If I was excited to try to the PPU Boxers I reviewed last month, I was thrilled to try out the Baskit just /b/ briefs from the moment they came in the mail. I once had a a Baskit jock that I absolutely loved, but it got lost in a move and I never replaced it. I was eager to try something new from the brand, though to be honest, I wasn’t too sure about the high cut hips. The just /b/ brief is available in three color combinations: Black/Red, Bubblegum (read: pink)/Grey and Bright Blue (read: aqua)/Navy. Baskit also makes the same style in a low-rise trunk in the same three color combos. I tried the black/red brief.

My review day was slightly more active than my normal routine. I drove 45 minutes to work, went on a site visit about an hour-and-a-half away (so that’s total 4 hours in the car), was out in the hot sun for about two hours while on the site visit, did several hours of work in the office in the afternoon and evening and then went out with friends for several hours after that. I planned a less active day than that, but considering how long my day ended up being, the diversity of activities I was engaged in and how held well this pair held up, I think that they would be perfect for just about any kind of day.

I got a size small (S), and Baskit says guys with waists between 28 and 30 inches should feel comfortable with that. This pair fit like a glove, so I would suggest people get the size that Baskit recommends for them.

More than anything else, I loved the fit of this pair. It was absolutely perfect. I’ve worn several pairs of high-rise style briefs and none have fit quite right until these. They’ve always squeeze my butt a bit too much and seemed to sit oddly on my hips. I didn’t feel any of that with this pair. I also felt a lot of support with this pair, but not in a uncomfortable or constricting way. I haven’t found many pairs that accomplish that feat. Also, I really liked the material this pair was made of. Baskit says its 90% Micro Modal and %10 Elastane. I’m not quite sure that means, but whatever it is it works. The pair was soft and breathable against my skin at the same time.

I’d rate the design about average. The cut is great: sporty, slightly sexy and super comfortable. But I’m not a bit fan of the waistband, the wide stripes on the side or the red/black color combination. That being said, I really like the pictures I’ve seen of the pink/grey version. To sum up:


  • The fit was amazing. There’s no comparison to any other high-rise brief I’ve tried
  • The material is both soft and breathable


  • Not the biggest fan of the color selection
  • I’d take the tag off the waistband and maybe go with one of the other two color choices

And here are my ratings:

  • Daily Fit — 10
  • Sizing — 10
  • Construction/Materials — 10
  • Styling — 7
  • Daily Performance — 9
  • Overall — 9.2

This pair was furnished for review by Baskit.


I was really excited to review the PPU 1319 Boxers I got as soon as I got them in the mail. I’m not usually one for mesh, but I was excited to try them out and see what I thought. When I signed on to write for UNB, I told myself that I would try new things, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity. I wasn’t disappointed. I’m usually not thrilled by white, but the sexy style intrigued me right away. I haven’t tried any other PPU styles before, but had heard really good things. This style is also available in black with a black waistband.

My day for this review was a little more active than usual. I started with an hour bus ride to work, a full day of work, an hour bus ride home, a bunch of errands all around town and an evening run. I think the fact that they held up so well for this active of day then they would hold up normally. I don’t think these would work well for a lounging around day, mostly because there is so little to them.

I got a size medium, which is generally a size up than I normally take, but it ended up working out great for me. PPU says that this size is for people with waists between 32 and 24 inches. The pair are true to size and the sizing is based on American standards.

Overall, I really liked the feel of this pair. It felt like I was wearing nothing, but not in an uncomfortable, I’m-going-commando-right-now way. They were so soft, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I was expecting. I’d say the look was average. I really like the portions that are mesh, but don’t really like the parts that are “solid.” If it was up to me, I would have changed the solid portions so that they were actually solid and didn’t have such weird patterns. I thought they were cheesy.

1319(1)1319(2)1319(4) 1319(3)

So the verdict is in. I made it through my first mesh review pair, I am alive and I’m actually happy with what I ended up with. If you are afraid of trying something that might be a sexier than you would usually go for, DO IT. You might (and probably will be) pleasantly surprised. To sum up:


  • The fit was fabulous. Keep in mind that I got a size larger than I normally take, but I think if you stick with your regular size you should be good.
  • Though the look is “sexy,” the material is super soft, and comfortable for your average day at work.
  • I love the red trim and waistband against the white. Looks great!


  • The pattern on the solid parts of the pair isn’t the best

And here are my ratings:

  • Daily Fit — 8
  • Sizing — 8
  • Construction/Materials — 10
  • Styling — 7
  • Daily Performance — 9
  • Overall — 8.4

This pair was furnished for review by PPU.


The most recent pair I received for review was the PPÜ 1310 Brief, which is described as their “Men’s Low Rise Classic Brief with Contrasting Waistband and Trim.” It comes in three color options to the masses, but the review pair I received were the royal blue briefs with white trim. Upon hearing which brief I would be reviewing and getting them in my hands for the first time I was excited about trying them. I have recently dropped a bunch of weight and really have been fitting well into all of my smaller undies so I didn’t think I’d have any issues. My first impressions were that this is a traditional brief in terms of cut and design but the fact that it is 82.5% Nylon and 17.5% spandex gives it a modern look and feel.

I’ve only gotten one other pair of PPÜ undies before, from a fan who sent me their crazy jockstrap/brief which they call a “Modern Brief” and it fit fairly well, so I was a bit disappointed when I slipped these on. It wasn’t that the waist on these XLs (34-36) was too tight, but I think the problem stemmed from the brief’s construction. The rather large amount of spandex in this brief really provides an overall constrictive fit, and with my body shape, that’s not always the best marriage. I am athletically built and have always had quite the butt on me, and with all underwear, the roundness of my backside puts all of my underwear to the test, and these briefs couldn’t really handle my bubble butt like I was hoping they would. The stretch my butt was producing naturally pulled the already small pouch closer to my body, so I felt really cramped up front and since I am fairly well-endowed had to situate myself just right to get a comfortable fit. I only wore them a couple hours before I gave up, but I blame that entirely on the brief and me just not matching up.

Overall the construction is very well done, the brief is mostly nylon which in this brief is fairly breathable making them a good choice for summer wear. All of the contrasting trim-the waistband, the pouch frame and the leg openings feature really strong spandex, which provides a close fit. I think on an average to skinny sized male, these briefs would be an excellent choice to wear this summer. As I said, the pair I reviewed was royal blue with white piping, but the two other color options are summer ready. The first is coral with grey trim, and the other option is a mint blue with royal blue trim, I think both look really good.

These briefs certainly run small in comparison with other offerings from PPÜ and some other brands that are known to run small, so make sure you size up. I wish they had given me a better fit, but as I said if you are a smaller guy, or even someone with a medium build and maybe not packing too much up front, these would be an ideal summer brief. You can find these briefs at a variety of online retailers and they retail for $21.

If you have any questions about the PPÜ Brief #1310 you can get a hold me by sending me a message on Twitter, @UNBBrandon 


  • Breathable for summer wear
  • Stylish
  • Supportive Fit


  • Run small
  • Small Pouch


  • Daily Fit – B
  • Sizing – C
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – B*
  • Overall – B

*with the right fit, these would hold up over the day fairly well

PPU Furnished this pair for review.




8639 (3)

When I first received my pair of Pikane Biologic Piping Briefs in the mail, I wasn’t so sure about what I saw. They appeared way too small for my size, used a strange combination of colors and felt a little bit weird. I hadn’t tried any other pairs by the brand, and heard good things, so I figured I’d give them a whirl. This particular style comes in three colors–I tried the purple/grey combination.

Before writing this review, I wore the pair for a fairly normal day for me. I rode the bus 45 minutes to work, sat in my office working all day long and then wore them as my pajamas for a night’s sleep. Though I didn’t really have an “active day,” I think this pair would hold up really well regardless of what you’re doing, because the material was so lightweight and comfortable.

I have a 29-inch waist and got a size small. I found the pair to be true-to-size, but definitely on the smaller/tighter end of the scale. They’re also fairly stretchy. The sizing is Columbian..

Overall, I really liked the feel of this pair against my skin, which really surprised me. They’re 100% polyester and I almost never go with that. The material was extremely breathable. My heritage leans heavy on the Italian side, so I can sweat profusely on a typical day. I didn’t experience any of that with these. They also fit surprisingly well–not too tight as I had initially thought they would be when I received them. I think the look is what could use the most improvement. Though the purple-gray combination definitely grew on me, I found both the pattern and the waistband to be a bit cheesy.


Though I initially thought that this pair wasn’t for me, after about 24 hours of wear, I was presently surprised–the fit was perfect, the material comfortable and the look fair. They also passed the boyfriend test–I showed them to him at the end of the day and he thought they were great. To sum up:


  • The fit might run a bit small for some folks, but overall Pikante’s Biologic Piping Briefs are true-to-size
  • The material makes this pair a great choice for any type of day–active, average or just lounging around


  • The waistband for me was a little to cheesy. I’d like to see them remove the pepper that makes the ‘i” little guy that makes the “t” in Pikante. I saw on their website that they offer several styles with different waistbands
  • The design / cut was a little too sexy for my personal taste

And here are my ratings:

  • Daily Fit — A
  • Sizing — A
  • Construction/Materials — A-
  • Styling — B
  • Daily Performance — A
  • Overall — B+

Clever furnished this pair for review.

Zylas 4034


I haven’t ever worn a pair of Zylas underwear before, so when I got the 4034 Brief in the mail, I was excited to try them out. Once I had them in my hands I had a mixed first impression. The brief is mostly made of Nylon, an underwear fabric that I haven’t had much luck with. While I am not a huge fan of the 70s inspired conglomeration of greens and vertical stripes, these briefs do have some style to them.

Another first reaction before I had before I got them on was the size of the waist, it looked too small to match the sizing chart for what a Zylas XL brief should be (34-36). Once I got them on, my initial impression seemed accurate, as the waist was a little snug.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that when it comes to men’s briefs, if the waist is snug, it’s likely going to be snug in all the wrong places too, but this turned out to be only partially true. I decided to wear them for a full work day to really put the brief through its paces. While I was nervous about how the brief would hold up, with its blend of nylon and spandex, these briefs stood the test of a busy day.

I did have an issue with sizing, when I peeled them off in the evening, I did have quite the “imprint” on my 36″ waist but over the course of the day, I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort around my waist. As with many Latin/South American brands, these weren’t made with U.S. sizing. While there are several brands that can get away with this, the XL at 34-36 is going to be too small if you’re wearing a 36 pant size. Quite honestly, I’d say if you’re wearing a 34 jean, you’ll want to go with the XL.

As I mentioned above, I haven’t been a huge fan of some of the nylon pairs in my collection, but the way this brief uses nylon I was pleasantly surprised. The fabric had vertical perforations throughout, making the briefs very breathable, so that helped score this brief some points.  As far as the look of this brief, I am of two minds. Green is one of, if not my favorite color, but it can be overdone and the penchant Zylas has for vertical stripes overall, could be re-thought. While I appreciate the attempt, I am not a fan of the 1970s fashion trend of purposefully clashing several shades of the same color together, but I think this brief could have really been tied together well if the waistband and the elastic leg openings were the same shade of green as one of the stripes in the brief, instead it’s a lighter lime which clashes with the neon green stripes that feature prominently.

The style of the brief is described as an “almost bikini” and there has been a bit of a pickup of this type of style across several different labels. When you wear this style it certainly feels a little more comfortable and less boxy than a traditional cut brief and that is good. If I had to make one complaint overall though, it would be that this style does not lend itself to the ample pouch that my anatomy requires. That is not to say I felt too crammed in these briefs, but this brief certainly does not feature a contour pouch, which is something I need.


  • Breathable Nylon – a novel concept!
  • Fashion-forward cut


  • Lacks a contour pouch
  • Sizing for me didn’t work


  • Fit – C
  • Sizing – C
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – B
  • Daily Wear – C
  • Overall – C+

Zylas furnished this pair for review


We have had the great opportunity of reviewing Croota underwear a few times since their creation and it has been no less of a thrill.  They have been busy over there creating underwear for the creative, style conscious, and the playful.  The WW-III selection from their World Collection is our interest for this review and honestly, this one pair proved they are ahead of many in the game.

At first glance, something about these stands out.  That would be the pockets on both legs.  It’s not a large pocket, so don’t think you can get pack happy!  It’s a small pocket that could come in handy to store something to help you out a great deal in the near future.  Who knows what may happen when you wear these Australia square-cuts.  When you pull them on, go ahead and put something important in a pocket for your night out.

The pouch had to be my favorite asset to this pair.  It provides you the much needed room for your assets and allows them to push forward.

I give this collection an A+ for creativity.  The color combination is terrific.  This pair, as pictured above, is called Ultramarine.  It has an white waistband with two stripes of coordinating colors.  As the major accent, the rear features the country letters AUS, accompanied by three stars.

The fit was perfect and hugged the body as it was meant to.  As mentioned, the pouch offered a generous amount of room.  I can’t express in words how well they fit me.  The tag is sown so that it is not irritating to the back.  On the tag, the advice given was “Best Before: Marriage.”  That’s awesome!  I have worn these through busy days at school and around town and I have also worn them for days sitting at work.  In either situation, they proved to be comfortable and never binding.  It’s another hit for the creators at Croota.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

You can find this Australia selection at the Croota website located at http://www.croota.com.  You can choose from their numerous countries in the World Collection.  This pair was provided for review.

Everyone has to agree that the basic staples of any wardrobe consist of at least one black & white article of clothing.  In my humble opinion, stripes play an important role in creating an interesting visual effect while adding a sense of classic styling.  With both said, Ristefsky Macheda has hit the mark with combining both of these theories into one, hot, sexy brief.

Upon first inspection, I noticed the quality of construction in the seams and waistband.  After slipping into these comfortable and well-fitting briefs, I quickly discovered that these are low-rise and sit nicely along the hips without feeling inadequate in coverage and support.  These retro inspired stripes combined with the RM logo waistband make this style really pop.

As mentioned in previous reviews, I typically don’t gravitate toward s briefs, but you can’t help to fall in love with these because they feel incredibly soft and lightweight.  The ratios of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane create the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.  After wearing these the entire day, including a gym workout, I couldn’t find one thing wrong with this pair.  The line is available in other colors including Black/White, Navy/Grey, and Red/Grey. There’s plenty of visual diversity for everyone!

I don’t know that there’s anything left to say other than this manufacturer from “down under” has it covered down under.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.8
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 4.7
Daily Wear: 4.6
Overall: 4.8

These briefs were provided by Ristefsky Macheda and can be purchased at their website located at http://www.ristefskymacheda.com/

I recently had the awesome privilege in trying out a pair of N2N undies.  I have admired N2N Bodywear for some time now, especially their sheer undies.  Yes, I do love sheer if you haven’t figured that out yet.  The pair I was given to review were cotton.  No matter, I was super excited to try them.  I wasn’t disappointed.  They were super comfortable and I almost forgot what I was wearing.  I actually had to keep reminding myself I was wearing them and I needed to review them.

My review pair was the white cotton Twilight brief.  They are not the sexiest pair but are extremely comfortable.    They are made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex and are ribbed.  They love your body and are very comfortable.

The overall fit was perfect.  They hug your body in all the right places and provide excellent support where needed.  The legs don’t bind and the waistband is not too large and non-binding.  There is plenty of room for everything you own.

I am super happy with my first N2N Bodywear brief and look forward to my next great experience in wearing their undies.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5


These Twilight briefs can be found at the N2N Bodywear website located at http://www.n2nbodywear.com. These briefs were provided for review.

The Twilight Brief is the first pair of underwear from N2N.  I have tried their workout shorts and liked how they performed.  I had wanted to review underwear by them and now I have been given the chance.

I was happy with the material, made up of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex.  It is comfortable with a good amount of stretch.  Call me spoiled, but I had hoped these briefs would come with a formed pouch.  With all the brands out there which sport an accentuated pouch, I would think N2N might want this great feeling brief to give its wearer the most comfort as possible.  I’m not a fan of briefs that push everything against my body, or in better terms, require me to form my own pouch.

The waistband is a color combination of yellow, gray, and black with the N2N logo surrounding the body.  The band measures 1.5 inches (3.81 cm).  To be elastic, it is a smooth material so not to cut into the body throughout the day.  The leg openings are lined with a cloth covered elastic band.  The altogether fit of the brief was helped by this feature.  The briefs remained in place all the day of classes and lots of walking.









Daily Wear




You can find the N2N Twilight brief from their website located at http://www.n2nbodywear.com.  This pair was furnished by N2N for our review.

What can be said for Andrew Christian that hasn’t already been said?  I don’t think there is anything else that can be said other than the guy is a pure genius in the arena of underwear designers.  It’s refreshing to know that a designer has come along that realizes underwear should fit you in accordance to what you posses and not what little or more the designer guesses you can place inside their creations.  A true testament to the designer is when his/her creations accentuate the wearer and not force them to hide their body.  Andrew Christian has nailed this premise with his Almost Naked line of briefs, trunks, and boxers.  I have acquired a pair of boxers to review for UNB.

I should state before I get into the review that I am not a frequent boxer brief wearer.  I do not wear boxers at all, but I will occasionally put on a pair of boxer briefs.  No matter the design, if I wear them, they have to be comfortable.  My complaint about boxer briefs is that on my body, they ride like you would not believe.  I will spent most of the day stopping on the sidewalk or in a store and pull the legs back into place.  As you can imagine, this does cause some strange looks from others.  I simply stand up and smile, mostly at the other guys smiling toward me, because deep down inside, they know exactly what I’m doing and why.  When I wore these, I found myself missing those looks as I never once had to pull them back into place.

I hold the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sport Boxer in the utmost high praise.  The material (94% Super Soft Rayon made from Bamboo and 6% Spandex) is soft and flexible yet strong enough to stay put when you are actively moving about the office or out in public.  The Sport Boxer features the Anti-Muffin Top elastic “for a slimmer looking waistline.”  The waistband measures 1.75 inches (4.445 cm).  The leg openings are the same fabric and color as the piping along the sides (not visible) adding to the aesthetic of these boxers.  The construction of the natural-hang pouch is beyond explanation.  Whatever you posses, the pouch will easily uplift and present.  I’ve seen pictures of certain performers wearing the Almost Naked line and, without a doubt, there should be no second guessing whether or not they will provide adequate room and allow a natural hang to avoid pinching.

I wore these while at work for an eight hour shift.  The problem with many of the boxer briefs I wear is that when I am sitting at work, the boxers slide up my leg and tend to bunch.  I was surprised when I stood up and felt the boxers  had remained in place.  That caused me to love them from then on.   I reviewed a medium but feel that I could use a small.  My body is stuck in one of those “in between” sizes where you never truly know what size to purchase.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

A wonderful aspect about purchasing from Andrew Christian is the fact that you can be sure you are buying American made products.  These and other designs created by AC are made in the design studio in Los Angeles, CA.  That, in itself, gives me motivation to buy from this company because it allows many Americans to have jobs in this time of economic insecurity.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sports Boxer is a fantastic addition in the world of men’s underwear.  If you are a constant wearer of this design, having this boxer in your collection would be a benefit.  You can find the AC Sports Boxer at the company website located at www.andrewchristianshop.com and they are priced at $34.00.

These boxers were provided for our review.

Hi guys.  I’m Wayne, and although I spend a lot of time on the site, this is my first time reviewing.  In other words, bear with me!

Recently, I purchased a pair of the Andrew Christian “Show-It” thongs.  I know what some of you are saying right off the bat.  “OMG!  That’s enhancing underwear!”  Why, yes it is.  I work in retail as a department manager, sometimes putting in 13 hours a day.  I need a pair of briefs to provide the right amount of support so I don’t have to make the dreaded “crotch adjustment” in public.  That was my reasoning behind this purchase.

Andrew Christian underwear is made in the good old U.S.A.  Maybe someone at AC likes me, but every time I place an order, even though I pay for the regular USPS ground shipping, someone bucks it up to priority shipping without charging me anything extra.  No complaints here!

These undies are made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex.  The cotton makes them breathable while the spandex provides support in all the right areas.  The waistband is only a mere 1 1/4″ with the “anti-muffin top elastic”.  The designers hit the mark.  Personally, I can’t stand elastic that bunches up or rolls over during the course of the day.

The “show-it” technology incorporates a cotton pouch for your junk.  Slide them on, and with one adjustment, you’re pretty much good to go.  It kept my package in place all day without me having to make the any adjustments.

I’ve worn these underwear two times since receiving them.  They look great and feel just as wonderful (that is, if you’re into wearing a thong, which I can understand if that’s not your style).  I was at work during both times I’ve worn them.  The first time was for only an eight hour shift.  No problems and   comfy all day long.  The second time I wore them, it was for a longer day…a 13 hour shift.

I feel the thong strap could have been cut a bit longer because after many hours, they were becoming a little uncomfortable.  I powered on, however, and made it through the day.  I’d have to say that for a regular day, or a night out on the town, you’ll be fine and comfy the entire time.  Depending on how tight you pull up the thong back, you may want to rethink your choice if you’re going to be wearing them as long as I did.

Fit 4.0
Materials 4.5
Construction 4.5
Look 5.0
Daily Wear 3.5

You can find the “Show-It” thong from the Andrew Christian website located at http://www.andrewchristianshop.com.

One of my goals this year working on the Underwear News Briefs blog is to expose our readers to some brands of underwear that they may not know about. Candyman Fashions is one of those brands that I wanted to bring to our readers.

Candyman Fashions looks to role playing costumes to get inspiration for their underwear. However not all of their undies have a “costume” feel. They have some great undies with a lot of fun, unique, and sexy features that you will not find with any other underwear company. Their fabric is one of a kind and you must experience it to really grasp its uniqueness.

I received the”9516 Zebra Boxer” in a size medium to review. This is one of those styles from Candyman that is not a costume, but just a fun pair of undies. They feature a zebra style pattern on the hips and butt, and a solid black front and inside thigh panel. A solid black logo waistband trims it off and adds a little extra “pop”. When I first pull these undies out of the package, the first thing that I noticed was the fabric. It has a shiny look to it. The black front and inner thigh panel almost looks like leather. However, this fabric feels nothing like leather. It is thin but durable, and it stretches and moves with you without any issues. These undies fit great and looks even better .My first impression of the front pouch wasn’t the best. I found it to be a little small, but as I wore them, they almost conformed and molded to my body and we actually very conformable to wear. The one drawback that I did notice is the leg openings did ride up a little, but not enough for me to really notice too much.

These and many of the other styles from Candyman are great to wear for daily wear, but these undies really shine when you wear them out on the town. The fit is great for all day wear, but the patterns, colors, fabric, and sex appeal of these undies are meant to be noticed. They also can add a little extra spice in the bedroom. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these to the gym or out for a run. I am not saying that you couldn’t, but I believe there are better undies for that. Best to let these eye catching undies be seen in the wild and not full of sweat while you are doing to squat workout.

Overall, I really enjoyed these undies. They add an element of fun and a little “something different” to my ever expanding underwear collection.

Fit 4
Materials 5
Put Together 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 4
Overall 4.6

You can purchase any of the Candyman Fashions collection from a variety of online men’s underwear stores. The reviewed boxers retail for around $30 online. This zebra style also comes in a brief. Check out Candyman’s new Spring 2010 collection that was just launched for some new styles on their website. Also, check out my company write-up on Candyman to learn more about this fun and exciting underwear company. Candyman Fashions provided me with these boxers to review.

Ristefsky Macheda Dare Brief

My recent assignment was to try out a new pair of Australian briefs.  We’ve written lately about the emergence of the Australians in the men’s underwear market.  We are very happy to see them since they are bringing about changes in the way we see underwear.  It is also good that the world is getting more choices than the ones we had become so familiar with.  It’s funny that years ago, the slate was clean and underwear had many directions it could take.  Today, that slate has become full of competition as designers from around the world embark on discoveries in new designs and materials to make the modern man comfortable and sexy…all while wearing one pair of underwear.  One of those would be the Ristefsky Macheda Dare Brief.

Started by its founders Stephen Ristefsky and Vincent Macheda in 2005, Ristefsky Macheda (RM) has blended European and Australian style to create a bold line of underwear and beachwear.  Both designers are of European decent and have placed themselves into Australian fashion and expanding their vision to the rest of the world.  We welcome RM to the world of men’s fashion and plead for their creativeness in supplying men with innovative clothing.

I, like many others, enjoy the feeling of opening a new package of underwear.  One could say that opening this package meant opening opportunities…for feeling sexy or well supported.  This pair of red/white Dare Briefs did not disappoint in offering those opportunities.  For a size small, the briefs fit true to size.  There was no bunching, no looseness, and no cut marks on either the waist or the leg.  This brief comes with a fly opening for those that chose to use it. I am not a fly user since I feel it causes the underwear to lose much of its pouch shape when stretched out.  If you do use it, be sure to notice the width of material you will be fishing through; it’s rather wide.  The material used in the Dare Brief is 95% cotton and 5% Elastane.  The brief can be washed in the washer (thankfully) and it is not recommended to tumble dry or iron them.

There is no defined pouch used on this brief.  I thought I was going to have to position differently than I normally would, but surprisingly, I was able to dress comfortably downward.  The material is stretchy enough to supply a nice fit to the crotch.  The legs were not tight and the waistband fit perfectly with a width at 1.75 inches (4.45 cm).  The rear had ample coverage and did not move out of place.  If I had gone to the gym, I am sure these would have been perfectly fine while running or lifting weights.

All together, I am very impressed with the RM Dare Brief.  The designers did very well in producing an article of clothing they should be proud for anyone to wear.  The brief satisfied all my expectations in what a great pair of underwear should provide its wearer.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Put Together 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 5

The Ristefsky Macheda briefs can be purchased from their website at www.ristefskymacheda.com for $20.57 US and $22.95 AU. I am sure you will be as delighted with them as I am.  Ristefsky Macheda furnished these briefs for our review.

Out of France comes Todger, an energetic looking company ready to apply style “to the everyday tough guy.”  The designer, Patrick Kon, created Todger after realizing there was not much difference in overpriced remakes of original styles and the old trusty briefs.  The following was taken from the company itself in describing their product:

“TODGER is about sexy wearable cuts with high quality fabrics and sense of humour (the brand has a slick and chic logo with a twist in the name understandable only to the British). The secret is all in the underwear. It is a fashionable tool for men to feel and look sexy. It is not an intimidating image you must follow. That’s why our packaging is as simple as it is: we do not want to tell our clients how they should look. Actually, each man should be allowed to do what he wants with his own TODGER!”

The Slimer brief is made from 97% cotton and 3% Lycra.  The waistband is slightly over 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).  The lining and trimming is made of 93% bamboo and 7% elastane.  The care instructions are a bit picky as they recommend washing them at a maximum of 104°F (40°C), do not tumble dry, and do not have the dry cleaned or try to bleach them….I know you will not do either if you expect to own them for very long!

I was supplied with a pair of small baby blue Slimer briefs to review.  I wore them for a day of school, walking around campus and the mall, and then lounging around the house.  I was surprised at the great feel of the material.  It’s ribbed and soft at the same time.  I would not say that it is forgiving in the crotch area.  To be descriptive, I dress pointing downward and to the right.  I couldn’t do this in these briefs, finding that it compressed everything next to my body and making things uncomfortable.  I was forced to dress pointing upward and to the left.  This isn’t flattering in any kind of jeans and being totally honest, does not allow for any “happiness” while wearing them.  But, I am one person…and obviously not the model in the picture above.

The briefs sit low on the waist to the point of not exactly being on the waist.  If you aren’t used to the feeling of a low-lying brief, the Slimer brief may take a bit to get used to.  I am one of those people and it felt like I needed to pull my underwear up during the day.  I had to remind myself that if I made this mistake, I would be talking a few octives higher than normal.

In the design realm of things, I am being led to believe, from the recent briefs I have reviewed, that European companies love placing the care tags on the bottom of the waistband so that they hang down into the back of the underwear.  How loudly do I need to scream from Mount Elbrus in Europe that it is uncomfortable to have a care tag sliding across the top of your crack?  The first thing that will happen with many men is they will grab the first knife or pair of scissors they can find and cut the tag out of their new underwear….leaving no care instructions if the question of proper washing techniques arises.  Resolution: Place the tags along the waistband or no tag at all.  Stamp the instructions on the material just underneath the waistband.  The problem would be immediately solved.

Overall, the underwear feels great to wear.  Thinking that everyone who tries this brief will fall in love with it is totally ludicrous.  It will fit different people in different ways.  It will work perfectly on those with slimmer bodies and like a lower sitting waist.  It would not be advisable for those who enjoy more room in the crotch or, like me, dress downward.  The only way I can grade this brief is how it fits on me.  Take my recommendation with a grain of salt and judge it for yourself.

Fit:                        3
Materials:            5
Put Together:     5
Look:                    5
Daily Wear:         3
Overall:         4.2

The Todger Slimer brief can be purchased from the Todger website, located at http://www.thetodger.com.  While there, you can view their other styles by clicking the “SHOP” option at the top and clicking on the photo with the heading “New Basic.”  This line contains a brief, trunk, and traditional boxer.  Also, its brief and trunk feature the horizontal fly.  Todger, I believe, does a good job in supplying a choice of cuts for the everyday man.


I am back! I know that it has been a while since I wrote an underwear review. I am sure it had something to do with leaving Atlanta and moving to Washington, D.C. and just not having a free moment to do anything but eat and sleep. Now that I am settled I am here to stay. So if you want to chat about underwear, swimwear, etc. and 41 AC Boxer1you live in or around the DC, look me up!

I was asked to review the new Andrew Christian Shock Jock boxers. I am sure you all have heard of Andrew Christian at the very least. Hopefully you know them better and sport a pair of their undies every so often. I myself am a big fan of their work, both their underwear and their swimwear. The AC Shock Jock line is one of their newest. The Shock Jock line is meant to enhance the male frontal area to the EXTREME. So in laymen’s terms increasing the visual look/size of your package. Now I am sure you are saying, wait….they have done this already with the Show-It line and the Almost-Naked line of underwear and swimwear. But the Shock Jock line takes it to the next level. The Shock Jock boxer features a hidden padded cup in the frontal part of the boxers to help shape and enhance the front “package” of a man; creating the perfect bulge. The hidden cup adds up to 2 inches (5 cm) onto your measurement.

Now personally, I don’t need any package enhancement. So I was actually worried that the boxers would be too tight because of the extra padded cup. But I was totally wrong. The padded cup was very comfortable and didn’t 42 AC Boxer 2cause any sort of cramped feeling throughout the day. There were several times throughout the day that I was very surprised by how comfortable the boxers were and how I totally forgot about the padded cup being there.

Due to my relocation I gained some weight so the large boxers that I reviewed were a bit snug, but regardless of that, they fit well. I feel that an extra large would be roomier but going up a size wouldn’t be the best way to solve my size issue. The solution to that is the gym, LOL. The material was soft and the waistband didn’t irritate me, showing that AC uses high quality materials.

In conclusion, I feel that the Andrew Christian Shock Jock boxers are very comfortable and do a great job of creating the perfect bulge that will get the stares you are looking for. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you need/want to get into a pair of boxers, briefs or a jockstrap that takes package enhancement to the next level, then you have to check out the Andrew Christian website at www.andrewchristian.com. The boxers run $32 and the jock and briefs are between $25 and $29. All three styles come in 5 great colors.

Andrew Christian provided the boxers I have reviewed.

A personal love of mine is trying underwear I thought, in the not too distant past, I would never have the chance to try.  The feeling of sliding new exciting underwear into place is one that cannot be described in words.  A chance to try underwear from another country…well, that can provide this exact feeling.  I am proud to have had the opportunity to wear a pair of James Tudor underwear.

The James Tudor Half Fall Boxer
The James Tudor Half Fall Boxer

From across “the pond”, James Tudor rises as an innovative new brand in the UK.  The motivation, it seems, behind this new brand is the need and desire of men to have underwear that meets the growing demand of fashion and comfort, something we believe should be synonymous with each other.  From the logo waistband to the piping, James Tudor has taken great strides in providing today’s man with both characteristics in “revolutionary styles, from the magnetic fly to the traditional basics such as the athletic brief.”

This review pertains to the Half Fall Boxer in black with white piping in size small, being 30-32 inches (76-81 cm).  When first slipping them on, I noticed the leg openings were a bit snug but not overly tight.  This was credited to my thighs being somewhat meatier than other small wearing men.  The crotch is crafted perfectly with a nice opening, circling the male anatomy and creating a nest for its home.  The fly, if that’s what it is referred to, is not your normal opening.  Three buttons fasten the fly closed.  The waistband is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) wide with the logo front and center.  The material is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra.  The piping creates an amazing frame around the hips.  The tags are placed in non-irritating locations and are not rough to the touch, indicating great thought and design in the creative process.

The feel of these boxers is phenomenal.  The material is a fantastic combination and one that will provide you with hours of comfort.  The opening in the fly is not restricting to retrieval in the slightest.  The buttons unbutton to a perfect spot where one can easily remove and replace his tackle.  During a day of walking at school and shopping, there was no binding or pinching.  The cut may be different to some as it is cut more squarely than some other brand trunks.  Never the less, it is centered on comfort and style and I believe James Tudor is spot on.

Fit:                                5
Materials:                        5
Put Together:                5
Look:                                 5
Daily Wear:                     5
Overall:                         5

You can find these boxers at http://www.jamestudor.co.uk.  The price, in US dollars, is $30.00.  While visiting the James Tudor website, don’t miss out on viewing the rest of their collection of new styles and great colors.  These boxers were provided for review by James Tudor.

I have to start off this review by saying, “HOT”! That describes exactly how I feel whenever the subject of wrestling singlets comes up. Here is part 3 of my 4 part review of the N2N Bodywear workout/active wear. I personally own two singlets and love how they feel when I pull them on. N2N Bodywear is great supporters of UnderwearNewsBriefs.com and sent us their Ultra Skin Singlet in size large to review.


I have to admit that there are not many places where I can sport a singlet.  On that note, I did have the opportunity to pull on a singlet and wear it out. I sported the red N2N singlet at the premiere party for a monthly event called CODE. The dress code included sports gear so sporting a singlet was totally on the agenda and I wasn’t the only one in a singlet that night. Furthermore, about a half of the guys sporting singlets that night was sporting the N2N singlet in various colors. It was great to see!

The singlet fit well. I have gained a bit of weight since N2N sent me this singlet to review but large still worked. For me, an extra large might have been better and allowed more give. Other than that, it hugged my body well and didn’t ride or pinch in any places. The material was strong and durable. This was good since I had several people tugging on it all night long in various places. The material and the way in which it was put together make this a very lasting item.


I think this singlet looks great on me as well as others. While I was sporting the red singlet, the majority of the other guys sporting the N2N singlet were wearing the blue version. The N2N singlet is very nice to look at and it’s a total eye catcher. I turned several heads as I walked past. This singlet is a great option for any fetish/gear party you plan to attend or if you and friends want to get together and show of gear.

In conclusion, the N2N Ultra Skin Singlet is a very hot active wear item that is on top at any fetish/gear party you may be attending. But please, don’t let me tell you when and where to sport this item. Wherever you want to sport it is fine. I would love to hear how others sport singlets. I give it an overall rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   4

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                4

Daily Wear:       N/A

Overall:            4.5

If you want to try out these active wear items along with other great items offered by N2N Bodywear, check out their website at www.n2nbodywear.com. The final part of my N2N Bodywear active wear review is coming up. Keep a look out for it!

N2N Bodywear provided the clothes that I have reviewed.


If you are into underwear half as much as me or the other guys on the blog, I am sure you have heard of AussieBum. The Australian based underwear company is known for its fun prints and wild fabrics. This was my first pair of AussieBums and it won’t be my last.  I fell in love with this company before I received them in the mail. Being a marketing guy, I love what they have been doing in not only the traditional marketing arena, but also online with social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

My AussieBum briefs were of the Clan Collection with the tribe print.  This print is a navy, red, yellow and white plaid that is very eye catching. The Clan Collation comes in a variety of other plaid type prints and you can get them in either a trunk or a brief cut.  Both come with a logo imprinted waistband and are made with a 75% Polyester and 25% Elastane material. I don’t know where to start when I try to describe what the material feels like.  It is silky, yet durable, and has a slight hint of shine.


The first thing I noticed was how soft yet durable the material was.  I looked in the mirror and then noticed how amazing they made my figure look.  They were cut perfectly.  They were just tight enough to make everything look firm and well supported, yet not tight enough to make them restricting. The leg openings were also well constructed and I don’t foresee them stretching out.

I have reviewed and worn some great undies. The one thing I look for when I review underwear is how different they appear from traditional underwear, or the “what makes this brand so special” points. The Clan by AussieBum is a collection which has all of the little things to make it stand out from the rest of the brands that simply “make underwear”.


Overall AussieBum exceeded my expectation when it came to this collection of underwear. From its amazing fabric to its perfect fit, everything about these AussieBum’s is perfect!

Fit:                                       5
Materials:                            5
Put Together:                       5
Look:                                   5
Daily Wear:                         5
Overall:                              5

AussieBum provided me this pair of briefs to review, but you can get more information about them from their web site. They offer a wide range of underwear and swimwear in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.  Pricing for the Clan Collection briefs is $32.50 US and the hip (trunk) cuts are about $34 US. Follow AussieBum on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

Hello all, I am back for part 2 of my 3 part review of the N2N Bodywear active wear. I know that I called it workout gear in the last review, but based on the items in part 2, I am going to switch to active wear. The reason being is that some of us out there would love to wear this type of clothing to the gym and most of us can’t pull it off. Why can’t we pull it off? Well, because it’s a bit more reveling than those of us who are body-conscience would like it to be. Mesh will do that. Love it…but be mindful!


The two shorts I am reviewing are the Sports Mesh Long Shorts and the Retro Split Mesh Shorts. I have sported both pairs around the house and I wore the long shorts out one night to pick a friend up from the airport. Realize that I never got out of the car when I wore them out. Being a jockstrap guy, it would have been a bit too much for public eyes to see.

The Sports Mesh Long Shorts are comfortable and very breathable. Obviously, if they are somewhat see through, they are going to be very breathable. I received a size large to review and they fit well. They have a drawstring waist so I was able to cinch them up if I wanted to. They have small front pockets that are nice but since they are not too deep, you can’t do much with them. Then again, for me personally, I would not be wearing them out of the house, making them great for lounging around at home, especially if you are like me and are comfortable being naked. These shorts give you some coverage but still allow you to feel exposed. I like that. The mesh material is comfortable and feels great against the skin. I felt great sporting them commando.


The next pair of shorts is a bit more on the skimpy and revealing side of things. And yes, that is a tall order since we are already talking about mesh shorts. This pair is the Retro Split Mesh Shorts. They are designed off of the classic idea of running shorts with the high cut of the sides for freedom of movement. You know, the very short, short look. The material is the same as the long mesh shorts, so they are comfortable and easily worn commando. There is one more very interesting aspect to these shorts, that in my opinion, makes them a pair you actually have to wear commando or with just a thong or jock. They have a built-in pouch for your package to be cradled. So I can tell you, it is very interested. Furthermore, the pouch is detachable. It attaches via several snaps.

In conclusion, the N2N Sports Mesh Long Shorts and the Retro Split Mesh Shorts are unique active wear items I feel are better for lounging around the house or out at a friend’s place where you feel comfortable sporting mesh shorts. I give it an overall rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4

Look:                4

Daily Wear:       3

Overall:            4.2

If you want to try out these active wear items, along with other great items offered by N2N Bodywear, check out their website at www.n2nbodywear.com. Keep a lookout for the 3rd part to the N2N Bodywear workout clothes review. The next one will be about the N2N singlet. Not really something that can be worn at the gym while working out, but there is an interesting party here in DC that I attended the other day where a singlet is almost required. I will let you know how it wears.

N2N Bodywear provided the clothes that I have reviewed.

I am back with another great review for all you folks. It has been a while since I have posted any reviews or articles. I have been dealing with the logistics of moving from Atlanta, GA back to Washington, DC. I am hoping I don’t have to move again, anytime soon.


To the topic at hand, underwear! I have mentioned in previous reviews that I have certain favorite brands that include C-IN2, Baskit, Andrew Christian, Nasty Pig, and N2N Bodywear. There is another that is high on the list…Cocksox. The Cocksox Part Mesh Brief was UnderwearNewsBriefs.com “Underwear of the Week” a few weeks ago and for good reason. It only seems right to give it a review as well so that you can get the details on this great pair of briefs.

I have known about this brand for several years. I stumbled upon their website several years ago and purchased a pair of the original briefs in black. Once I slipped that bad boy on, I was hooked! I loved the feel and the fit as well as the way it showed off my package. I am an avid fan of less is more and those briefs fit the bill very nicely. That said, I am here to let you know about these new revealing mesh briefs.


Let’s start with the fit. The fit of these briefs is great. I was a bit surprised since my first pair was a size medium. The mesh pair I was given to review is a large. The pouch fits very well. Again, I love the way it helps to lift my package up and out. This particular pair has a full coverage pouch while the rest of the brief is a tight mesh weave. The waistband is an added feature to the Cocksox briefs. I love it. The original briefs do not have a waistband so I love the fact that you can get these briefs with it or without. The mesh material is comfortable and has good coverage.


The material of the briefs is high quality! Again, the pouch is very comfortable and soft. The mesh material is also comfy against the skin. I would have to say that the briefs are well put together. The combination of a perfect fit and comfortable material makes this a great addition to anyone’s underwear drawer. I think these briefs are both revealing and still leave something to the imagination. The pouch is not mesh so it allows an air of mystery. But, if you are on the bold side of things are in LOVE with mesh, they have a pair in complete mesh as well. I have worn this pair several times as well as the original briefs and I find them to be great for everyday wear. I have even worn them to the gym and out running.

In conclusion, the Part Mesh Cocksox briefs are a very sexy and hot pair of briefs. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you want to get into a pair of these very revealing briefs, check out the Cocksox website at www.cocksox.com.


Cocksox provided the briefs I have reviewed.

N2N Bodywear Sport Mesh Short
N2N Bodywear Sport Mesh Short

I recently got the chance to review the N2N Bodywear Sports Mesh Short, available at the N2N website for $22.00. You can select from gray/yellow, burgundy/gray, or black/gray. These shorts were provided by N2N for our reviewing.

With everything mesh, some people have an automatic turn off switch. I am not the world’s biggest fan of clothing made of mesh. I have worn different articles of clothing from underwear to the popular mesh shirts of the 80s.

Once I wore a football practice shirt to school. My teacher flipped her lid because it was very revealing. Saying that, when you wear this short, and you know you’ll be around others, be kind and wear underwear. As you can see from the side view picture below, the jock being worn is in clear view to all who glance at the shorts. You will not only be kind to everyone around, but you will be kind to yourself. I wore them for a very brief period of time without underwear and I can say it wasn’t comfortable with skin poking through the holes. I would go as far as saying this would be best suited for a workout at home.

As with the N2N Bodywear Trainer Short, these use a drawstring waist. Unlike the trainer short is

N2N Bodywear Mesh Short - side
N2N Bodywear Mesh Short - side

the use of elastic, making it a bit more of a hold instead of relying solely on the tightness of the drawstring. Another aspect of this short is the use of pockets on the front. These pockets extend almost from the top to the bottom of the short’s length. Possibly an iPod or other music device could be carried in the pockets. If something were to come up and a pocket was needed, it has one on each side of the front. These shorts also sit low on the waist. I reviewed a size small and they did not feel weird as the trainer short felt. When I put them on, they fit as I would expect a small size to fit.

The material used is 100% polyester. It is lightweight and moves with you. And since it is mesh, this material is extremely airy. While wearing them, there was not binding or moving on me. All day wear would be something of a personal choice, as would be where it is worn. Overall, I personally give this short a 4.7.

Fit:                     5.0
Material:           5.0
Put Together:   4.8
Look:                  4.8
Daily Wear:      4.0
Overall:          4.7

Head on over to the N2N Bodywear website to check out their entire selection of active wear, swimwear, and underwear.

N2N Bodywear Trainer Short
N2N Bodywear Trainer Short

I was recently given the chance to review the N2N Bodywear Trainer Short. This short can be purchased from the N2N Bodywear Site for $24.00. They come in black/olive, gray/yellow, and navy/white. N2N provided these for review. These are gym/lounge shorts, but who’s to say you can’t wear them as underwear. That is totally up to you! They are comfortable enough for either.

The material of these shorts is so wonderful against the skin…smooth and not clingy in the slightest. The material is stretchy and 100% cotton. I reviewed a small and there was plenty of room. If there was an X-small, I would have been quite content. The drawstring came in good use. I felt the waist sat low.

I wore these shorts for a while before I put them through a workout. I knew from the moment I put them on that one should wear either briefs or a jock underneath. There are still a bunch of people out there at the gym that are very conservative and don’t want to see, much less imagine, someones junk flopping from side to side. I looked at my crotch and could see an outline of the guy. Given this, I put on my briefs then put on the trainer short. All was corrected. I’m sure if one chooses to wear accentuating underwear underneath, you will get as much of the attention you are expecting or wanting to get.

If there was anything I would change, it would have to be the drawstring. I’ve never been that crazy about drawstrings on any article of clothing, including jogging pants. I’m more of an elastic waistband guy. Why? Because the last thing I want to deal with when I go to the bathroom is having to stop…untie…pull out…put back in…tie back up. With these shorts, the issue is when you untie, you better be ready to have a hand free to hold them up. Otherwise, you will be the weirdo at the urinal with your shorts around your ankles. Just let me know what gym you go to first so there can be pictures!

Overall, I will give the N2N Bodywear Trainer Short a 4.76. The fit for the size was a little weird, but that is just personal taste in my workout gear. The material, as I said, feels fantastic. Make sure you read the care instructions…”Hand or machine wash cold water and tumble dry low.” My personal issue with the drawstring affected the put together score and more the overall score than any other aspect. The look is great and daily wear is all a matter of what you are comfortable with in public.

Fit:                      4.8
Material:             5.0
Put Together:     4.0
Look:                   5.0
Daily Wear:        5.0
OVERALL:      4.76

Take a minute to go by the N2N Bodywear website. Check out all of their products from swimwear to erotic wear. I am sure you will find something that will make you and yours very happy.

I know that most of you guys think our blog/website is only about underwear but obviously, since we have reviewed swimwear as well, you can tell we like to venture out and touch on other topics we love. Well, I have another topic worth chatting about…workout clothes. The great people over at N2N Bodywear have given us here at UnderwearNewsBriefs.com some workout gear to review. They were kind enough to send several items. To cover them, I will be breaking up this review into 3 parts. This review will focus on the Trainer Hoodie and Long Shorts.


As you can see from the pictures, these items are very similar in both material and design, leading me to believe they are meant to be worn as an outfit. The fit of the shorts was just right. They were a good length, being not too long or two short for my tastes. I did’t exactly like that the shorts were drawstring instead of elastic, but they fit fine regardless. The hoodie was interesting. It also fit well and I loved the fact of it being sleeveless. I personally like wearing sleeveless shirts when working out and I know it might seem odd to wear a sleeveless hoodie. I do know that my other half thought it was very strange. Granted, when he tried it on he was excited to wear it to the gym to “test” it out.


As I have said, the material is light and breathable. The cut of both the shorts and the hoodie resisted binding or uncomfortable gathering. I don’t like baggy clothes at the gym, but I also don’t like skin-tight clothing either. The look of the shorts and hoodie together is great. The white strip along the side of both the shorts and the hoodie give both items length, supplying a fit, slim look to the wearer. I would say that this outfit is great for gym wear but also lounging around and relaxing.

In conclusion, the N2N Trainer Hoodie and Long Shorts outfit are a terrific outfit for any work out. I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            4.8

If you want to try out these workout clothes along with other great items offered by N2N Bodywear, check out their website at www.n2nbodywear.com. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2nd and 3rd parts to the N2N Bodywear workout clothes review. The next one will be about two pairs of mesh shorts that N2N offers, and if they are good for the gym or more for a private workout at home.

N2N Bodywear provided the clothes that I have reviewed.

I hope this review finds all of you guys doing well. I had the opportunity recently to sport the ever so trendy underwear from Ginch Gonch. I own their Red Bandana Jockstrap and LOVE IT! Therefore, I became very interested in reviewing a pair of their new briefs. Ginch Gonch provided a pair of the Spokey Pokey low-rise briefs for me to review. When I received them in the mail, my first thought was, “interesting”.


Ginch Gonch has a unique style that separates them from other underwear designers. It has developed underwear lines for both men and women. I feel that it has taken a classic look of underwear and given it a modern feel. I also feel that it does a great job of making underwear fun again. I think, above all else, the latter is the truest point I can make.

While reviewing the Spokey Pokey low-rise briefs from Ginch Gonch, I found them to be very satisfying. I will admit that at first, the name of the briefs threw me, but the design on them explained it all. The briefs are mainly white briefs with a classic look, but on them appears a design involving dirt bikes. This obviously lends to the name of the briefs. I found the briefs to fit pretty well. I reviewed a size large and feel that the fit wasn’t too bad, but for a guy like me, I am curious to know how the XL size would fit. As of any Ginch Gonch underwear, the material is high quality and soft. It is very comfortable for everyday wear and even for a trip to the gym. Being someone who has both a reasonably sized package as well as some decent “junk in the trunk”, I would say that the particular design doesn’t totally work well for my body type. I personally feel much more comfortable with underwear that has a more defined pouch that aids in placement and growth. I don’t know whether going up a size would solve this issue or not.

The look of the briefs is a classic but modern take on the typical briefs of the past. Along with my low-rise version, there is the classic brief version as well as trunks and a jock in this particular design. As I mentioned earlier, this particular pair, along with many others that Ginch Gonch sells, has a very fun and childlike theme. Whether they are trucks, motorcycles, or super heroes, Ginch Gonch is working hard to bring a sense of fun and playfulness back into the underwear world. It’s something we all had when we were much younger but were forced to grow out of too soon.


In conclusion, the Ginch Gonch Spokey Pokey briefs are a pretty good pair of low-rise briefs. I give them an overall rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   4

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4

Look:                4

Daily Wear:       4

Overall:            4.2

If you want to get into a pair of these very old-school, yet trendy, briefs check out the Ginch Gonch website at www.ginchgonch.com.

Ginch Gonch provided the briefs I have reviewed.


I was given the privilege to review a new brand of underwear soon to be hitting the streets.  Junk Underjeans provided us a couple of pairs to test and review.  First impressions were very soft material, very comfortable upon putting them on, and really cool patterns.  I wasn’t too sure about the first pair, as it did not seem to do a good job with holding the boys in place.  Now, having tried the second pair, I think it might have been operator error.  I wasn’t sure about the zipper fly combined with the internal pouch and how it all worked together.

What happened with the first pair was that it seemed to stretch out and not keep everything secure.  I am sure my exploration of the ins and outs of the undies did not help matters.  I was a little concerned by this until I tried the second pair.  On the second pair, I did not check out or explore its features, but wore them as one probably should.  I put them on and away I went.  Everything fit perfectly, stayed in place, and they were extremely comfortable the entire day.

My wife loved the second pair, too.  She liked the look of them with the silver dots on the sides, the zipper, the way they conformed to my body, and pretty much everything else.  With that in mind, I would have to say they are great undies and will be enjoyed by all!

Fit                    5
Materials          5
Put Together     5
Look                5
Daily Wear      5

Overall          5