eroticwear-mainThis guide is going to be a bit different. Unlike the previous guides we profiled different pairs, this time we are profiling different brands. This set of erotic underwear, as we call it, is different for every guy. Some like thongs, some like leather/rubber look or hell even leather/underwear. We wanted to profile some great brands that make amazing erotic underwear.

I think each of these brands have something different to offer. I have talked to many guys and they all love each of these brands. So if you’re bold enough to wear these or you want your man to wear something skimpy and fun then definitely check out these. Browse through the stores and we guarantee you will find something. I have been known to go to these stores and I will also admit that I like wearing a thong on occasion or something super sexy under my clothes.

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bodyawareBodyAware  – Known for their super skimpy undies and have some male Lingerie as well. I love some of their stuff and recommend it

koalaKoala – Probably the pioneer of skimpy gear. They were one of the first I remember specifically making erotic underwear. These leave little to the imagination

VizueaVizeau – Erotic wear should not be limited just to underwear, Vizeau also makes swimwear and other clothing that is made to show off, just about everything.

mansoreMan Store – Fan of rubber/leather looking? Then the Man Store is for you. They are a little known brand in the US but those who know it love it. They have a unique European style

bumchumsBum Chums – Fan of Mesh and bright/fun colors. Its not unusual for them to use a metallic and mesh in the same pair. While they have more coverage, the mesh will show it all off!

gregghommeGregg Homme – They are one of the best erotic wear underwear companies, not only is their underwear super sexy but its designed to wear all day under a suit.

This wraps up our guides. I know we had some comments if you do you can email me or talk to me on Twitter at @unbtim feel free to send your own suggestions are ask more in depth questions.


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