I love getting the opportunity to try new brands of undies that I have never before owned.  I feel I have an extensive collection, but when I have the opportunity to expand my underwear collection even more, I get very excited. With that being said, when I found out I was getting a couple pairs of JustUs Boyz, a brand I have read and heard lots about, I couldn’t wait!

JustUs Boyz is a men’s collection put out by the JustUs Clothing Company in Royal Oak Michigan. JustUs Boyz offers a wide range of underwear from jocks and hip briefs to boxers and fitted trunks. They also offer hoodies and thermals as well as a huge line of accessories.

I was very excited to get two pairs of their fitted, trunk style undies, one in the “Solider Boyz Like it Hard” and “Gay Boyz Like It Hard” styles. The Solider style is a tan camouflage print with the words “Soldier Boyz Like It Hard” screen printed on the left thigh. It has a matching tan elastic waistband with the JustUs Boyz logo embroidered on it. The Gay Boyz style is a white undie with the words “Gay Boyz Like It Hard” printed on the left thigh. It has an accented Royal Blue waistband. Both of these styles fit the same.

These undies caught my eye before I got them out of the box.  If you haven’t ever seen the box that JustUs Boyz comes in, it is well worth it. I will leave it at that! These undies fit much like any other trunk cut would. They are cut a little higher on the hip, but from a guy that likes trunk cuts, it was not noticeable at all.  Besides being cut a little different, it was hard for me to find anything about this style that really stood out.  The JustUs Boyz trunk has a pretty standard pouch and there is enough fabric to provide for optimal coverage.  I will say that both styles wear great for everyday wear.

Overall, these were just above average for me. I wish they would have taken the creativity further then a screen print saying on the leg. I will, however, be trying more from this brand.  Their clothing line looks great and the jocks are amazing from what I have heard. I am definitely not ready to through in the towel on this brand.

Fit: 4
Materials: 4
Put Together: 4
Look: 5
Daily wear: 5

Overall: 4.4

I encourage you to check out the JustUs Boyz website to see everything this company has to offer.  You can purchase these styles for $22.00 and many other styles and clothing from their website.

I have another review for you guys. I very much enjoyed this review because I have made N2N Bodywear one of my top favorite brands! This time our friends at N2N sent us their Cotton G-String to review. I have a size large. If you are interested in this revealing item, make sure you check out the N2N website where you will find a large selection of color choices in this particular g-string.


At first glance, the N2N Cotton G-String seems like any other standard g-string. It has a modern “less-is-more” design. I love this style of design since I want the support but not the unwanted extra material and bulk.

I became aware of two things while wearing this thong. Firstly, it fits well and molds to the shape of the wearer. This gives the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything at all. Secondly, the material and the way it was constructed make it very comfortable so that you hardly notice the rear string. That, I believe, is the most important factor in finding a good thong….whether or not the rear string is noticeable and comfortable for daily wear. As I have mentioned in previous postings and articles, I am more a fan of the Y-back designed thongs. This T-back design, however, works well. The folks over at N2N did a great job on this one!


I feel that this thong has a great look. The design and cut is solid which adds in how well it hangs on a guy. I wore this thong for a full day and found it very comfortable and not irritating in the least. I did not have a chance to wear it to the gym. Maybe I will the next time I choose it from my collection.

In conclusion, the N2N Cotton G-String is a revealing and sexy thong that should be a part of any guy’s underwear wardrobe. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

If you are interested in getting your hands on this thong, make sure to hit up the N2N website at www.N2Nbodywear.com. Along with this thong, you can check out all the other great items that N2N has to offer. I personally love to browse the site often and can’t wait till I get the chance to review their workout gear.


I hope that everyone had a chance to read my last review about the Andrew Christian “Show-It” swim trunks and have picked up a pair for themselves. I have another great suit to tell you about that would be a very BOLD addition to your summer swimwear. It is the Andrew Christian “Almost Naked” Swim Bikini. Again, our friends at Andrew Christian were kind enough to send us this suit to review. Let me give you some advise. The design is bold, but when you get the suit in white, you are asking for some trouble. Good trouble that is!


The fit of the “Almost Naked” bikini suit was great. It gave ample coverage in the front and back. The pouch of the bikini swimsuit is a unique feature that gives it its very bold and sexy look. Not only has the pouch been created to cup your package, but also allows it to hang ergonomically correct. This means it gives your package a very comfortable and “obvious” pouch in which to sit. From the pictures, you can see this suit is not for the faint or boring at heart.

The materials used to create this sexy looking swimsuit are fantastic. The bikinis feel soft and at the same time durable. They are made with Sport UPF Fade Resistant Fabric 50+ which means that over 95.7% of UV rays are blocked by the fabric. Sport UPF Resistant Fabric is also fade resistant meaning you will be able to wear it in the sun all summer before the fabric begins to fade.


I have been told that bikini/speedo style suits are not that flattering on me and can emphasize the size of my hips. Opinions, however, vary and if you are like me and have the confidence to wear this suit, you will LOVE IT! One thing that should be noted about the particular pair that I reviewed was the color. I reviewed the bikini suit in white, and there is some translucency when it gets wet. It’s not too bad. But it should be taken under advisement. I do feel that the white color of this suit very much adds to its bold and sexy look. If you want to be bold and sexy, but not “white swimsuit” bold, then opt for one of the other colors. There is no doubt in my mind that you will still turn heads while wearing this suit around the pool and at the beach.


Check out the Andrew Christian “Almost Naked” swim bikini because I think it’s a daring new addition to my collection. If I have the balls to wear it, you should too! I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

You can purchase the “Almost Naked” swim bikini and other Andrew Christian swimwear and underwear at their website www.andrewchristian.com.

The summer is just getting started and it’s time to gear up. We here at UnderwearNewsBriefs.com have already written up a 2009 Summer Swim Suit Guide that we posted several weeks ago about suits from various brands we thought were both eye-catching and fun for this year. Now it’s time to review some new swimwear and give you the “411” on what’s hot this summer. Our first swimwear review will be of the Andrew Christian “Show-It” swim trunks. Now, you might have already heard about the “Show-It” underwear line Andrew Christian had first developed. It sold like hotcakes. After this, they decided to create a swimsuit line. Our friends over at Andrew Christian were gracious enough to send me a pair of the red/black trunks in a size large.


I will admit that I was a bit skeptical since I have felt AC underwear/swimwear would not work too well with a body type like mine. I was wrong. The size large fit well with ample coverage in both the front and back. The “Show-It” technology lives true to its name. The ‘comfy cup’ design inside gives a lift to my package and helps it say “HI” to the world. The cup is lined with soft elastic making it very comfortable for a long day at the beach or pool.


The materials used to create this sexy looking swimsuit are great. The trunks feel soft and at the same time durable. They are made with Sport UPF Fade Resistant Fabric 50+ which means that over 95.7% of UV rays are blocked by the fabric. Sport UPF Resistant Fabric is also fade resistant meaning you will be able to wear it in the sun all summer before the fabric begins to fade.

I once only liked Speedo swimwear even though I didn’t think it would look that great on me, but I can tell you now that I have fallen in love with trunk style swimwear. It looks so much better on my body type. The AC “Show-It” swim trunk is a great addition to my summer attire. Its overall look can be summed up in two works: “HOT & SEXY”!

Check out the Andrew Christian “Show-It” swim trunks. I am excited to have it in my swimwear collection and I am sure you will too. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

You can purchase the “Show-It” swim trunks and other Andrew Christian swimwear and underwear at their website www.andrewchristian.com.

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed writing this review. Not only did I love what I was reviewing, a jockstrap, but I also had the chance to change my opinion about a brand. The brand in question was N2N Bodywear for which I have always had an inclination. From underwear to singlets and running tights, N2N design and color combinations have always caught my eye. I personally feel like all of their products are SEXY!


The background story on my opinion reversal is simple. Several months ago, I obtained the N2N Raider jock. I was excited to get it since it was a combination of two things I like which are jocks and mesh. Unfortunately, to my utter disappointment, the jock didn’t fit. I realized the issues with the jock included a small pouch that gave no amount of room for growth and a waistband that would have been for someone with a 40 inch waist. I obviously sent the item back with a frown on my face. Last week, when I was informed I was getting the N2N jock to review, I crossed my fingers and hoped my experience with the Raider jock was not to be repeated.

My hopes and prayers were answered. The N2N BT jock fit great. It was actually a bit loose and had an ample amount of room in the pouch. I reviewed a size large. I am curious as to how a smaller size would fit for comparison. The waistband is about a half inch wide. The leg straps and waistband were comfortable during wear. I felt the leg straps could have been a bit tighter. The pouch is the best part, being made of breathable, stretchy fabric. It is very soft to the touch as well. So soft, in fact, that I felt as if I was not wearing anything at all. The materials that make up this sexy number are high quality and worth every penny. The BT jock is well assembled and has one of the sexiest looks I have seen in underwear. If possible, I will be getting another one in a different color if that relays to you how I feel about this jock. I enjoyed wearing it all day as well as to the gym.


In conclusion, the N2N BT Jockstrap is a very comfy and sexy jockstrap that should be a part of any guy’s underwear wardrobe. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

If you are as enthusiastic about this jock as I am, then you should get your hands on one ASAP! You can get the N2N BT jock from the N2N website at www.N2Nbodywear.com along with other great N2N products.

It is briefs time and I’m trying out a pair from Priape Wear called the Bruce Brief. This brief is especially stylish for the upcoming summer months with its tropical pattern. This is another exciting brand carried by our friends at The Poster Hut here in Atlanta, GA. If you find this review interesting and want to slide these summer briefs over your rear, you should pay a visit to these guys soon.


The Bruce Brief has a somewhat classic fit and style. I had the opportunity to review a size large in the red tropical pattern. The overall fit of the brief wasn’t bad. My package was well supported and the seat provided for good coverage. I had two issues, however, with the fit. The pouch has a classic style so it didn’t have a great deal of room as other modern designed briefs. Also, the seat rode up and would not stay in place. I know there are several styles available these days that are designed to show off your cheeks, but this style is not a good one for me.

The fabric is soft cotton and the waistband elastic is comfortable. The briefs have a great look and feel to them and are well constructed. The tropical print is very hot for a wild look. I personally love the look of the briefs and wish the fit had been better for my mini-van sized rear. I believe this brief would be great for daily wear, but from my experience, I wanted to take them off and go commando halfway through the day. Alas, opinions vary and so do body types. You will need to check out the briefs yourself and make a judgment call.

To sum it all up, I believe the Priape Bruce Brief is a festive addition to any summer wardrobe. I give it an overall rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   3

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       4

Overall:            4.2


If you want to get into a festive summer mood, then get a hold of these briefs. You can purchase the Priape Bruce Brief along with other Priape Wear products from the following websites, including the main brand website:

Priape Wear www.priapewear.com

Nuwear www.nuwear.com

Erogenos www.erogenos.com

As said at the beginning, if you live in or around the Atlanta, GA area, you can pick up your Priape Bruce Brief at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “I’m back”, and, I have another review of a great jockstrap. The jock in question is the Nasty Pig Sports Jock. I am sure you have heard of or seen the brand before. It is a brand that is predominately in the leather, latex, and rubber fetish world. I would love to review a few jocks in these categories because I believe it would be fun! This particular brand is also carried by our local friends at Poster Hut. If you love this review and want to get your hands on this jock or other items by Nasty Pig, you should make your way over to Poster Hut.


Let’s begin with this nasty review! The Nasty Pig Sports Jock fit great. I reviewed a size large. I chose the one with the red trim. The jock wasn’t too tight in the waistband and I felt the pouch had enough room for my package. The waistband was two inches wide which is comparable to what you normally find in stores. Usually, a traditional athletic jockstrap has a three inch wide waistband and athletic swimmer jocks have a one inch waistband. I have always felt that the three inch wide band was too much so this was a nice change of pace. The leg straps were comfortable and thin and the rubber Nasty Pig logo on the front of the waistband never caused issues. The material of the jock is high quality and soft to the touch. Overall, I believe this jock was designed very well. It has elements of a traditional jock, and at the same time, has modern aspects as well.

You can find this jock in several color combinations, mostly black with accent trim in yellow, red, and white. You can also, however, get the jock in white with black trim. I believe this jock has a great look to it and, as I said before, it’s a modern take on the traditional jock look, both in design and material. I wore this jock all day as well as when I was at the gym and found it to hold up well. It is a great jock for everyday wear.

To sum it all up, I believe the Nasty Pig Sports Jock is a very high-quality jock. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you are into jocks as much as I am, this is a must have for your collection. You can purchase the Nasty Pig Sports Jock from several websites including the main Nasty Pig site. Here are the website addresses:

Nasty Pig www.nastypig.com

International Jock www.internationaljock.com

Undergear www.undergear.com

But, if you live in or around the Atlanta, GA area, you can pick up your Nasty Pig Sports Jock at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.



The perfect weather is when it gets warmer because the warmer it gets, the less clothes I have to wear. And, it’s obviously the perfect weather for a jock! That being said, I want to tell you about a very bold jock I recently had the opportunity to review. It is the Gigo jockstrap. Gigo is a brand from Brazil. They have bold and unique patterns and just the right amount of style. I will admit from a personal perspective that the pouches of the jocks are a bit loud and bold for me. Some of these patterns, however, I do like.

The first thing you should know about this jock as well as the whole line of briefs, boxers, and thongs from Gigo is that the sizes run small. This should always be kept in mind when making your purchase. Because of my “junk in the trunk” build and pouch requirements, I had to go with an extra large. At first, I was skeptical. As I was putting the jock on, I was thinking, “This isn’t going to fit!” After getting it on and realizing that it is meant to have a very low cut look, I decided to give it a try. I was also hesitant about the leg straps as they are a bit wider than I am used to. I gave the jock the benefit of the doubt and wore it for the day. The jock was very comfortable to my amazement. It wasn’t too tight or loose. It rode low on my waist but wasn’t uncomfortable. The pouch material wasn’t binding at all which is a necessity of mine. More room in the pouch would have been preferred. The waistband, leg straps, and pouch were soft and comfortable. The pouch itself was breathable and form fitting. I would say this jock is well put together. Once again, I have to say for the most part, Gigo underwear uses a smaller size scale and bigger guys like myself need to think about sizing-up from what you normally buy.

I love the look of Gigo because of it’s boldness and uniqueness. It has a large assortment of patterns from bold to exotic that should satisfy anyone’s tastes. I wore the jock all day and found it to be comfortable overall. I did not, however, get the opportunity to wear the jock to the gym. Based on the style and patterns, I would say this is more of a fashion jock than a workout jock. But, then again, who am I to judge what you wear under your gym shorts. Wear what you love because that is all that matters!

70sjsback 70s_jsresized2

To sum up my review, I think the Gigo jockstrap is an exotic and bold jock with a lot of attitude.  I give it an overall rating of 4.6 on a scale of 5. This is based on the fact that the overall sizing runs small and the pouch, at least for me, could have used a bit more room.

Fit:                 4

Materials:        5

Put Together:   5

Look:               5

Daily Wear:      4

Overall:          4.6


If you want a stylish jockstrap that has both bold colors and styles, then check out the Gigo jockstrap along with the briefs, boxers, and thongs.  You can purchase the jockstrap as well as other lines of Gigo underwear from Underwear Station at http://www.underwearstation.com.

I am back again with another review of some great stuff that our friends at Joe Snyder supplied us with. Actually, we didn’t just get one pair to review we got the whole line! This line from Joe Snyder has someone for everyone’s taste. It is the Joe Snyder Exclusive line. And it can only found at Undergear.com. Now reviewing a whole line is a tall order but I aim to please. As I write this review I have already had the privilege of sporting three of the four items in this line. And I plan on wearing making it four-for-four before the week is out.

dscf5040Joe Snyder continues to use quality materials when constructing their underwear and this new line for Undergear.com is no exception. I recently brought you a review of the Joe Snyder Camo Thong and I can tell you they used the same comfortable and stretch material in the Joe Snyder Exclusive line. The fabric molds to your body and gives the feeling of total support without the feeling that you’re constricted at the same time. I think that if underwear can do that then you have found something you have to try on. Our good friends at Joe Snyder supplied us with size mediums to review and like I said last time I am more of a large, but that didn’t stop me from sporting these. The size mediums fit well and still give me the room I need.


Now I need to focus on something unique that has been designed into each style of this line. It is a “lift” system. I am sure you have all seen other lines that have some sort of “lift” constructed into it. Whether it is an internal sling that you have to attach around your package or an opening that allows your package to hang out like a suspensor jock; nothing can compare to what Joe Snyder has done. I have tried out many version of this some work, and some don’t. This one is a keeper! The more important feature is that it’s simple.

Basically you slide on the style you like, whether it is the bikini or the thong and you place your package through the whole. This gives your package its own pouch in the underwear separate from the rest. Once you have placed your package through the hole you lift up the pouch and snap it in place. Now what can be simpler than that? One other brand had something similar, well at least one that I thought enough of to buy and the only difference was that the whole pouch unsnapped. Now this might seem like a great idea. And believe me I have thought about it a great deal. But I feel the Joe Snyder version is much more practical. It gives you the same lift and coverage with the added sexiness, but not a lot of hassle. The comfort and lift of the pouch is the best feature and pictures cannot full describe the way it feels so get one on ASAP.


And finally, the last point to chat about is daily wear. I have worn the trunk, bikini, and the thong since I received the goods from Joe Snyder and I can say these are great for daily use. They are comfortable, stretchy and lift my package up well with no annoying side effects.

So to sum it all up, I believe the Joe Snyder Exclusive line is a crowd pleaser for all. I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   4
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            4.8

Again, don’t forget that this exclusive line from Joe Snyder can only be found at Undergear.com. So make sure to check it out ASAP. The bikini, thong, and trunk range in the usual sizes of Joe Snyder and the jock is a one-size-fits all. You can’t go wrong with a line that has something for everyone. No matter if you are a totally jock fan like me and only occasional sport briefs and trunks, or you are the total opposite. There is something for everyone, and everyone deserves a great “lift” right where you need it.

dscf4985 dscf5007

Hey there! I have another interesting review for all you UnderwearNewsBrief.com fans. The reason why it’s so interesting is for two reasons. First, it is that it’s another pair of briefs. And that is a bit strange coming from a 30 something guy that wears jocks about 95% of the time. The second reason is that the type/style of brief is a bit exotic from the usual briefs I own myself. The briefs are the HOM plume II micro briefs. I reviewed the flesh colored micro briefs in size large.

img_0026-22008Let’s get this review rolling. The fit of the briefs were comfortable. The size large worked well for me. As always, less is more for me, and these briefs pull that off well. The micro waistband is snug and very functional. The material is very soft and almost silk like. As well as a bit sheer. One big plus for me, I very much enjoy sheer and/or mesh when wearing briefs. It gives them a sexy look without revealing too much. The pouch area had a good amount of room. My junk didn’t feel confined. The seat of the briefs had great coverage and held in position all day long. I however did not wear these too the gym, so I can’t comment on their ability to hold up while working out. But I would say the style alone tells me these are not workout gear material. But then again, that call is always up to the wearer.

Overall, the cut and style, along with the high quality materials make this brief one well put-together and very sexy item. But the look is not for the timid at heart. You have to be a truly man’s man to wear this brief. The waistband is micro and gives off the look of women’s underwear a bit. This is compounded by the flesh color. Now this brief is available in black as well. So if you are not a fan of the flesh color you have another option. However, I do img_0027-22008have to say that after wearing this brief I found it to be very comfortable and functional. And the skimpy and sheer look gives it a very sexy look. So I would totally wear this brief again, if someone would be kind enough to pass along a pair in black.

So to sum it all up, I believe the HOM plume II micro brief is a very stylish and exotic pair of briefs. I give it an overall rating of 4.6 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                 4
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:          4.8

So if you are a bit on the wild side and enjoy an exotic look every now and then you should totally take a look online at DeadGoodUndies.com and check out the HOM plume II micro briefs. Don’t just stop there either; take a look at the very large selection of HOM briefs, g-strings, and hipster style trunks.



Here is a change of pace. Instead of having a review that at least included a thong or a jock this one is solely about briefs. Our good friends at DeadGoodUndies.com have asked us to review the Jockey Sports Stretch Microfiber Mesh Brief. The Jockey brand is an old personal favorite of mine. It was the first brand I eyed when I became interested in underwear. My fascination started with the bikini and string bikini briefs from Jockey. I also love their undershirts. But let’s not lose focus, back to the briefs. As I always do, I wore the briefs for a whole day including a trip to the gym. The briefs I reviewed were a size large. This is a good size for me when it comes to Jockey. The pouch had ample room and the back supplied good coverage. However, the rear seat of the briefs moved around a bit while I was running on the treadmill so I did have to adjust just a bit.

The material is very soft and stretchy, which is great when you are wearing them while working out. The waistband is comfortable and didn’t cause any irritation while working out. The overall fit and design of the brief is functional and very comfy. They also include mesh material along the front-waist area that helps with breathability while working out.

As I have said before, when it comes to briefs I love the skimpy look and these briefs have that look. They have less material that a regular brief but are not the full string bikini brief that Jockey have had in the past. It has both a sexy look but also very functional for working out and playing sports. I personally wish they would add a jockstrap to this particular line of Jockey. I think it would be a hit. But I will just have to hit up our friends at DeadGoodUndies.com for more pairs in other colors.

So to sum it all up, I believe the Jockey Sports Stretch Microfiber Mesh Brief is a great pair of briefs. I give it an overall rating of 4.6 on a scale of 5.

  • Fit:  4
  • Materials: 5
  • Put Together: 5
  • Look:  5
  • Daily Wear: 5
  • Overall: 4.8

You can find these briefs as well as a mid thigh length Sport Trunk, boxer shape Trunk and Athletic Shirt in this particular Jockey Sports Stretch Microfiber Mesh line at DeadGoodUndies.com. The briefs are in while, black, and a kiwi green color and are around $12.

img_0045-42008 img_0060-42008 img_0061-42008

img_0073_pp img_0075