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We got a chance to interview Rufskin owner Douglas about the brand. We are really excited to bring you this interview. We know they are a favorite of many of you guys. Here’s more about Rufskin that you may or may not know. See some of the new collection pics below

Can you tell our readers about how you founded Rufskin? The company started in January of 2002 moonlighting with our full times jobs at the time and about a year later became our main focus. The name Rufskin was thought up from a popular childhood denim brand that I have fond memories of mixed with Hubert’s thoughts on the juijitz Brazilian term “casca grossa” or “rough skin” all tied together with the ram head logo that represents his horoscope sign, Aries.

How did you come up with the “vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic and futuristic” design principle? LOL…we realized that the words vintage and futuristic are sort of an oxy moron so let’s just say that we created the RUFSKIN brand to provide a range of clothing that didn’t exist at the time. Our objective was to bring some unique, yet comfortable styles to express a culture and a lifestyle. We often get inspired by a film or a destination we travel to or a sexy person and then incorporate them into our designs.

You create so many great styles hot and sexy styles, what is your inspiration for each collection? It really does depend on where we have visited or what passed through our lives at the time be it a particular movie, cinematic hero or the rugged American West, it really just depends.

Rufskin does Denim, Swimwear, Underwear and Active wear, which is most fun to design and which is the most challenging? Hubert Pouches being the head designer and my partner would most likely say that he puts the same amount of energy into a small bikini brief that he does a pair of denim jeans. It is all about the correct fit with us so technical design details are important. Getting a pair of denim pants to fit perfectly can be a challenge but in the end we make sure your rear looks perfect!

I have heard good things about the new swimwear line, when will it be out and what can we expect? The Rufskin 2014 Swimwear collection is slated to launch early in the New Year. The line is titled “Kaleidoscope”, and incorporates a mélange of styles from classic to daring, that will surely offer something for any style-minded, modern man. All the essential cuts, from bikini to board short are covered, while a multiplicity of colors, from elegant basics to flashy brights and bold prints keep the options wide open.

Your photography is always creative, with styling, models and props, where do the ideas come from for the shoot? People often ask us about our models and how we chose them? We have a very particular image that we try to capture with our models but they have to look approachable and reflect the focus of our concept. The same goes for our locations. We have concentrated recently in the State of California for locations, and much like our models there is a lot of diversity here that allows for lot of inspiration.

Retail stores have been in LA and NYC (I think that’s right), but saw you are opening a Miami store, what made you branch out to Miami? You forgot Amsterdam too. They opened their doors about a month after the NYC boutique in the spring of 2012. Miami is scheduled to open in early January 2014 and we feel that it meshes the best of beach culture and sculpted bodies in one colorful city. Rufskin is about looking and feeling good so we believe that it will reflect our clothing nicely.

What is in the future for Rufskin? The future? We are busy trying to get through 2013!! We don’t have any firm plans other than continuing to create well-designed sexy clothing for men.

Rufskin continues to manufacture their entire collection in California.




Douglas Coats



1390761_748582665156144_1865879603_nOver the past we weeks I have been talking to members of our focus group. There is one thing most guys really like, whether they are gay or straight, it’s we should cover more fetish inspired pairs. I know this won’t be every day wear or even to the gym, but let’s face it, we all want to feel sexy.

One of those brands that has super sexy underwear and clothing is Rufskin.  Rufskin makes it their mission to make “vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic and futuristic” clothing. They are great at accomplishing that goal. One of the newest pairs is the Larson Brief. Rufskin is no stranger to making mesh underwear for men. As you can tell by this picture it has a sheer mesh back, and a solid pouch. Perfect for the guy how has assets to show off!

The Larson is available in white or black in a Body: 95% cotton 5% spandex Trim: 90% nylon 10% spandex fabric blend. It has a double layer pouch with a white waistband and trim. One very important thing to know is the sizing. Rufskin is one of those brands that only make small, medium and large The large fits 32-34 waist. So keep that in mind when looking for new undies.

This pair to me is sexy without being too much over the top. Mesh is a trend that keeps going strong in men’s underwear. I think that it has moved beyond trend and more into a men’s underwear staple. I think a great pair of mesh underwear should be in every guys underwear drawer.

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 nasty-pig-union-suit NASTY PIG TAKES ON THE UNION SUIT

It doesn’t get more masculine and sexy than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man and Nasty Pig’s respects the past yet improves on the union suit in every way.

Instead of the traditional flannel, Nasty Pig uses their signature super-soft, top quality lightly ribbed spandex/cotton underwear fabric. Here’s the hottest part: the snap closure that runs down the chest also runs all the way under the crotch and around to the back ending just above the butt – is an innovative back closure solution, way sexier than the traditional flap. Need we mention that the snap closure, both front and back, make for an easy exit and entry. Finally, the union suit is finished with a tone on tone Nasty Pig logo on the left chest.

Wear them everywhere you want: under your jeans when you hit the streets, paired with a sick set of high tops, or be truly unique and wear them as outerwear before it’s gets too cold. You can even wear them with nothing at all next to a roaring fire on Christmas morning.

Of course there is one thing hotter than a Nasty Pig Union Suit and that’s a Nasty Pig Union Suit presented by Jockstrap Central. We got our favorite exhibitionist model Adam Stray to gear up this time and let’s just say there may be a few explicit shots over on our website.


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