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silver_pink_boxer posse_boxer

So, I got my first shipment of undies from UNB to review, and boy did I get a great deal. Two pairs of the new Gigo collection for summer of 2009. I had seen the new wild styles in a couple of catalogs and online, and was intrigued. When they showed up, “LOUD” would be the word I would use to describe them. I got Silver Pink trunk and the purple, almost leopard printed, Purple Posse Trunks. Both pairs are not your typical “Tighty–Whities”, but if you are looking for some fun looking undies any of the Gigo line is going to be exactly what you are looking for.

Both pairs of the Gigo undies are cut a little small, but still fit very nicely; no fudging room allowed fellas. Both pairs I received came in a size medium, which fit my size 32 waist pretty well. The Gigo line fit a little lower on the waist as well. The fabric on both pairs is some of the softest that I have felt in a well put together pair of undies. It is thin, but very high quality blend of nylon, Lurex, and spandex, allowing for great movement for everyday wear.

The pouch of the Gigo line trunks is also very well cut, and reinforced with a little extra stitching. There is one seam up the back, but is not intrusive or noticeable at all. The Waistband is branded with the Gigo logo which is something that I like in a good pair of undies. Overall both these styles are fit and constructed very well.

For some guys, the styles that Gigo offers may be a turn off. I don’t think I would recommend wearing them to the gym, but for the guy that is looking for a fun night out on the town, in a pair of undies that feel good on the skin, offer the right amount of movement, and make you feel a little sexy; these are the styles you have been looking for.

Fit: 4
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 4
Daily wear: 5

Overall: 4.6

The Gigo Silver Pink and Posse Trunks are $28.00 but also come in brief, g-string, and jockstrap, with pricing around $25.00. Gigo can be purchased at Underwear Station, which also offers many other styles, cuts and colors of the Gigo underwear line. I hope you have just as much fun in these undies as I did.