As you know by now, I have an affinity for thongs, and when I discovered Andrew Christian’s newest thong design, I knew I had to have it and review it. The Andrew Christian NanoFit Thong  is made from 95% Rayon (bamboo fiber) and 5% spandex. It features a traditional male thong design and currently comes in two colors, Burgundy and Teal (I bought both).

I am a huge Andrew Christian fanatic, it is the brand that features most prominently in my expanding collection of what is approaching 200 pairs. I am a particular fan of the NanoFit line which offers slimmer, sexier, more athletic looking lines than any of the other collections. An XL (34-36″) fits my 37″ waist comfortably, but I would stay away from sizing down as A.) this is a thong, so there is naturally less material and B.) unless you’re at the “bottom” number (34″ in the case of size XL) you should think about getting these true to your size.

The amount of Rayon in the NanoFit designs are one of the elements that set it apart from Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked line. The NanoFit line will hug your body ever so slightly more than a pair of underwear from the Almost Naked line, which keeps that soft fabric close to you all day. On this NanoFit Thong, the front pouch, which resembles any common jockstrap will both fit and cover your goods in comfortable fashion. Additionally, there is a “triangle” of rayon fabric at the back, which obviously provides the differentiation between it and a jockstrap. Like all Andrew Christian waistbands, the waistband on this thong is fairly comfortable, but on the burgundy thong, I found that the waistband fit slightly tighter than with the teal, but both laid nicely (flat) against the skin.

The construction of this thong is probably the most important part of this review to pay attention to. This thong is a bit of a re-re-think for the designer. Thong enthusiasts were happy in 2012 when “A.C.” introduced us to the Almost Naked Thong, but it was a departure from Andrew Christian’s original, “Show-It” thong design, with the leg seams creating a bigger rise from the waistband. The result was a thong that is really comfortable, but does not maintain its shape throughout the day, as the leg openings roll up with only a few steps.  This thong replicates the original construction by attaching the leg openings to the waistband itself but makes two key departures from the original “Show-It” version. The most important in my mind being a reduction of material that makes up the back of the thong (both prior designs featured a wider V shape which made the thong seem like it was trying to decide if it wanted to be a half-boyshort or a thong) and the other change that makes it the second thong to feature the Anatomically Correct Pouch. Overall the construction is very solid and it’s the best thong from Andrew Christian to date. Is it, or should it be the final chapter in terms of thong design? No, but I would like to see A.C. use this construction as a template for all future thongs.

If I have any hangup with this thong it is in the “looks” department, but this is a very subjective category. I own just about every thong design out there, provided I can get my endowment and bubble butt into them and as my thong collection has expanded I’ve developed the preference for my thongs to look like thongs, and not jockstraps per se. However I am more than willing to make an exception with this one. The colors, with the shiny silver waistband that has come to embody the NanoFit line, and the contrasts of the Teal and Neon Green and Light Blue and Burgundy that make up the bulk of this thong, make it one of the best thongs you can buy. You’ll be happy with the way it differentiates itself from other thongs that have a similar design, and to me that helps this thong make the grade.

As far as daily wear is concerned, I don’t have to say much other than that I could wear this thong all day every day, if I didn’t like the variety my collection offers me. The fabric is incredibly soft, which encompasses the entire “string” so you literally like you feel like you aren’t wearing underwear at all, and certainly not a thong-which to most men is what they are looking/hoping for.

This Andrew Christian NanoFit Thong is one of the best out there right now, and as a guy who is not afraid to talk about my love for the thong, you need to go try this out. It would be a great first thong, but it will likely be met with more appreciation from guys who are already into thongs. You can get yours at AndrewChristianShop.com for $17.93


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent Construction
  • Great for all-day wear


  • Looks fairly average


Fit – 5

Materials – 5

Put Together (Construction) – 4.5

Look – 4 

Daily Wear – 5

Overall – 4.7

Note: this review was done before our revision.