swim briefs still seem to be shunned to some extent. Normally, I don’t recommend something because it is a particular brand, a trending brand, or a big brand. But doesn’t hurt in this case.

This suit is great for reducing your tan lines at least a bit more over a normal swim brief. Though the sides are more of 1 1/2″ width than the 1″ stated. They’re well made with them being the Speedo brand. It’s a great fitting swim brief and one that will stay where it belongs swimming or in the waves. This is also a great transition swim brief for those wanting to go from a full swim brief to more of a micro swim brief. So far I have 5 styles/colors of this swim brief and would not hesitate to add more. Once I finally break into a full fledged swim brief wearer at the beach. This is going to be my go to conservative swim brief.

BRAND: Speedo
LINE: Swimwear
STYLE: Solar 1″
COLORS: Cyan, Orange Crush, Navy, Atlantic Blue, US Red, White, Lava Grey and Black
FABRIC: 80% nylon, 20% lycra
SIZES: Even waist sizes in inches
COST: $36.00

Are you tired of boys in board shorts? You want to see or show more skin on the beach? Well you maybe in luck! The Speedo maybe making a coming back to a beach near you!

The reasons we say this is because the London Telegraph is reporting that there is a 400% increase in people searching for “Speedo” on the net.This could be a sign that the swim briefs are making a come back. Here is the States, outside of competitive swimming the market was primarily gay and it was always a small percentage of the market. The general population never really wore them, not like in other countries. Europe, Brazil and Australia have all worn speedo regardless of sexual orientation. I think the man problem here in the states is they were deemed “gay.” So the general population never fully embraced them.

I remember wearing my speedos back in the day. They were fun, I think my favorite pair was this competition cut by Speedo with the US flag on the front. I loved those and I think I still have them. My other favorite was from LA Sporting Club, and were just a black bikini and I virtually wore them till they couldn’t be worn any more!

Timoteo SwimwearSkmpeez Swimwear

If you look at some of the new lines you may actually see this. Many of the brands we deal with have swim briefs aka Speedos. The prime example of this is Andrew Christian. He has come out with the Show-It and Flashback lines in briefs. He’s never stayed away from the style. Timoteo is another brand that has some great swim briefs as well. I have seen a trend that more and more swimwear is becoming very body conscious. The perfect example of this is Skmpeez, they are a company in the last few years and have several cuts and the board shorts are still a briefer cut then most.

Take our  Swimwear Guide fro example, there were plenty of swim briefs. I think more and more companies will come out with the style. It was huge in the 90’s and a lot of guys wore them. Then the 2000’s hit and board shorts became big in the mens’ swimwear market. Even the gay market turned away from the swim brief. They have moved towards square cut or trunk style or even board shorts.

In the article they had a major UK retailer talk about the swimwear is reflecting what’s going on in underwear. People are going from boxers to trunks, from trunks to briefs and so on. So when guys go for swimwear they are doing the same. In the states even straight guys are paying attention to undies. They are getting pairs for comfort and fashion. I think this will start to carry over to swimwear as well, but I don’t think we’ll see a big increase in speedos here. Over the next few years I think we’ll see more and more different types of swimwear be acceptable on the US Beaches.

My question is this, I see this happening in UK and Europe, but the US has been so conservative in it’s swimwear and even underwear. The last few years we have had major strides in underwear by all guys. Gone are the days of the White/Gray/Black and in just briefs and boxer briefs. Now we have color, different styles and even enhancing pairs. If you live in the states I would love to know if you have worn a speedo? If not would you? Or why wouldn’t you consider them?

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phelps_pubic michael_phelps_in_wetsuit-7140

It was announced this week that Speedo has extended it’s endorsement deal with Michael Phelps. They have extended this arrangement till 2013. Which is a year after the next Olympics.

Phelps has been one of the best swimmers in recent history. He won 8 gold metals in Beijing, breaking the all time record by Mark Spitz, earning him a $1 million dollar bonus. This feat has made them the all time metal leader with a total of 14 gold metals.

Phelps, some claim, has transformed the face of swimming. He’s done this by bringing more fans, interest and inspiring kids to join the sport. Few other athletes have done this to further their sports.

Lastly, there have been some controversy about should the swimmers go back to the swim brief suit or use the new full body suit. They have banned the some of the more advanced suits for 2010, so time will tell on what they decide. What do you think swimmers should wear?


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