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In the last few years subscription services have been big in men’s underwear. Some focus a specific style while others like Bird Briefs focus on keeping your underwear drawer full of new undies as needed. It’s a great concept and for the busy guy who doesn’t have time to shop for undies (Yes I did said that!). We all know friends who can use a service like this. We got to talk to them about the new business that launched Jan 1 of this year. Here is what they say about there brand.

I came up with the idea for BirdBriefs this past summer- I essentially decided I needed some new underwear but was having a hard time finding the time to make the trip. I live in the heart of downtown and going to the closest Target or department store like Macy’s or Dillard’s is ALWAYS a chore.
At the same time, I had recently subscribed to a service called The Dollar Shave Club. I was happy with their service and it made alot of sense for me. So, I started wondering why there wasn’t some sort of similar version for underwear (socks too!) and that’s when I came up with the idea. I brought a few of my friends into the fold: Matt Ward – biz dev, Tony Emerson (who you’ve corresponded with) – Marketing/SEO, and Jeffrey Russom – The Engineer (brains too)….. At the end of the day, I just felt like there would be a market for subscription basics and no one was really delivering such a service the way I envisioned it should be done – so why not do it ourselves!?
So here we are. About 8 months later, I’ve studied textiles, styling, stitching, you name it. We’ve built out an e-commerce site. We’re having underwear manufactured and we’re taking orders! We’re doing all the fulfillment ourselves too. Its a little surreal – I never thought of myself as an underwear enthusiast but here we are! And I gotta say, I’m really happy with the way things are going. We’ve been in business for less than a month and we’re already rapidly approaching our 100th subscriber.
Go Check out Bird Briefs and sign up! I love their logo!

10702045_1520750444808283_2273562032750084684_nYou maybe wondering where we find new brands. Sometimes we run across them on the net. Other times we have brands write us and other times we find them in social media. This is the case with Magno Underwear.

I was going through our Twitter followers to see what brands were out there that i didn’t know about. I found about 15-20 new brands and stores. I kept a list of brands and then went back to check them out. A few have been very inactive on their site and social media but others like Magno caught my eye.

10599526_1508476826035645_2521146797220847099_nSo who is Magno and what do they do? Well it was founded in the US by three friends. Their mission statement is “At MAGNO, our ultimate purpose is to accompany today’s changing men into a sexier, healthier and happier person by creating a different yet commonly used product that is often overlooked but that is so fundamental to our everyday needs. We design, create and produce Colombian-made men’s underwear that is very carefully engineered to assist all men’s endeavors”

The first thing you notice with Magno is they are a classic designed underwear company. Their look is clean and 10547726_1506458699570791_3977209765673383831_oclassic. They do briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and long boxers. And the colors are black, greys and whites. Which I know can get a bad wrap from me at times. I like color and patterns but sometimes you need a great pair of underwear that’s not over the top. The underwear Magno makes is a solid color with a matching simple logo waistband. It’s classic and good looking pair of underwear.

My biggest gripe with the black, grays and whites is there is no creativity or design. This is no the case with Magno. It looks very well made and the design pays attention to the form of the guy. The boxer briefs are form fitting and you can see that in the pictures. The briefs are a fuller cut. I really want to try it. Every guy should own some classic underwear in their underwear drawer. Its a must have for every guy.

Sizing is a major issue for most guys who read the site. Just note the sizing runs to size 36 on the XL end. As most brands pay attention to the sizing charts on the blog.

What would you wear Magno with? I would say anything from a suit to jeans. They will go with anything you have in your closet. The design looks great and of high quality. The pricing is from $25 to about $30 for most pairs. The colors as mentioned above are gray, black, white and navy. Find out more about the brand on the Magno Underwear Site.


Underwear should be a lot of fun! This most of us reading this blog know. Its about putting on something fun and sexy to wear all day. Alick Alexander is one of those brands that embraces the fun and joys of underwear. How do I know this? Because this is what they say on the site “Underwear is the first layer of clothing we wear, it is the foundation of every man’s outfit. We could talk forever about our underwear, but ultimately it’s about you and how you feel wearing our underwear!” We couldn’t agree more!

They also are a brand that embraces the joys of color. They say that Black and White maybe stylish, which we totally agree, but colors add fun to a guys undies. Which is amazing to hear a brand embrace and cary as a mantra. I think many of the traditional American brands (not the ones we cover here a lot) are afraid to really to push color out there.Unknown-117

 So what styles do they offer? They have on their site a brief and trunk styles. My favorite is the String Tech Brief. Which has a almost foot ball pants lace up in the front. Its not functional like football pants but is a lot of fun. It’s a cool design that is outside the norm for a lot of companies. The colors are great too! They have blues, reds, pinks, yellow and black and white for those less daring. Prices range from $20-30 per pair.

If you’re looking to show off what you have, well Alick Alexander wants to help. They have a specially designed pouch in their ProTrunk to do just that. The pouch is engineered without any special straps or pockets to show off your crown jewels. I will admit this piqued my interest even more on this brand. I love an amazing pouch in my unides.


I really LOVE this brand. I found them when Crunchiboy on Instagram took a pic in the brand. The head designer is based out of London and they are in Wales. They have been around since 2008 but this is the first I heard of them. I definitely will be keeping an eye and reaching out to them!

10857872_766718503412788_7960178544848575302_nI will admit I love brands from Japan. They are super fun and have their own way of doing men’s underwear. I also can’t fit in the underwear. It’s always cut super small in size and design. Which makes me sad but I can still appreciate the lines.

This week we want to point out brands that will get you may not have considered before. One of those brands is Tyler Bold. Which proclaims on their site that they are Japans Number 1 underwear brand. Unlike previous Asian brands we covered I would consider Tyler Bold to be more conservative in their designs. It’s not to say they don’t have thongs and jocks but their colors are a bit sutler. So you won’t find the bright pinks and funky patterns we have covered.

A lot of their undies looks very western in comparison to the other brands. I say this because it could be a high end 1463071_773742662710372_8376458285381430692_nbrand in the US. But they have one thing that most western companies don’t have, that is the Super Bikini. Bikinis are making a comeback in the US but only a few brands make them. The Super Bikinis are small cut bikinis (compared to our standards) and some of the barely coverage in the back. This I have noticed in a few brand that you show cleavage in the back in some Asian brands.

Now I know what you are thinking now, “but what are the sizing?” Well, that’s a very good question. I have tried to find it on their site and haven’t been successful. The only sizes listed are Medium and large. Which I would be safe to assume the large would be around a 32 waist, and that would be on the top end of the scale. Most brand I have found in the region, the largest size I have seen is an XL up to a 34 waist.

I think that Tyler Bold is a great company for those who want to try some brands from Japan. Especially if you don’t want to go all in on some wild colors or patterns. It’s very low key and really cool. Like a lot of western brand they have a branded waistband on some of the pairs and traditional colors. Prices are also pretty good, most of the pairs average around 2,000 Yen. This may sound like it’s a lot but with the current exchange rate it’s about $17 US. Which is not a bad price for underwear when many of us pay $30 or more for a pair.

You can’t find them in the US and will need to order them from the Tyler Bold site.

Wallpapers-5-899x599There are two things that catch my eye with underwear (outside of the obvious), and they are color and waistbands. Color has become the biggest factors in buying underwear for me over the year. The use of bright colors, blocks of colors and prints are carry a lot of weight with me.

I was going through my Facebook and I have an interest set up of “undies stuff.” It has all my underwear pages and brands and Idol Underwear came across my feed via Alpha Male Undies. The pictures were of the Day Vision brief. It’s clean, classic with a bit of pop in the waistband. This pair spurred my interest in finding out more about the brand.

Wallpapers-4-899x599They have a very interesting story on the creation. George formed the company and says this on the website “Hi my name is George and I am the founder of IDOL Underwear. I consider myself a citizen of the world, without borders, boundaries and prejuges. I travelled the beach cities of our beautiful planet all my life and I was always amazed by the beach idols of barcelona, playa del ingles, rio, tel aviv and so many hidden or not beaches. Therefore what a better name for my underwear brand than IDOL ? And also a perfect inspiration for the models I have designed in Barcelona, to fit perfectly the beach idols anatomy. I have put years of passion in my brand and I have made no compromise on the design , on the fabrics and on the production process. One year of creating the samples and finding the right fabrics, luxurious, was followed by a strict half a year of AQL production process implemented by SGS International ( No room for errors because i am creating for IDOLS!”

Each line has a distinctive waistband as well. The Day vision has a very clean band that goes with the classic cut of the pair. Other types of bands range form sporty with the Night Vision/Lucky pairs and colorful graphic of the Tropicality line. For those out there who love waistband I think you need to check this brand out.


The line consists of briefs, boxer briefs and jocks. The line has more briefs than any other style. Which to me is not a bad thing at all. I think the briefs are coming back as more brands like Idol are making more of them than any others. The boxers look like they have a great pouch built in the design. Which looks like it will fit amazing. Lastly are the jocks. Right now they are just two designs and I hope we get to see a lot more.

The fabric is another area that they are paying attention too. As mentioned above in the quote, they searched for the right fabrics. Using Bamboo and Modal men’s it will be super soft and comfortable through the day. Many of my new favorites are Modal. The feeling against the skin is just amazing. Having more companies use it is a great thing.

My favorites on the site are: Ultimate Boxer in White/Turquoise, Day Vision in White (both brief and boxer), Tropicality (both) and the Lucky Red in blue. I love what they are doing.

To see the collection go over to the Idol Underwear Site and see all the pairs.

1559637_958987924128629_8772126229882752198_nIn out week of profiling new brands, I think Toot will be the one most readers will be familiar with. Toot is a company out of Japan that came to my attention a few years ago when a friend wore them. At the time I only knew them as small trunks that had Toot written across the back. They were fun and sexy.

Over the last year or so they have been harder to find on the US market. I used to see them at a few online stores and now I don’t think they have much of a presence at all. Which is sad because they make really great undies. And if you’re asking they do more than trunks. They also to briefs, leggings (long johns), swimwear and activewear.10408099_964191170274971_2231780093617889842_n

The one thing I LOVE about Japanese underwear designers is they don’t play by the “masculine rules”. Which is to say,they don’t say only underwear can be black, grey and white and only in a boxer brief or full cut brief. They experiment with fabrics, colors, prints and styles. There really is nothing off limits to them. I think more brands in the US would do the same if the underwear buy public (outside of guys reading this blog) would buy it.

One of the best designs I think they have is the Plaid (or Tartan as our European friends would say). Toot calls these the Check Bias cut boxer. But we just call them plaid. Another one that really had me do a double take are the Pez boxers. Which have the Pez logon the back. Its not a brand that I would think to put on underwear. For those who don’t know Pez is candy that is dispensed out of the head of a cartoon character.

The collection on the site is massive on their site. They have separate sections for Colors and Basics. This is on top of the regular sections. The colors have just about every color you can imagine in their trunk cut. Most are bright and fun. Where as the Basics is just that, a basic collection of underwear in white/grey/black. I’m not anti classic, there is a time and place for everything and I think every guy should own a few pairs.


Who should check out Toot? Any guy who wants some fun and colorful underwear. Prints and colors are important and you’re not afraid to wear some colors that always thought of in men’s underwear. Also, for guys who are a bit smaller. Like most Japanese underwear its done to fit the Japanese public and no the US market. So if you’re above a 34 inch waist you may have some issues. That said I love the brand and hope you take sometime and go check out all the pairs and swimwear!

10941021_989121107782238_6967234150691861265_nNot everything we do on the site is underwear or swimwear related. Many of you out there want to find great work out/active wear. Like underwear, you want something different than what your friends are wearing. Not every guy likes to go down to the local sporting goods store to find work out wear!

BCNU is a company we have covered but not a lot of the blog. I originally found them on Facebook and have posted a few Brief Distractions with them. But I think it’s time we give you a showcase of what BCNU is and what they have to over.

BCNU stands for “Be Seein’ You.” They started in 2011 in Sydney, Australia and as they say “To fill a gap in the 10933870_982771388417210_4610298344889770371_nmarket with an effortlessly cool, stylish sportswear and streetwear label that didn’t seem to exist at the time” Now the market for men’s activewear has taken off. It’s one of the biggest growing segments in the men’s fashion market.

What do they currently offer? Their products are divided up by Sportswear, Streetwear and Accessories. But don’t let the labels fool you, BCNU wants you to be able to wear their gear 24/7. It can be stylish in the gym or on the streets.

Like most activewear companies they have shorts, sweats, tanks, shirts, hoodies and socks. The new 2015 collection has some great Sportswear. The Arena Sporty Short along with the Academy Tank are my personal favorites. Clean and both great work working out in. The streetwear has some cool hoodies and the ones that are coming in to fashion big time, the sleeveless hoodie!

Last thing I want to mention is the socks. They have only three pairs but those who LOVE socks are going to flip for these. They call them Sporty Socks. The socks are calf level or over the calf in right bold colors. The Navy sock is my favorite, but really all three are amazing. They not only look Great but will perform great. The compression aids in circulation and incorporates Blister Management System. So they are fashion and function.

If you’re interested in BCNU, head over to their site and check them out! You should know they do offer free shipping world wide!


This week while I am at magic we are bringing you 9 brands we think you should know and Nukleus is the first. These brands, some of you may have heard of but others may not. A few we have mentioned on the blog but never gone into much detail. So we hope you enjoy this segment and maybe find a new brand to try.

Nukleus is a brand I am familiar with only because BikiniboiATL on Twitter has posted pics in the line and loves them. Other than that I am not very familiar with them. Who is Nukleus? They are a brand out of Penang, Malaysia. They make both environmentally but socially responsible products. How do that do this? “Using innovative and sustainable production methods, we make innerwear and basics from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, Lenzing Tencel and organic bamboo.”


This is really great an underwear company is not only in the business to make great underwear. They want give back to the environment and people who supply their raw materials. But how does this transform into great undies? Well they have a few collections right now including the Rebirth Collection (feat. Earth, Tree and See series), Fruit Series (feat. Blueberry, Honeydew, Mangosteen, Watermelon, The Quintet (Metal, Plant, Water, Fireand Earth series).

  • The Rebirth Collection – The Rebirth Collection is for the man who never goes out of style. Classic and time-honoured, this collection is designed for the eternal Nukleus man: age defying and unaffected by mortal limitations.
  • The Fruit Series – Enjoy the fruits that are grown near you. They’re fresher, tastier, better. That’s because they’re closer to you in space and time. Which in turn means less environmental impact. Local fruits: good for you, good for Earth. Just like Nukleus.
  • The Quintet – In The Quintet, Nukleus takes an unconventional look at this critical issue. Covering five facets of our planet, the collection alludes to Asian stories about how we can restore balance or prevent the unbalance from worsening. All in all, these stories offer grounds for hope and optimism – that it isn’t too late to act, that we can still make a difference.


Each of these is fashionable and good for the environment. Where can you find the brand? Well it is available on Ebay (where BikiniboiATL gets his). Which is the easiest way to get them in the US. Search Ebay but you can go to the Nukleus website to find out more about each line.


One of the biggest complaints I have heard about Joe Snyder underwear is that the pouch is too small. I too have experienced this and have to be careful which styles I buy. The newest collection is call the MaxiBulge collection. Which has a bigger pouch and allows you show off what you have in the great Joe Snyder colors.

Here is what Joe Snyder says to say “The front pouch enhances the look of your package thanks to its cupping action that gently lifts you upwards and outwards for a noticable bulge.” Also in the pouch is a c-ring that helps enhance your bulge and push it out.

I will say the picture of the pouch looks amazing. Being a guy who needs more room in front I am looking forward to trying this. As I said above I have tired some pairs of Joe Snyder and it just didn’t fit. And when I talk to guys who email and on social a lot agree. Starting with the Pride Frame line Joe Snyder has been paying attention to their customers and giving them more options. Which is awesome. The pairs of Joe Snyder I own I love. The quality is amazing and the fit is great.

We are just profiling the bikini in this post but the Maxibulge is available in a Kini, Cheek, Clip and Capri. The Kini is a super small bikini with string sides. The Clip is similar to the cut we show here but has a clip on the side. The Cheek is a boxer cut that gives you a bit of the cheek. Lastly is the Capri which is a thong cut.

Colors are one thing I LOVE about Joe Sndyer. They are never one for dull and boring colors. The colors are always bright and fun. The purple, red and blues are always a personal favorite. The colors for this line are: White, Black, Red, Royal, Turquoise, Yellow, Navy, Wine, Pink, Purple, White Mesh, White Lace, Black Mesh,Black Lace. These are all pretty much staples in the Joe Snyder line. Its also made out of Polyamide 80% Spandex 20% blend.

If you are interested check out the new line. Its in retail stores now or you can find it at the Joe Snyder site.

Unknown-33Let’s face it, you guys LOVE mesh! It crosses all sexual orientations and lifestyles. I have heard from gay, straight, and bi guys who all love Mesh. They love showing off in it for their loved ones or just to show off in general. Mesh is a trend that is now a main stay in men’s underwear. McKillop is no stranger to mesh undies at all. Since I started covering them they have always had one form of mesh or another.

The pair we are profiling is the McKillop Elevate Brief (Mesh). What’s speical about this pair? Well first it’s got a great silhouette. The pair has a solid waistband and larger leg openings than most mesh pairs. Also this pair is part of the enhancing collection from McKillop. Some of you may be saying “Enhancing, I hate underwear that has foam and such to enhance me!” This pair uses other methods to enhance you rather than pair you take off and your partner go, WTH?!

Here is how McKillop explains it: “Mckillop Elevate Collection is all about Male Enhancement, whether it is the rear or the front McKillop is here to help. Our specialty is that we do not use foam to enhance, we actually use a selection of custom elastics, fabrics and a very talented team specially trained to create your lift.  But it is not only the lift, the elastics create an optical illusion making you look smaller as well.”

This pair is $40 on the McKillop site! And make sure you check back next week for something we did with McKillop!

Unknown-34 Unknown-32


GoSoftwear has a line called American Jock. The American Jock line  has released the AJ Active line recently. It has been out since October but we think it deserve some attention. There are a few different pairs but we are going to focus on the Active Sport Brief! Which is color block brief made out of a stretchy mesh material.

The Brief comes in three different color blocks. They are Yellow, Blue and red. As you can see the color is in the waistband, sides and trim. The main body of the brief is a black sports mesh. This is a full cut brief with a 3 inch side seam. This means you will have full coverage, well except for the mesh! Its great for those who want a brief but not a super small cut.

The materials of this pair is 88% polyester 12% spandex. Topped with a 1.5 inch waistband with American Jock written in the band. The black writing doesn’t make the branding as noticeable. Had they used a white it would have stood out more. I know many of our readers are not fond of branded waistbands. Lastly, this pair is made in the USA.

This pair is perfect for working out or any really active lifestyle. The material will breath and conform to your body. You shouldn’t have any issues with the pair loosing its shape. The mesh is one of the hottest materials in men’s underwear and will feel great against your skin! You can find this on the Go Softwear site for $28.50


tumblr_nfd33qYyW81qkjycfo1_1280-1Timoteo has released the Athletico Line and one of the stand outs of the collection is the Trunk. It has a color block pattern that accents a guys body. Timoteo has been really good at making underwear/swimwear that accents a guy. This pair really flatters and shows off what a guy was gifted with! The colors definitely add to this flattering.

Things to know about this is it has a matching Timoteo branded waistband. Meaning a new waistband was created for each pair. The colors available are Red/Grey/White/Black, Blue/Black/White/Grey and Blue/Grey/White/Orange. Each one is pretty nice but I still love the red best. The orange/blue comes in a very close second!

Materials used are a 96% cotton and 4% spandex blend. So this pair will conform and keep you comfy all day. Sometimes if you have a pure cotton pair it can loose its shape during the day. The addition of the spandex will give it just enough stretch to last throughout the day.

The Athletico Trunk retails for $28 on the Timoteo Site. If you like the pair go check them out!

Picture above is Raphael Melo as photographed by Timoteo.

20141121_kale-owen_432Finding new underwear is one thing I love to do for you guys. It’s also one of the hardest things. Watching the underwear industry and spotting a new brand is hard when we try to keep up with over 100 brands. Luckily we have great readers like you guys and brands like Planet Undies to help us bring you new brands. The latest brand is Kale Owen.

Kale Owen is an underwear company out of France. Here is what Planet Undies sent us about the brand. “”At the image of the man of today”, Kale Owen is based on materials selected for their comfort and quality while bringing a touch of originality. Kale Owen invites us to discover not less than 13 lines of underwear, declined each around a theme (Seduction, I am a male, Owen fashion and Dreams & Desires). Set of textures & materials, printed patterns, jewelry & accessories… the Kale Owen brand has a lot’s of arguments to seduce the gente male!”

If you are a big fan of briefs and thongs, Kale Owen is a company you need to check out. They have very few trunks but everything is focused on smaller more form fitting undies. Which in my opinion is never a bad thing. The colors and patterns are also fun. They have the traditional black, white and red, but they also have yellows, pink and prints.

The pictures will be broken up in the each individual style. We hope you will go check out all the different styles and colors at the Planet Undies Kale Owen page! 

I Am Male


Owen Fashion










Dreams and Desires










Are you a big fan of colorful underwear? Like bold patterns? Mix that in with a nice waistband and you have the new C-IN2 Culture Club collection. Available in a brief, army trunk (both are Lo No Show) and jock. We are profiling the brief. It’s available in 8 different colorful prints. There are too many amazing prints to choose from!

C-IN2 says this about the line: C-IN2 Culture Club infuses pop art with men’s underwear. Engineered printing is used to individually paint artwork onto each pair of underwear for precision placement. The Culture Club collection is made of super-soft Tencel with Spandex and finished with a high fashion, high gloss Microfiber waistband. Culture Club’s art changes seasonally to reflect trends in pop art and remains chic.

These are going to be some of my favorite pairs from C-IN2. Lately I have fallen in love with bold and bright patterns. This one is a little more abstract than the previous Culture Club collection but still has some great prints! I have two favorites the blue and green pairs. One is a blue on top and green on the bottom and the other is a green print on one side and blue on the other. They are just amazing and super fun.

The Culture Club Lo No Show brief retails for $30 at the C-IN2 website.


aussieBum has released a new ranged called Chrome. This year they have really come on strong with a lot of great underwear. The pairs ranged from the expensive to the reasonable. This pair falls in the reasonable range. This new range has a very classic styling and not in wilder colors. Some of the previous ranges had some amazing colors, but sometimes you need something classic.

Here is what aussieBum has to say about the line: “This chic and stylish underwear features a new vertical wide-ribbed fabric for maximum extension and comfort. The vintage cut is sure to fit you like a second skin! Available in four classic colours in both brief and hipster styles. Strong style for strong men!”

The two styles are a hipster and a brief. Each is available in white, black, grey and navy. The material made out of 60% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 5% Elastane has a vertical ribbed design that should be super comfy. Each pair is reasonably priced, the brief is $16.71 and the hipster is 17.61. Which is an amazing price and with free shipping to the US, how can you not get them!


aussieBum has release the new range called BreakOUT. You maybe asking why is it called that? Well the back is cut out and is a boxer jock! But that’s not all, the front has an enhancing foam cup. Don’t worry this cup is completely removable. I know we have plenty of readers who this will drive crazy.

Here is what aussieBum has to say about the pair: ” BreakOUT with this innovative design by aussieBum! This range features the popular cut-out at the rear while incorporating a pioneering feature in a removable foam cup that adds shape and enhances your size. Available in a brief and hipster with our signature wide waistband – are you man enough?”

This style is available in two styles and colors. The styles are a brief and a hipster. The colors are black and grey. The brief retails for $28.68 and hipster is $32.79. Find it at the aussieBum site

LR_LFHR_UNDaB13010_Breakout_Brf_Red_01_FLAT LR_LFHR_UNDaB13010_Breakout_Hip_Blue_02_FLAT


wildmant-wt70Swimwear season in the US is over but that’s not stopping companies for making really great swimwear. WildmanT has always made great swimwear that enhances and shows off what you have! He has always used his C-Ring and lifters to really put your best features out there! This  is the Titan Bikini with C-Ring

You maybe going, “I love the suit but don’t want the c-ring.” In previous pairs WildmanT has made the C-rings removable, so you can wear them with or without them. So don’t let that one feature turn you off to the brand!

The bikini comes in three colors; blue, green and orange. Each one is trimmed in grey and has two white panels on the hip. Also made with a draw string waist so it will stay in place even during a super active day in the pool/beach. I really love these color combinations. Although, I have to say the green is my favorite. But, overall they are great color choices. You want your swimwear to be bright and fun. Lastly, it’s made out of a 84% nylon, 16% spandex fabric. Meaning this will be a fast drying fabric.

WildmanT says the following about the pair: “The WildmanT Titan Bikini with C-Ring is a low rise, lean cut swim brief teeming with color and spirit. But the real bonus here is the sexy silhouette it provides, thanks to the hidden cock ring inside that amps up the definition to your frontal profile. Wear for maximum whoa! poolside, beachside, or wherever you plan to take the plunge.”

This pair should be coming to retailers soon!


Aware SOHO Brazil Collection

You may have thought the Brazil fever in underwear had passed now that the World Cup is over. You would be wrong! In just two years the world will come to Rio for the Summer Olympics! So this will bring a whole new round of Brazil inspired undies. The latest in the Brazil themed underwear is Aware SOHO.

The new line has a Brazil Flag print with an Aware SOHO branded waistband. Which appears to be centered in the front. This is one thing more underwear companies are doing. It costs a little more but it seems you guys really like having a centered waistband. But back to the undies. The pairs pictured above (from left to right) Boxer Brief, Brief and Trunk.

Each one is made out of 95% cotton/5% Elastine fabric. Which sill make it comfy and soft! This would be a great pair to wear under your work clothes. It’s a pair with a little flash and interesting pattern! I really like the design of the print. From a distance you may not be able to tell its the Brazil flag (at least I didn’t at first) but once close you can clearly see it.

If you are a fan and want to see this and more head over to Aware SOHO site.


If you are a fan of colors, the new aussieBum line Palette is one you need to check out. The new hipster line is available in three different colors. Those colors are blue, green and pink. They aren’t super bright but a little more subdued and very nice! I’m loving the green pair most. Green is my all time favorite underwear color!

The pair is also made out of Pima Cotton. Pima is ultra soft and will be super comfy on top of it. For those who need a bit more space in the pouch, this one has it! This is great for the endowed guys, but don’t worry the pouch will fit any one out there. It’s not too roomy for average guys.

The last thing I love is the waistband. The waistband is a bespoke metallic waistband. It’s a really cool waistband. I like how the BUM is in a different color. I will say great job over all aussieBum! You can find it at the aussieBum site for $23.74


Are you a fan of Jockbriefs? If you are 2wink has released the new Graffiti Xtremen Freedom Jock. They have been on a big graffiti print this last year and the last time we posted about them was the Graffiti Xtremen swim brief. There is a trend right now in men’s underwear to have matching underwear and swimwear. We aren’t talking about a literally making the pairs look a like but have the similar patterns and designs.

2wink enters this trend as well. I like this trend. There is something about wearing a favorite pair of swimwear that you can then wear under your clothes after ad ay at the beach. The Graffiti print is one that has garnered 2wink a lot of attention so it’s only natural that they would bring this to underwear.

This pair is not like the swim brief. The pouch has the graffiti print and the sides and back are white. The pair is trimmed in black and topped with a the 2wink Australia waistband that is black with red writing. It’s not a pair that you would probably wear to the gym (well some of you would) but would make a great night out pair.

You can get this pair at the 2wink website for $28.55 AUS.


Vintage van

If you’re like me as years go by your rates in colors and prints change. The last few years I have been drawn to interesting and fun prints. There is something about them lately. Before I would pretty much stick to solids and a few stripes. Gone are those days. I love bright fun underwear. aussieBum has released a new line called Byron.

Bold statement tye-dye underwear with a unique print on each individual garment. ‘Byron’ has a super thin waistband with a slim fitting complimentary fit.” What dose that mean? Well each individual pair is different. Very few pairs these days can make that claim. This is due to the tie dye process, there is no way to make two a like! 

There are some things I like. The first one is the thinner aussieBum branded waistband. It’s not as thick as the usual aB waistband. Some of our readers who don’t like big waistband may like this. The second is the white trim on the leg opening. They could have used tie dye trim, but the white just pops and I like it.

Byron is just available in just a brief cut. So if you’re looking for a trunk you’re out of luck. the pair retails for $22.44 on the aussieBum site.

Vintage van

Quarter Homme Beau HipsterBEA 0502

I know we have a lot of Boxer Briefs fans out there. Its probably one of the most popular styles for all guys. So when a new style is released we try to bring them to you! The newest style from Quarter Homme is the Beau Hipster. You maybe asking what a hipster is, well its pretty much a trunk in the US. Around the world such as UK and Australia they call them Hipsters

This new pair comes in two different colors, blue or white. Each pair has the same colors in contrast. I really like the blue with the white trim. I think it really makes the blue pop. The material the hipster is made out of is 95% Cotton 5% Elastane. So it will give great support and have some stretch.

The waistband is the signature Quarter Homme Waistband with a white background and blue lettering. It’s a simple design that fits the pair well I think. In fact, he over all design is simplistic an clean. This I think is a good thing. Not every guy wants neon underwear!

If you’re interested in this pair its available for $22.90 from the Quarter Homme site.

068L0874We have some good news and some bad news. If you were a fan of the Dash brief, well  its no longer around. But the good news is that the Mate brief is back and now replaces it! Teamm8 makes really great fun underwear.

The Mate is a low cut design. This year we have seen the trent of lower cut briefs come on to the market. This makes is a perfect suit to show off all the hard work you have been doing in the gym. Teamm8 says this new super low cut will give it an edge and I agree! The suit also features signature metal tip tie-cord. Which is not something you see in underwear every day

The Mate has a 95% cotton and 5% elastine fabric. The construction features a front seam that will that will give you extra support though a nice pouch. You maybe asking what colors does it come in? Well they have white, black, blue and grey marle. They aren’t super bright colors, if you’re looking for something super bright this may not be for you. If on the other hand you want to have a really great pair of undies with an amazing fit, these are for you.

They retail on the Teamm8 site for $31AUD (Australian Dollar)

Radical-SportI know we have a few fans of Male Power out there. This week they have released four new lines. The first two are the Radical Sport (above) and Nylon Burn out (below). I have a few pairs of Male Power that I really like, such as the zipper shorts featured here for the Radical Sport. Just don’t zip it back up while still on because…. well you know! Here is what Male Power said about the line

“Anyone can look like a star athlete in Radical Sport, a line of shorts and thongs for the man who is occasionally zipped up but never buttoned down. All styles are made from a sensuously soft fabric imprinted with zigzag black lines, and are trimmed with functional, zipper fly fronts.

The Zipper Short features a contoured zipper pouch, low rise waist and high cut legs. In the mood for something even more daring? The Zipper Thong, a Male Power classic, offers a one inch back and sides and low rise waist. Wilder still is Zipper Moonshine, which looks like a brief in front, and has a jock-like, cut out backside for a partial baring of the buns. Color possibilities are light wine and slate; fantasy possibilities are endless.

The sizzling but subtle Nylon Burnout is perfect for men who project a sophisticated sensuality. The stretch fabric is comfortably lightweight, and offers a croc-like pattern on the outside and a hint of sheerness within.

Three different styles appeal to many different tastes. The Pouch Short affords a bit more coverage with its mid-length leg, low-rise waist and comfort pouch. The Wonder Thong teases with a full uplift pouch, low rise waist and one inch sides and back. The Posing Strap offers le minimum – a plush, elastic G-string back and a full comfort pouch. All selections are Male Power favorites, and come in either navy or taupe.”

These are going out to retailers now, so check with your favorite retailer for availability.

SWM3255It’s hot now and the swimwear you should wear should be hot as well shouldn’t it? I think the main point of swimwear is to show as much off as you can legally get away with in public. Well, that’s just my opinion, and I know many of you share this opinion. I have see your pics on Twitter!

What makes swimwear hot to you? Is it the cut? The Color? The Fabric? To me it’s the cut and fabric. I love swimwear that conforms to my body and still accents all my curves. The color is the next important factor. Basic black is always good but when at a tropical location it’s important to really enjoy some color. Why be there and wear something navy/black. The last thing is how fast it dries. I remember the days of growing up and wearing those baggy swim trunks that took forever to dry. Now with modern fabric, it can dry in the matter of minutes.

Pistol Pete has released the Citrus Brief this summer. The pair is designed to accent what you have and make it look amazing. The main color is the pouch that wraps around back. If you look close the white parts in the design are a semi sheer mesh. Now you won’t be showing off all the goods, but you will be showing off. Below the mesh it has an accenting color. It’s available in Orange, Green and Blue.

The one thing I really love about this pair is the way the main color is cut. It accents your pouch and draws attention to it. This pair will command attention on the beach. Especially if you wear the orange. The mesh isn’t wide enough to make it seem obscene, it’s just enough to show some skin. If you’re looking for something bold but not too wild, I suggest you check out the Citrus Swim Brief.

This design is one also that so Pistol Pete. They create swimwear that is not like anyone else’s. The Citrus Brief sounds like it would pass all my tests! Now just to loose enough weight to fit in it! This pair retails for $49.50