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My name is Stephen, 35 years old, married + 2 kids, living in the Czech Republic. I would describe myself as straight and bicurious (although I never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a man (yet), I found hairy men very attractive and sexy). I am 100% sure people would not think I am an undies fan at all. I guess it is because of our old-fashioned Czech society.

When did you first discover underwear? 

Well, to be honest, I don’t know how to answer this question. It was never my interest at all. As a relatively young man, you kinda know that even men wear thongs (bodybuilders, dancers), and I have never paid any attention to that at all. You know that both of these are usually handsome muscular guys, so the thongs look naturally great on them, but never ever think about it more, and 100% times, my answer would be, “those must be so uncomfortable.”

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

What made me buy my first pair of underwear? That is a kinda funny story… On my wedding day, after the ceremony, our friends prepared those silly wedding games. One of those games was chores notes hidden in balloons, where you pop the balloon read the chore out loud, and either do it right away in front of everyone (if possible) or do it during your marriage. And on my turn, I popped a balloon with a funny chore (apparently intended for my wife) “sweep the floors in your house wearing only thongs.” Everybody laughed, and we moved on. After few years, you kinda forgot about that, but at the beginning of 2021, we had a minor crisis as our sex life was just so dull and almost non-existent (which for me as a guy is just brutal, and even that you know that your wife is super tired because of the kids, intimacy, and sex is so important to you and the relationship so I could not move on). So I tried all different things to spiced it up, and at that moment, I remembered that silly chore from our wedding game. So I went online and looked for man thongs. After few hours, I found a pair of lowrise, skimpy bright red thongs from some company JQK. After our kids were asleep, I put them on, took a broom, and started cleaning the floors. And at that moment, I was so ashamed of myself for being so judgemental and blind as I found them so comfortable and sexy.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

So as mentioned above, my first pair was JQK lowrise thongs. Pure cotton and I kinda liked them, so I bought a few more pairs of the same style with different colors. But after a very short period of time, I found them to be very uncomfortable to wear for a whole day. I tried to break them in (stupid idea) by sleeping in them and stretching the butt string, but nothing helped. I come to a conclusion that this is not the right size for me even based on the charts it should be alright. But I was not willing to give up. So I tried other different non-branded thongs until I decided that it was all waste of money one day. But I still wear thongs.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

My absolute favorite style is thongs; I wear them exclusively every day. Also, I love low-cut swim briefs.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

As a relatively new to the undies world, I am still learning, but I am very strict about the style, cut, colors, and materials, so once I find the brand and style that fits me, game on. My absolute and so far only favorite brand is CockSox; I love the feel, the simple colors, cut, the pouch, the support. It is just heavenly. So I owned many pairs of the same style of thongs from CockSox, and a few months ago, I made an exception and bought a g-string Slingshot by CockSox, and honestly, they might be my favorite pair for hot days. 

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner, do they encourage your love of underwear?

Well, my wife supports me; she often jokes about the strings up my crack, etc. which is amazing because I am just comfortable wearing it and walking around in front of her, and even though she might not liked that in the beginning now I think she loves it, as it is more revealing she constantly stares at my cock. She recently helped me pick new colors, and she told me she couldn’t wait to see them on me, so yes. So far, I have only talked about that to one of my friends that wearing thongs, changed my life. But I feel it is still taboo, which is such a shame. I grew up in an era where everyone is wearing boxer briefs, and you stick with that because everybody wears that, and it is expected. And I struggled with that for so many years. I used to have rashes from the underwear; I was constantly scratched and chafed on my thighs. And all of a sudden, everything is gone. I truly regret I did not found out about thongs earlier in my life.

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence

Oh absolutely. I found wearing thongs the most masculine thing ever. My confidence raised so much even though I am a big guy. I was never a skinny or athletic guy. I was always a big guy, not fat, just a big healthy guy with broad shoulders, strong legs, and a belly. It still amazes me how that tiny piece of fabric can give you such a confidence boost, so you feel like a completely new person. Wearing thongs made me like my body; most of the time, I looked at myself as an ugly and fat guy with a beard but now, I somehow embrace how I look; I learn to love my body.

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