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I have a 27″ waist.

Some people may think I’m joking when I say that, but keep in mind I’m only about as tall as Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe. Shopping for clothes is not as fun for us smaller men because so many things could never fit, even with a good tailor. Most underwear is sized with Small being 28-30″ but there are many where Small can start at 30″. This can lead to frustration and disappointment when you realize that the store won’t accept a return on an opened package and that the Boy’s Section does not carry a 2xist y-back thong. Luckily for my fellow petite gents out there I’ve done some legwork to find brands that accommodate the Extra Small underwear fan.


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HOM is a French brand that offers many styles in XS with a nice snug fit. The quality is outstanding and cuts are high on the leg for briefs. If you’d like a break from the current trend of giant brand names on the waistband, HOM offers very clean lines. It can be tricky finding a lot of colors outside of black, white and gray in the XS size, though. Overall HOM is a choice brand for basics with a sexy European edge.

American Apparel

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American Apparel doesn’t offer a variety of styles- just a brief and a boxerbrief, but they are available in XS. They come in a rainbow variety of bright, fun colors and are widely available through many retail locations. They have become something of an icon for retro fashion briefs. Personally, they are not my favorite because I find they have a pretty flat, uncontoured pouch and maybe too much room in the back (your mileage may vary). After a few washes things kept sneaking out the leg bands which seemed to stretch out quickly.


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C-IN2 offers a few basic styles in XS but the good news is that their size Small tends to be a great fit for XS guys as well. Look for “No Show” or “Low Profile” styles for a great pouch and a low rise. Their jocks fit pretty well too, but could be tighter in the leg bands for that great “strapped in” feeling. I find the built-in “enhancing ring” in some of their briefs overcomplicated and unnecessary, but they do show off the good china. C-IN2 is one of my all-time favorite brands and offers a lot of colors, textures, and prints for the XS underwear fan.



Addicted is a great brand from Spain that offers styles in XS. I have a brief, jockstrap, and jockbrief from them in XS and the fit is amazing. The jocks have nice thick leg straps for great butt lift and they have lot of bold colors and a striking signature waistband. The quality of construction is high, but so is the price tag. My Addicted XS jockstrap is in heavy rotation as my “wow factor” underwear and I look forward to ordering more from them soon.

Mundo Unico

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Unico does not make an XS but most everyone agrees that you should order a size up anyway. Their size small is a tight fit regardless, and sometimes it seems their pouches can’t contain all of your enthusiasm. I find the tag placement on the outside to be odd but otherwise they look hot and are well constructed. Their trunks and boxerbriefs have great grip on the thighs and check out their thermals/long johns for the winter months.

Andrew Christian

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Andrew Christian is booming now and seems to offer every style and color they make in XS. There’s a lot to choose from- briefs, jockbriefs, jocks, trunks, and even swimwear in youthful colors with lots of contrast piping. The fit in the waist and leg bands for XS is good, and a lot of them now come with “enhancing” or hanging-pouch features for your junk. I’m not a huge fan myself of the “toucan beak” or “anteater snout” look for my bulge but if you like to swing in the breeze then get some Andrew Christian.

Gregg Homme

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Gregg Homme makes XS gear that you may not want to be seen folding at the laundry. Alternatively, stacking up a pile of Gregg Homme’s fetish-inspired mesh, faux leather, sheer crotches, zippers, and bondage strap underwear at the laundromat would definitely be a way to get attention!  This stuff is definitely more playwear than daywear but has good construction with a definite attention to textures and fabrics. I don’t think the brand really does anything in “relaxed fit” so you can be sure the sizing will be snug. I appreciate that Gregg Homme doesn’t leave the XS guys out when it comes to dressing like a vampire stripper.

Brands that don’t make XS styles may still fit, but it may take some trial and error based on how close you are. It can be frustrating to buy something and have it look much baggier on you than expected, especially since returning a worn jockstrap can be tricky. Small sizes that are listed as within 28″ generally fit for me but not always as snug as I’d like. Check the sizing chart for each brand, some start at 30″ for Small. A good tip is to look for the ones that have lycra or spandex blended in, as those tend to be cut smaller with room for stretch. Don’t forget that you can try to shrink a cotton garment by washing it in hot water and drying it on high heat.

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