By hotguyntown

Looking back, it all began with a quick glance through People magazine – briskly skipping over the standard Hollywood gossip puff-pieces and by chance opening to a full page ad for Jockey underwear with Jim Palmer.  I was transfixed and energized by the image of the all-American jock in a pair of skimpy Elance briefs.  For a second I wondered if anyone would notice if I tore the page out of the magazine, but I couldn’t resist.  I knew I had to study this style, so different from my plaid boxer shorts and superman underoos.  It showed off his package and firm round ass and I wanted to see more and know what it felt like to wear those briefs.

Going to the Y was a weekly event in my family;  my dad would workout in the weight room and I would head off to the pool.  I started noticing that guys were wearing something other than briefs or boxers when working out.  Most of them, including my dad, were wearing a standard bike jock that started off white and quickly began to fade due to sweat and age.   When I went off swimming, I saw the older boys practicing their laps in their speedos.  And at that moment, I realized this was the perfect way to show off an athletic man’s body – tight gloriously round butts encased in spandex, bulges prominent in the front.   I couldn’t help but stare, and definitely wanted to wear one of those as soon as I could.

And then finally, the momentous occasion, the first time I received an issue of the International Male catalog.   The old joke held true for me – somehow I.M. knew I was a gay boy before I did.   I don’t know how they knew, but I loved it, studied it, and spent way too much time planning which styles I had to have.  I never ordered anything, but it was nice to know there were other guys out there who were into the same thing I was.  Plus I knew where I could order pirate inspired fashion if I wanted to.  A lace front ruffly shirt was always in-style in the I.M. catalog.   I started out with CK, then moved on to 2xist and then moved on to Andrew Christian, Timoteo and all those fun brands that make up my ever growing collection.


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